Black Poetry : Unconscious

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    As I slowly evolve out of my state of unconsciousness
    My feet stumble over the things my unaware mind leaped over with ease.
    I strenuously walk up this bumpy road when before
    I could skip along my merry little way
    I was blind to all the things that I see so clearly now
    With 20/20 vision and a wide screen view
    Sometimes I wonder if it was easier
    Being numb and unconscious to the realities of life
    I was blind to all the things that I see so clearly now
    My American dream has disappeared and now
    I have a dream from a foreign land
    My mind, soul, and body is fully rejuvenated
    From years of rest and hiding
    Now that my blindfolds have been taken off by not
    Only the news and the media but by the **** that’s happening
    Around the corner, I see there’s a war occurring
    This war is fighting many things, its fighting racism,
    social injustice, poverty, hatred and discrimination
    I want to be a soldier in this war so Mr. President
    can you please hook me up with a pen and
    some marching boots but forget the camouflage
    Because I ain’t hiding from ****
    I want to be seen, I want to be an example
    I want to teach this new youth that I’m apart of
    To take a big slice of that good old American Pie
    and throw it in the ******* garbage, because its ******* garbage
    Yes there’s a war happening
    So my people If u wit me say it loud
    I’m black and I’m proud
    Don’t sit back into the crowd.
    Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights
    Don’t forget the fight, Lets go fight
    Let’s go fight the terrorism that’s terrorizing this country
    Like the terrorism that has that young black
    man in a ****** up situation
    while he’s getting ****** up by the police
    when he doesn’t have one ******* weapon on him
    Yes there’s a war occurring
    This war will bring on a revolution
    This revolution will not be televised
    But it will be broadcasted by a poet near you
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    this was str8