Black Poetry : Unbearable

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    I felt this pain…
    In my chest as my heart breaks
    The feeling has me sleepless and my anxiety keeps me awake
    I loved her, No.. I love her and missing her is more than I can bear
    I know what I need to do, I’m more than aware
    But this pain has peeks to levels uncharted
    As I want, need only the love of the one that departed
    They say move on.. She don’t care…
    If she did, she would not have left you there
    But this heavy, my body vibrates from my hearts pound
    Time stands still, Im lost and need to be found
    It is this moment that as time slows down
    I can see my compound words break down
    The air is still, I don’t make a sound
    I walk backwards, turned around
    Focused on my past and not the ground
    I remember when love safe and sound
    So today I hide behind a frown
    That’s upside down
    As I cried the not tears of this man who struggles
    but with the tears of a clown.