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    Can you believe that in the christian bible states that '' The Lord '' had A counselor and was taught . Of course the average christian would try to justify it . But says it according to your own bible in Isaiah 40;13 And I Quote ; Who hath directed the spirit of the lord , Or being ( His Counselor
    Hath Taught Him ? ) With whom took he counse ! And who instructed him , And taught him in the path of judgement , And taught him knowledge , And shewed to him the way of UnderStanding ? The following is a clipping from the plain truth magazine according to them there are Alot of contradiction in the bible = the book of the dead .

    '' There are claimed contradiction that theologians have not resolved to every Atheists Satisfaction . There are texual difficulties with which scholars are still wrestling , Only A BIBLE ILLITERATE WOULD DENY THESE AND OTHER PROBLEMS ''

    ( 1 ) . While in Genesis , in chapter 5 & 11 mention 19 generation between Adam and Abraham , Luke adds one more .
    ( 2 ) . According to 2samuel 24;1 , God provoked David to take A census of Israel . However according to 1Chronicles 21;1 The one who provoke David was Satan not God .
    ( 3 ) . According to 2Kings 24;8 Jehoiacin was eighteen years old when he became King , But according to 2Chronicles he was only Eight years old .
    ( 4 ) . According to 1Chronicles 8;36 Ahaz was the father of Jehoaddah , But in the following Chapter . 9;42 Ahaz was the father of Jarah .
    ( 5 ) . According to Exodus 24;10 the elder of Israel saw the Godof Israel ; However , John 1;15 claims that no man has seen God at any time ; The only begotten Son which is the bosom of the father , He declared him . John's Enthuisiasm to makeJesus an incarnated God makehim contradict the old testament . It isinteresting that the new revised version of King James tries to save John by inserting the magic word '' Actually '' Into the verse and I Quote '' No One Has Actually Seed God ...

    ( 6 ) According to your biblewhere it states in Mark 3;29 There is an unpardononable sin however , according to Acts 13;9 There is not an unpardonable sin .
    ( 7 ) . According to Genesis 1;25,26.27 Man was created after theother animals and according to Genesis 2;18,19 Man was created before theother animals ,
    ( 8 ) . According to Genesis 8;22 seed time andharvest never ceased and according to Genesis 41;54 / Genesis 45;6 Seed time and harvest did ceased for seven years .
    ( 9 ) . According to Exodus 4;21 / Exodus 9;12 God hardened thepharaoh's heart however , According to Exodus 8;15 , The Pharoah hardened his own heart .
    ( 10 ) . According to Exodus 9;,3,6 All the cattle and horses in Egypt died but , if you look in Exodus 14;9 , all thecattle and horse of Egypt did not die .

    ( 11 ) . Moses feared the pharaoh according to Exodus 2 didnot fear pharaoh but Hebrew 11;27 has it as hedid fear the pharoah .
    ( 12 ) . 1Cor 10;8 states that the plaquekilled 23,000 yet , Num 25;9 has it that the plaquekilled 24,000 .
    ( 13 ) . John the Baptist was Elias according to Matthew 11;14 But you got based on John's recording in John 1;21 John the Baptist was not Elias ( 14 ) According to Matthew 1;16 The father of Joseph , Mary's husband was Heli However , In Luke 3;23 It States that The Father Of Mary's Husband was Heli .
    ( 15 ) . Matthew 1;17 Speak of how there were fourteen generation from Abraham to Daivd ,But when you look in Matthew 1;2-6 it speaks of how There were but thirteen generation from Abraham to David Matt 1;2-6.

    ( 16 ) According to Matt 2;14,15,19,21,23 The infant christ was taken into Egypt but in Luke 2;22,39 The infant christ was not taken into Egypt ( 17 ) . According to 2Sam 24;9 Joan reported the numver of fighting men '' Eight Hundred Thousand In Israel , '' And Five hundred thousand in Judah , But the same repot according to Chronicles 21;5 , '' One million one hundred thousand in Israel and '' Four hundre andseventy thousand in Judah .
    ( 18 ) . According To 2Kings 8;26 '' Ahaziah Was Twenty - Two Years old when he became King , '' But According to 2Chron 22;2 He was '' Fourty -two years old when he became King . Obviously the latter one is wrong sine Ahaziah'a father was in his 40's When he died ( 2Chro 21;5 ) According to the Chro 22;2 He was two years older than his father when he became king after his father's death .
    ( 19 ) . According to 2Sam 6;23 '' Michal daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death . '' However . In 2Sam 21;8 We see Michal had borne five son . Some revised versions tried to get rid of the contradiction by changeing the name of Michal to Merab . Unceremoniously ! You may findthe trace of this in footnote .
    ( 20 ) . According to Genesis 6;3 , Man can have A maximun of '' A Hundred And Twenty Years '' Life Span . However In Genesis 9;29 We learn that Noah lived 950 years , Andin Genesis 11;13 Arpaxad lived 403 years .

    ( 21 ) . While Genesis , In Chapter 5 & 11 , mention 19 Generation between Adam And Abraham Luke Adds One more . According to Genesis Shela is the Son of Arphaxad , But to Luke Shea is the Son of Cainan obviously , Either one has added . or The other had dismissedCainan .
    According To 2Kings 24;8 '' Ahaz was The Father of Jehoaddah , '' But In The Following Chapter , 9;42 '' Ahaz was the father of Jarah '' .

    Question To The Christian Who Was Luke And Was He A Disciples Ja-Zeus ? Some the so-called christian wiil answer he was an Apostle of Ja-Zeus = Jesus , However , Luke never Witnessed the life of Ja-Zeus = Jesus and he was not amongst the original twelve disciple found in Matthew 10;2-4 , And this accounts for all the Inaccuracies And Contradiction Found Throughout His Gospels . .

    Luke was A well traveled man with knowledge of Naviation and A great writer . He Served as A mediator between the jewish and the gentiles specifically Roman and Greeks . He went to teach the gentile , In which he was A gentiles also . , Even though Ja-Zeus = Jesus said to stay away from The Gentiles In Matt 10;5 , And I Quote '' GO NOT INTO THE WAY OF THE GENTILES . Luke believe that Ja-Zeus = Jesus was the '' Universal Prophet , Yet Ja-Zeus = Jesus Said In Matthew 15;34 And I Quote ; In Part ; I AM NOT SENT BUT UNTO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL ..

    However , You can sense from his two books l The Gospels of Luke and Acts of the apostles that were directed towards the gentiles , that he assumed Ja-Zeus = Jesus to be for the whole world . This book was originally A two volume narrative of the start to Christianity and it Eventually spread from its origin in Jerusalem to Rome . They became sein the 2nd century .When the gosples of the New Testamen were being circulated as '' The Gospel '' In his work he is talking about Anti-Christ Paul and himself . He never claimed to be a disciple but relates events before us and he heard them from The Anti -Christ Paul and other accounts . The Book Of Acts Was Written In 61 A.D. In Achaia Which Is Greece ( Acts 12 , Coloss 4;14 ) .

    Question To The Christian , If Luke Was A Disciple Of Ja-Zeus = Jesus As You Christians Have Been Led To Believed , Then Why Are There So Many Contradictions Between The Other Gospels And The Books He Recorded ? The books of Acts was Written by Luke who ( As Previously Stated ) was never A companion oF jA-Zeus = Jesus , But A gentile . The book of Corinthians was written by Thee Anti -Christ Paul . Another So-Called Follower of Ja-Zeus = Jesus , Who Never Met Ja-Zeus = Jesus , But Was An Avid Persecutor Of Him And His Disciple. ( Acts Chapter 8 ) .

    ( Contradiction Of Luke To The Scriptures ) .
    Luke says the most high doesn't dwell in templesmade with heands Acts 7;48 <> Then he say '' God '' who dwell in his chose teples 11chro 7;12,16..

    The lord ( knows ) the hearts of all men Acts 1;24 <> The lord ( test you to find out ) what is in your hearts Deut 13;3

    Sell all you have and give Alms ( meaning ;sell all you belongings and give the money to him Luke12;33 <> Build you family Proverbs 13;22

    Importunity ( persistance ) in prayer commende Luke 11;8 , 18;5,7. <> Repetitious prayers are condemned Matt 6;7-8

    Hate you family in order to be disciple oF Ja-Zeus = Jesus Luke 14;26 <> Love One Another As Ja-Zeus = Jesus commanded 1John 3;23 .

    Women are in subjection to their husbans . 1Peter 3;1 . 1Corin 14;34 <> Woman Can Prophesy Acts 2;18 , 21;19 ..

    If you break thelaw or disobey the holy spirit you are A sinner Mark 3;29 <> All that believe have sins of the laws of Moses taken away Acts 13;39 .

    More than three women came to the sepulcher . Luke 24;10 <> Just three women came to the sepulcher says Mark . Mark 16;1 ..

    Two men stood by the sepulcher says Luke . Luke 24;4 <> Only one man sat beside the sepulcher says Matt 28;1-3 ..

    Luke said that Salah was The son Cainan Luke 3;35,36 <> Salah was The son of Arphaxad Gen 11;12

    The infant christ was not taken into Egypt Luke 2;22,39 <> The infant christ was taken into Egypt Matt 2;14-15,19,21,23

    Christ's first sermons were on the plain Luke 6;17,20 <> Christ preach his first sermon on the mount Matt 5;1.2

    Luke says that it was one blind man who approached Ja-Zeus = Jesus Luke 18;35,38 , <> Matt reports two blind men approached Ja-Zeus = Jesus Matt 20;30

    Holy ghost bestowed the day of pentecost Acts 1;8 , 2;14 <> Holy ghost bestowed before pentecost John 20;22

    Luke says the disciples were instructed to go to Jerusalen and stay there Luke 24;49 <> The disciples were commanded to go to Galilee immediately after the resurrection Matt 28;10

    After the suposssed crucifixion and resurrection of Ja-Zeus = Jesus , Luke say that Ja-Zeus = Jesus first appeared in Jerusalem to The eleven disciples Matt 28;16 <> After the supposed crucifixion and resurrection of Ja-Zeus , Matthew says Ja-Zeus = Jesus first appeared to the eleven disciple in Galilean on A mountain . Luke 24;33,36,37 .

    Christ mission was one of peace only Luke 2;13-14 <> Not so say Matthew . Matt 10;34 ..

    Luke andhis friend Thee Anti - Christ Paul said the promised land never belonged to anyone Acts 7;5 , Hebrew 11;9.13 <> Abraham's seed did receive the promised land Gen13;14-15,17, 17;8 ..

    A good name is A curse says Luke . Luke 6;26 <> A good name is A blessing Ecc7;1 , Proverbs 22;1

    Abraham bought land for sepulcher Acts 7;16 , Jacob Purchased it says Joshua . Joshua 24; 32
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    The rotten Apple
    peace brotha,

    here we go again............

    I tried to get this same point across maybe a month ago & the Christians came out and fought me, not with TRUTH but rather their OWN excuses on why these contradictions exist......................they even started other threads indirectly about me & those who think like me... One even tried to tear apart a poem I wrote called "Biblical Excercise" that i posted in the "Get your flow on forum" & Rich thought it would be better to put it in the "Spiritual & Religious forum and a christian wrote a poem called "Excercise Biblical" trying to knock my poem & call me all types of names......a couple of people even got banned for their disrespectful remarks as I almost was for responding to them........I say this to say that it is coming, so have patience with them! Since they will read this first, they will now have to come at you easy in the beginning as they won't attack you right off as they did me now that they've read this

    u will see what I mean as soon as they see this ready & I wish u well in your attempt to wake them up!!!

    It ain't gonna be easy bra!

    peace & love
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    To < Infor >

    Infor < I Welcome Those Who Think They Can Prove What I Post Is Wrong But They Better Come Right . You Must OverStand Like I Have Most Here Know Nothing About Their Own Scripture ( They Believe AnyThing They're Told By Their Teacher Minister Etc . Without Questioning Them Nor Do The ReSearch What That Are Taught And They Will Give You A Thousand ReSON
    Why Knowledge Doesn't Mean Nothing . All It Comes Down To Is They're Just To Lazyyyyyyyy , And They Are LQQking For Other To Feed Their Ego . And If You Don't They Trun On You .
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    Un-Masking Christianity ParTwo

    There is A number of Nubian '' Denomination who refer to themselves As Hebrew / Israelites , Nubian Jews , And Christianity Etc. Etc . In their search to try to explain the originof '' The European's Race , The Caucasoids Who are the Curse seed of the devil , They use un-research Information , They created the ''Myth ''that Isaac and Rebecca were '' Caucasians ; Two fully Nubians people of '' Babyloian descent in the land of '' Shinar '' who were of Noah's Triplet Sons ( Shem , Ham and Japheth) Genesis 5;32 . Who were all Nubians . This is proof Of Noah'sTriples being Nubians , And if not '' Howdid Cush and Ham , Two people who have more Melanin In Their D.N.A. Become Nubians .

    The Caucasian's picture proves that The Sumerians , The Akkadians
    ( Accadian ) and the Chaldeans were all of the same seed Genesis 10;10 And I Quote '' AND THE BEGINNING OF HIS KINGDOM WAS BABEL , AND ERECH , ANDACCAD , AND CALNEH , IN THE LANDOF SHINAT . And that seed was of A Nubian Name Nimrod Genesis 10;9 '' HE WAS A MIGHTY HUNTER BEFORE THE LORD ; WHEREFORE IT IS SAID , EVEN AS NIMROD THE MIGHTY HUNTER BEFORE THE LORD ''

    Nimrod along with Samson was the result of the sons of God /Eloheem mixing in with The daughters of mortal man here on earth . These children were called '' Ghibbore Genesis 6;4 . Under the word '' Mighty is where you find the Hebrew word Ghibbore meaning '' Mighty Men , Giants , Another Quotewhere you find this Deut 10;17 also under '' Mighty '' . These men were Supernatural men because they were part God and part man . You also find'' mighty angels in Revelation . 2Thesalonian 1;7 .

    So The Sumerians , The Akkadians ( Accadian ) and the Chaldeans were of the Nubian Seed of Nimrod just like Cush's ( Ethiopia ) other Son Mizraim , meaning '' Egipt '' The True Egiptian . Highest Egiptian God In Flesh '' Ra '' On The Nubians . ( The Highest God Of The Mizramites '' Egiptians Name '' Ra '' Or '' Re '' Was Black As Night . The Ghibbore Nimrod Son Of Cush And Semiramis Called '' Mighty In The Earth ..

    According to the Some christian , Isaac and Rebecca , With Their Undiluted Genes , Gave birth to twins. One who was Niubian that was born was Name Esau , meaning '' Hairy Genesia 25;25 Who Was also known as The wildman and the other named Jacob meaning '' Supplanter Genesis25;26 , Who was also known as theplain man .Jacob , Who they later called Israel Genesis35;10 .Was supposed to be the father of the Nubuan/ Race while Esau Who they later called Edom meaning '' Red '' . Is said to be the father of the Caucasoid Race . This is what they teach .

    I see that the Nubians need the bible facts on each of them are . LIKE I ALWAYS SAY DON'T BELIEVE ME , CHECK THIS OUT FOR YOURSELF . IF YOU ARE TRUELY SEEKING TRUTH . IF YOU DARE .

    As mistakenly thought by so many , The Edomites are not the caucasoids . The many christian denomination incorrectly think that Esau , The son of Jacob and Rebeeca , and his descendant are of the ( Pale Race ) , Many people make this same mistake with Noah's Triples as well who were born when Noah ( 2970-2020 B.C.E. ) WAS 500 years old Genesis 5;32 . All three of Noah's sons namely Shem ( 2470-1870 B.C.E.) , Ham
    ( 2470-1934 B.C.E. ) And Japeth ( 2470-1913 B.C.E. ) . were in the same year , ( Read It Again ) It say when Noah was 500 years old . You are only 500 for one year . So if you have children when you are 500 , year children will all be born in the same year .

    They were all full blood Nubians who were perfect in their Genealogy Genesis 6;9 . They were not three different races , being Nubians , Mongoloid and Caucasoid . They are incorrect . The Edomites ( Mongoloid are of the Red race and their skin colour today is not Red , But yellow . However , The original orientals were in fact dark -reddish skin colour called Asiatics with straight fur . ( The Mongolian Men & Woman Ruddy Reddish Brown Skin ( Edomites ) .

    Notice when The Lord ( Yahweh ) Curse You ; He Does It Through The Genes Or Your Genetcs , Through Your Children On Up To The Fourth Generation ( Exodus 20;5 ) For Example . As in the case of Gehazi ,meaning '' Valley Of Vision '' The sevant of Elisha in ( 2Kings 5;20-27 ) Who God Got Mad At And Was Turned '' Lerper White, As White As Snow '' . Gehazi Was Cursed With Leprosy , Because Of His Greedy Interest In The Material Thing Of The World ,

    Another quote proving that Leprosy comes when Godis mad at you is 2Chro 26;19-20 , Where God got angry at King Uzziah Son Of Amaziah Who Began To Reign At Age 16 And Reigned For 52 Years In Jerusalem , Which Was Founded By Jebus , Father Of The Jebusites Judges 19;10-11
    1Chron11;4 . The Third Son Of Canaan Genesis 10;16 . His Power Overwhelmed Him And Because Of His Ego . Felt That He Could Go Against The Word Of God And Burn Incense Upon The Altar Of Incense . Eventhough He Was Not APriest . However .

    Before He Could Burn The Incese . God Curse Him With Leprosy Raising From His Forhead . And He Being A Leper , Was Cut Off From God . So All People Who Are Turned White By The Curse Of Leprosy Are Cut Off From God Like Those People In The Land Of Nod Genesis 4;14-16 . In Mark 14;3 It States That Simon Was Also A Leper . In Genesis 3;15 It Talk About The Bruising Of The Head . The Serpent Or Devil Of Genesis Chapter 3 Was Also To Be Curse With Leprosy By The Bruise On The Head Or By God Smiting Him ( Luke 10; 17-20 ) .

    Make Note That The Sand Of The Desert Is A Pale White Colour . , Void Of Life Or With Sparse Vegetation Is Also Curse , Thus This Too Is Cut Off From God . Remember . The Ground Was Curse . As It States In Genesis 8;21 . I WILL NOT AGAIN ( CURSE THE GROUND ) ANY MORE FOR MAN'S SAKE ;...

    Miriam , Moses and Aaron's ( The Koran 2;248 ) Sister was turned '' Leprous White in ( Numbers 12;5-10 ) , When God became angry with her
    Num 12;5-10 , Deut 24;8-9 , God curse her because she was angered at the fact that her brother Moses , Who is called Muwsa , Koran 2;92 , In Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic Married Raasi (Numbers 12;1 ) A Cu****e . A Dark-Skinned Nubian woman . A Pure Black Seed Of The Word Of God Luke 8;11 ) . Turning Leprpous White Is A Sin According To The Bible Number 12;11 . Make Note That In This Same Chapter Moses Was Called Lord , Which Is Translated In Hebrew As Adonia Meaning '' Master '' Number 12;11 .

    Moses Knew That Mixing His Seed Within The Ethiopian ( Cu****e ) Mentioned In Genesis 2;13. Would Strengthen The Nubian / Black Skin Seen . The Name Cush '' Ethiopia Was In Genesis Chapter 2 Long Before Genesis Chapter 10 . So Moses ' Blood Line Would Produce Offspring That . Would Strengthen His Blood Back To The Pure , Perfect , Nubian Seed Of Noah Genesis 6;9 . Now Knowing This Would Have Made Their Family
    ( Israelites ) Seed Even Stronger . ( Moses , Son Of Amram And Jochebed And The Husband Of Raasi The Cu****e / Raasi Moses Cu****e Confidante Wife Was Very Dark With Nubian Features ) .

    Miriam Objected To Her Brother Marrying Out Of Her Immedate Seed .Raasi , The Daughter Of Milkani And Khudri Was Very Dark With Very Nubian Features And Miriam . LIKE MANY MIXED NUBIANS THAUGHT THAT RAASI WAS BLACK AND UGLY . Miriam Want Weaken Her Seed For She Fell Victim To The Image Of The Beast Revelation 13;15 , Now At The Number Of These Verse Genesis 3;15 And Rev 13;15 . That Is No Coincidence ,

    Miriam was influenced by her Evironment that was full of lawbreakers . The greatest law of them all that was being broken was '' Marrying out of the pure seed and into the curse Canaanite Seed ( Genesis 24; 3,37 ) , 1Chron 16;15-18 .

    Genesis 24; 3,37 And I Quote ; Verse 3. And I ( Will Make ) Thee ( Swear By The Lord , The ( God ) Of ( Heaven ) And The God Of The ( Earth ) That Thou Shat Not Take A ( Wife ) Unto My Son Of The Daughter s Of The Canaanites Among Whon I Dwell ;
    Verse 37. Amd My Master Made Me ( Swear ) Saying , Thou Shalt Not Take A ( Wife ) To My Son Of The Daughters Of The Canaanites, In Those Land I Dwell ..

    Just look at how many Israelites went into Egipt 70 Genesis 46;27 ,And how many Israelites came out of Egipt 600,000 Exodud 12;23-51 . That Means There Was A Lot Of Mixing Between The Israelites And The Egiptians To Produce 600.000 From This Is Why If A Caucasian Woman Marries Into A Nubians Family ; SHE MAKING HER GENES STRONGER , The Bibles Says In Genesis 2;24 , And I Quote '' Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother , and shall cleave unto his wife ; and they shall be one flesh .

    So if the man leaves his family and moves in with the woman family , After this , The Bloodline Of The Woman Who Is The Holder Of The Family's Gene In Her ( Mitochondria D.N.A. ) Is Made Stronger Because His Genes Will Disappear In Hers , And They Become One Flesh . NOTE THAT YOU CAN STAY CHOCOLATE WITH ONE DROP OF MILK . BUT YOU CAN'T STAY MILK WITH ONE SPOOK OF CHOCOLATE , YOU GET CHOCOLATE MILK . THUS ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU CAN'T GO BLACK !

    God does't mind if you are trying to make your genes stronger , As shown om the case of Moses in Leviticus 12;5-8 . God make note that he does not want you to go outside your Genes shown in ( Genesis 24;3,37 ) . For Example , According To The Bible A Is Supposed To Leave His Family And Cleave To His Wife As One Flesh ( Genesis 2;24 ) . Not , If A Man Of The Pure Seed Leaves His Land And Goes To The Land Of Canaan . The Unpure Seed , Then Any Children Born Will Be Of A Mixed Seed .

    But IfA White Woman Comes And Lives Among Blacks , Their Children Will Be Black .Born Amongst A People Other That Their Own In The Case Of The 11 Tribes Of Canaan . God Obviously Didn't Intend For The Caucasian Seed To Continue Because Canaan Had No Daughters ( Genesis10;15-18)
    And The Woman Are The Ones Who Carry The Seed God Gave One Daughter To Both Jacob ( Genesis34;1 ) And Ishmael ( Genesis 28;9 ) Who Mentioned In The Koran 2;125 As Ismaa . Unlawful Mixing Of Your Seed Produces More Cursed Seeds In The Case Of The Edomites / Mongoloids .

    They Have Another Kind Of Curse , Which Lies Within Their Skin Color , Hair , And One Extra GeneWhich Is The 47 Chromosomes , This Is Called Down's Syndtome . As Shown Time And Time Again , God Sends His Curses Through The Genes ( 2Kings 5;24-27 ) , Such As Leprosy That Is Turning The Skin White ( Leviticus 13;4-11 ) And The Hair Yellow And Thin Or Blond Straight Hair ( Leviticus 13;29-32 ) ,

    In The ( Irwin's Bible Commentary ) By C.J. Irin , M.A.. D.D. ( A White Man ) . Published By Zondervan Publishing House , The Second Column , On Page 44 It State That ; '' Leprosy Is an apt symbol of sin and it's affect . '' It further says '' By the total eruption of poisons from the body when the reddish raw flesh turn to '' White '' . Notice that in his commentary , He avoids dealing with Blond Straight Hair ,

    In The ( John Wycliffe Bible Commentary ) By The Moody Press Of Chicago , Mr. Wycliffe , A White Man Who Was An English Theologian And Religious Reformer . Who Was Put To Death Because He Translated The Bible From Latin Into English , In His Own Book On Page 94 , States . '' If After The Washing . The Itch Appeared To Have Spread . The Man Was To Be Pronounced Unclean , Whether Yellow'' Blond '' Hair Was Present Or Not . '' He Was Explaining Leviticus Chapter 13 . Leprosy Is One Of The Caucasian's Curse And Down's Syndrome ( Mongoloidiam ) Is Another Curse Of Theirs , Which Is A 47th Chromosome , That They Gave To Esau's Seed , The Edomites , Mongoloids , And This Also Shows Why These Edominte / Mongoloids Are Known As The ( Japanese , Koreans , Eskimos , Indonesians , American Indians , And The Chinese People Today Have The Dragon As Their National Symbol .

    The Dragon Is The Devil ( Revelation 20;2 ) Their Curse Carried Through Their Seed ( Genes ) Forever ( 2Kings 5;24-27 ) And They Help The Canaanites By Manufacturing All The Tools Of Devillishment Such As Sex Tools , Fake Hair , Fake Nails , Tapes , V.C.R.s , D.V.D,s Music , Gun Powder And So Much More , YOU NAME IT , THEY MAKE IT , When You LQQk On The Tag Of Anything . You Always See Made In Hong Kong Made In Taiwan , Made In China , Made In Japan , Or Made In Korea .

    It Is No Coincidence That The Symbol Of These Countries Is The Dragon
    ( Ancient And Modern ) . Which Is Always Associated With Evil In The Bible , A Fire Spitting Sea Demon Or Creature In ( Isaiah 51;9 ) Under The Hebrew Meaning Of The Word Rahab , You Find '' Sea Monster '' And As We Know , The Dragon Is The Symbol Of The Beast . This Proves Even More That They Are Helping The Devil Of ( Revelation 12;9 ) And The Devil Of ( Revelation 13;4 ) . In His Devilishment . The Canaanites The Curse Seed Are The Devil's Host ( Joshua 10;5 ) And They Follow The Man .

    If You Ask Most Bible And Koranic Theologians Where Did The Mongoloid Race Originate , They Will Have To Make Up Some Fictitious Answer , And That Is The Same Thing They Do For The Caucasoid Race Of People . They Simply Don't Know . The First Race Was The Nubian's Race , Way Back In The Beginning Nearest To God , Which Is A Known Fact , Who Walked In What Is Called Africa Today . Enoch Walked And Talked With God ( Genesis 5;24 ) Noah Walked And Talked With God ( Genesis 6;9 ) And We Walked And Talked With The God Of Creation .

    ( Genesis3;8 ) There Is Evidence Of The Original Kenyapathicus , The Bones Of '' Lucy , ( Kenyapathicus ) Were From People Who Were Vegetarians , Walked Upright ( Job 12;l23-25 ) And Lived Peacefully In The The Land Of '' Cush '' Ethiopia '' At Omo Found In Africa .

    What Is The Original Name For Africa ? Before Africa Became What You Know It As Today , Before The Division Of The Continents And The Migrations , Africa And Arabia Today Were Once One LandMas Known By Various Names Before Becoming Two Separate Continents, This Whole Land Mass Was Originally Called '' Ganawah Or Ganawa . Which Is The Hebrew Word For Garden And In Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic It's '' Junayna '' .
    In The Bible , You Will Also Find That This Great Land Mass Was Know As Havilah , Which Is Described As Egipt In 1Samuel 15;7 And Ethiopia
    ( Genesis 2;10-13 ) TheWord Africa Is Derived From The Arabic Word Given By The Ottoman Arab So-Called Slave Traders ,

    As '' Al Furaqa Meaning '' The Separation '' The Root Word '' Al Furaqa '' Is '' Faraqa '' Meaning '' To Part , To Separate , To Device '' Originally , African Was Written As '' Afriyqaa '' Now It Is Written As Afriyqiyah By Arabs , Their Intent Was To Do Exactly What They Did , Ivade Our Land , Spread THEIR RELIGION AND DIVIDE US UP AGAINST OURSELVES ANDTHEY SUCCEEDED IN SEPARATING AFRICANS AGAINST EACH OTHER ,

    ( Jeremaih 4;27 )

    And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish In Time . ( ReSearch These Things For Yourself If You Dare )
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    Does God Need Religion ?????/

    Religion , Just What Is Its Purpose ? Who Is ResponsibleFor The Many Religions That Have Spead Across The Planet ? Each Claining That The All Powerful . By WhatEver Name They Call Him Or Her , It Is In Their Specific Denomination Or Sect , When The Question Should Be If EveryThing Has A Beginning , Does God Also Have A Beginning ? If EveryThing Has A Purpose , Does God Also Have A Purpose ?

    When You Say '' Religion '' What You're Really Saying '' Is God Adherence '' Or God's Belief. If You Do Not Believe In God , You Are Referred To As ; A - Thehos - Atheist , Which Really Is A - '' Against '' And Thehos - '' God '' , In The Greek Language. So The Word '' A '' Means - '' Against '' And '' Thehos '' - Means . '' Those Beings '' , So You Get '' Against God '' Now , Let Take A LQQk At What All The Three Major Religions , Judaism , Christianity And Islam Claims ;

    * God Is All Powerful
    * God Is All Knowing
    * God Can Do Any And EveryThing
    * God Is EveryWhere At All Times
    And That The Predestination Of All Things . Good And Evil Are Controlled By God . That Would Mean That EveryThing That Happens. God Already '' Knows '' Its Going To Happen . EveryThing That AnyBody And EveryBody Does . God Already Knew That . They Were Going To Do It . If God Knows EveryThing That Happen Before It

    Happen . Then There Is Absolutely No Need For Things To Happen ! If God Knows When YourAre In The Womb Of Your Mother . Your Destination , Your Every Thought And Emotion ; And He Judges You By Your Intentions , MoreSo Than Your Actions . Then There Is No Need For A Holy Day , Or A Holiday , Or A Sabbath . The Word Sabbath In Aramic ( Hebrew ) Is Shabat And In Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Is Sabtu . There Is No Need For Any Form Of Prayer , Worship , Or Meditation , Nor Fasting ,

    Nor Charitity , Or Tidings . In Fact , There Would Be No Need For Ceremonies , Or Church , Synagogue , Or Mosque Gatherings ; Because God Already Knows Who Will Attend , What They Will Feel , Whether They Are Sincere Or Not . . And He Knows What The Preacher OrThe Rabbi Or The Imaam Is Feeling And Thinking In His Or Her Heart ; And It Makes All Of This Obsolete . Thus Religion In Itself , If All The Above Is True , It Is A Tool Used To Enforce Some Kind Of Spell To Keep Human Being Unconscious Of The Divine Within Themselves , That Is Responsible

    For Everything That Happen AroundAnd To Them . For, If Man Is Created In The Image And After The Likeness Of God , Genesis 1 ; 26 , Then EveryThing That Man Does God Does At The Exact Same Moment . Meaning . If God Created Man In His Image Which Is The Aramic / Hebrew Word - Tselem . Which Means''' Resemblance , Semblance '' This Would Mean That Man Is Like God And God Is Like Man In All Manners And This Would Be Up And Above Commentarie And Interpretation By Man . If We Read The Exact Words Of God . Then You Have '' .... After Our Likeness '' This Is The Aramic / Hebrew Word - Demuwth Which Means '' To Be Like SomeOne

    , Or SomeThing , To Resemble , To Be Compared To '' Again , This Would Mean That Man LQQks Exactly Like God . And If God Created Man In His Likeness , Then Man Does EveryThing Exactly Alike , And At The Same Time As God . It's Also Mentioned In The Koran 59 ; 24 , And I Quote , He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours). To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare His Praises and Glory: and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. ;... Al Musawwiru Which Means '' The Fashioner'' In The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Language Which Is From This Root Word Sawwara Which Many Other Word Variation Are Derived In The Koran 59 ; 24 .. The Word

    Used To Denote'' He Fashions '' Is Yusawwiru . It Is From The Root Word Saara Which Means '' He Became '' When It Is Used In The Second Form Of The Verb . Saara. You Get Sawwara From The Word Yusawwiru . It Is From The Root Word Saara Which Means '' He Became '' When It Is Used In The Second Form Of The Verb . Saara . You Get Sawwara From The Word Yusawwiru . The Second Form Of The Verb Sawwara Means '' To Form . Shape, Mold Fashion , Create , Darw , Sketch ; To Illustrate ( With Drawing Or Pictures ) ; To Make A Picture , To Photograph ; To Represent , Portray '' In Genesis 2 ; 7 , And I Quote , the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the

    man became a living being. ;.... You See The Word Saara Being Used Here It Carries The Meaning '' He Became In A State , Condition , Of Doing Such A Thing '' This Is The Same Word Yatsar Found In Genesis 2 ; 7 , For '' Formed Man '' Which Comes From The Root Word Yatsar '' To Mold Into A Form ; Especially As A Potter ; To Determine , Earthen , Fashion , Form , Frame , Make , Potter , Purpose ,
    Genesis 2 ; 7 , And I Quote , the LORD God formed the man [5] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. ;... When God Was Createing Man , Man Had To Be Createing God , If It Is True , What The Bible Says '' In His Likeness '' Or Like Him Genesis 1; 26 , And I

    Quote Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." ;... Then Are They In Need Of Each Other ???
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    What Is The Meaning Of The Word Hebrew And Where Did It Come From ?

    The Word Hebrew , In Aramic , Is The Word Ibriy Which Comes From The Root Word Abar . Which Means ; '' To Cross Over , To Pass Over '' In The Aramic / Hebrew Language , In Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic , The Word Aabiyr , For '' Eber '' , Means '' The One Traverses And Ebra Meaning '' To Traverse ; To Expound '' '' Traversing '' As Used In The Person To Whom The Name Was Given Fiest . Was Eber , Son Of Salah , Son Of Shem , Son Of Noah , As Found In Genesis 10 ; 21
    Noah ( 2970 -2020 B.C.E. ) Son Of Lamech And Kamilah Genesis 5; 29 ..

    Shem ( 2470 - 1870 B.C.E. ) Son Of Noah And Namah Genesis 5;32
    The Name Eber , Also Abar , Ay - Ber And Heber , Means The Region Beyond ''
    From This You Get The Derivative Of Eber , Hebrew , To Mean '' One Who Crossed From Beyond One Region To Another '' Or Simply '' To Cross Over '' Genesis 14 ; 13 And That's Just What Hebrew Means '' To Cross Over ,
    Is The Word Hebrew , The Name Of A Tribe Or A People
    According To Deuteronomy 15; 12 , In The Strong's Concordance The Word '' Hebrew '' Ibriy Is Not The Name Of A Tribe Or A People . Hebrew Is Just A Title For What Abraham And His People Did Not What They Were . The Word Hebrew Is

    Merely Describing An Acts Of A People Or A Person ; Moving From One Side To Another , And Could Apply To People Originally Born On One Side Of The Mississippi River , And Deciding To Relocate To The Other Side Of The Mississippi River . In English They Would Be Called '' Crossed Over '' In The Canaanite Language They Would He Called Hebrew , Which Later Was Picked Up And Because Their Name . As You Have Seen , The Name '' Hebrew '' Existed Before Abraham With A Man Name Eber . People Think That The Word Hebrew Stems From The Word Hebron Genesis 13; 18 The Name Of A Place In The Hill Of Judah South Of Jerusalem Where Sarah Died Genesis 23 ; 2 . However , If You Check It Out In The Original Language . You See It Does Not . Now Take A Look At The Word

    Ibriy . The First Letter Aiyn Is The Hard A Or I In Hebrew . The Root Of Ibriy Is Abar
    Meaning '' To Cross Over '' Whereas . The Root Of 'Hebron ' Chebrown Pronounced Khebronee '' Is Cheber Meaning '' A Society ; Also A Spell , Charmer , Enchatment '' These Two Words Do Not Have The Same Root , Therefore , You Can See That They Are Not The Same Word By Their Roots .
    What Is The Meaning Of The Word '' Israel '' And Where Did Come From ?
    The Word '' Israel '' Yisra'el Pronounced Yis - Raw - Ale In Aramic / Hebrew , And Israa'el In Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic Means El Prevails '' As If God Could Lose . In This Case , The Translation Of Israel . Which Would Be '' God Prevails Or Won ''

    Is First Used In Genesis 32; 38 As The Name Of Jacob ( Koran 2; 132 - 133 ) Then As A Nation Koran 2; 47-53 In Reference To Jacob , Son Of Isaac , Son Of Abraham , Who Was Running From His Brother Esau In Fear , For His Life .
    Genesis 32; 38 ...
    Jacoh ( 1918 - 1771 B,C.E, ) Son Od Isaac And Rebekah ( Genesis 25; 26 )
    Jocob Was Running From Esau , Because Of An Evil Act That He And His Mother Rebekah Commited . By Straling Esau's Brithright ( Genesis Chapter 27 ) And Deceiving Their Father Issac , In His Old Age In Blindness ( Genesis 27 ; 1 )
    Isaac ( 1978 - 1798 B.C.E ) Son Of Abraham And Sarah ( Genesis 17; 19 )
    Rebekah Daughter Of Bethu'el And Zigiaq ( Genesis 22; 23 ) ..
    In The Process Of Trying To Run From His Brother Esau . Jacob Was Stopped By What Follwers Of The King James Bible , Called An Angel , That Was Obviously In Human Frorm , In Order For Jacob To Be Able To Wrestle Whith Him , And In Genesis 32 ; 24 Jaocb Wrestled With An '' Eesh Meaning '' Male Living Being , Physical Man ; An Angel Who Wrestled And Caused Jacob's Thigh To Go Out Of Joint Genesis 32; 25 Before Blessing Him And Chaning His Name From Jacob To

    Israel Genesis 32; 28 ...
    How Can '' Hebrew '' And '' Israelites '' Be One In The Same When The Word Hebrew Is Just A '' Title ?
    If They Were , They Would Know That The Word '' Hebrew '' Is A Title That Was Attributed To Abraham When He Traveled From Ur Of Chaldees , And Crossed A Strip Of Land Called Mesopotamia , Which Is Nestled Between The Tigris - Euphrates River . Abraham Son Of Terah ( Genesis 11; 27 ) He Was Attributed The Title '' Hebrew '' When He Traveled From Ur Of Chaldees And Crossed The Mesoptamia Genesis 14; 13 Abraham Was In Route To The Land Of The Canaaites . Which Was Promised To Him And His Descendants Who Were Destined To Come From His Seed For An Everlasting Possession Genesis 17; 8 . Abraham Met A

    Group Of Phoenician - Canaanites ( The Canaanite Tribe Of Sidon Who Mixed In With The Assyrians ) Who Witnessed Abraham Crossing The Tigris - Euphrates , And Referred To Him And His Family As Ibriy '' One Who Passed Over , Joseph , Son Of Jacob , Son Of Isaac , Son Of Abraham . Was Also Called A '' Hebrew '' In Genesis 39 ; 14 ...In Genesis 32 ; 31 The Word '' To Pass Over '' Is The Hebrew Word Abar Meaning '' To Crossover '' And In Arabic ,, You Have The Same Word Containing The Same Letters ; '' Aiyn '' Beh '' Rah '' Abara Meaning The Other Side Or Cross Over '' Which Is The Same Root The Word Hebrew Comes From Genesis 32; 31 .. In This Quote , It Is Referring To When Jacoh , The Father Of Israel , Passed Over [ From The Abar ] The River , From One Side To The Other . ..

    Is The Name '' Israel '' The Name Of A Tribe Or People ?
    Because The First Time The Word Israel '' Appears In The 5 Books Of Of Moses Is In Genesis 32; 28 , There Jacob , The Son Of Isaac And Rebbeca , The Second Of A Twins , Whose Twin's Name Was Esau , Was Having His Named Changed From Jacob To Israel ,, The Next Time We Hear That Same Word Israel '' Is In The Exact Same Chaqpter , But In A Later Verse , Genesis 32; 32 , Where Is Refers To The '' Children Of Israel '' . This Would Mean, According To These Scripture , Not Interpretations , But Factually , That The Chrildren Of Israel Are Jacob's Immediate Family , Meaning Jacob's 12 Sons And I Daughter Who Also Because Known As Tribes Of Israel , Are Simply The Children Of Jacob ;

    Nothing More .. It Is Clear That The Name Israel Is Not Describing A Tribe That All Of The Descendants Of The Bible From Adam Down To The Present Day Can Claim They Are Members Of . In Fact , The Statement '' The Tribe Of Israel '' Can Not Be Found In The Bible Anywhere ! However , We Do Find In Genesis 49 ; 16 The Tribes ( Plural ) Of Israel . And This Can Be Found 52 Times Throughout The Bible . This In No Way Negates The Fact That Nobody Before Jacob Was An Israelite Or Of The Tribe Of Israel . In That Respect , To One Was Called A '' Hebrew '' Before Abraham , Who In Genesis 14 ; 13 Was Called A Hebrew . This Leaves The Question ; '' What Was Adam To Noah And All The People Between , If There Was No Hebrew Before Genesis 14; 13 Where Abraham Is Called A Hebrew ..

    And There Was No Used Of The Word Israelite '' Before Numbers 24 ; 14 Or Anyone Being Called Israel Before Genesis 32; 28 , As Many Have Been Deceived Into Believeing For So Many Thousands Of Years , But Again , Just Like In The Case Of Abraham And The Word Hebrew , The Word ' Israel '' Is Describing An Incident Of A Messenger Of God Or Angel As You May Say . Prevaling Over Jacob In A Fight . So To Say '' The Tribe Of Israel '' Is Incorrect . There Is No Such Thing As The Tribe Of Israel Mentioned In That Form Anywhere In Their Bible . And There Was No Land Originally Called Israel . There Was No Land Name After Jocob In Is Time . The Land That Is Being Called Israel '' Is The Land Of Canaan Name After A Son Of Ham , Son Of Noah , In Genesis 9 ; 18 The Land Of Canaan

    Was Given The Name Israel May 15 , 1948 A.D. [ To Further Deceive People Into Thinking That Is Was Their Land By Right Because Their God , Yahweh As They Call Him Gave Them The Canaanites Land , In Leviticus 25 ; 38 And Genesis 17 ; 8 In This Quote Their God Takes The Canaanites Land And Just Gives It To Abraham's Family . First Genesis 11; 31 Where Terah Abraham's Father Takes His Family Into The Land Of Canaan First , And Again In Genesis 13;12 , Where It Confirms That Abraham Lived In These People's Land , And Now These Same People Who He Lived Amongst , He Schemes To Take Thier Land . So There Was No Original Land Of Abraham's Or Isaac's Or Jacob's There Was No Israel .. Israel Is Stolen Land And It Went Down In History As Being Original , Just As Other Lies Have Gone Down In History As Being Facts

    Were The Descendants Before Abraham Hebrew Israelites ?
    I Mean These People >>> Adam Genesis 2; 19 >> Eve Genesis 3;20 >>> Cain - Son Of Adam And Eve >> Abel - Son Of Adam And Eve Genesis 4; 2 >>Enoch - Son Of Jared Genesis 4; 17 >>Lamech - Son Of Methuselah Genesis 4 ; 18 >>>
    Seth - Son Of Adam Eve Genesis 4 ; 25 >>>Enos - Son Of Seth Genesis 4; 26 >>>
    Cain- Son Of Enos Genesis 5 ;9 >>Mahalaleel - Son Of Cainan Genesis 5 ; 12 >>Jared - Son Of Mahaleel Genesis 5 ;15 >>> Methuselah - Son Of Enoch Genesis 5 ; 21 >>Noah - Son Of Lamech Genesis 5; 29 >>Ham - Son Of Noach Genesis 5 ; 32 >> Shem - Son Of Noach Genesis 5 ;32 >> Japheth - Son Of Noah Genesis 5; 32
    >>> Elam - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>> Asshur - Son Of Shem Genesis 10;

    22 >>> Asshur - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >> Arphaxad - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>> Lud - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>> Aram - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>>Salah - Son Of Arphaxad Genesis 11 ; 13 >>> Eber - Son Of Salah Genesis 10; 21 >> Peleg - Son Of Eber Genesis 11; 16 >> Reu - Son Of Peleg Genesis 11 ; 18 >>> Serug - Son Of Reu >> Genesis 11 ; 20 >>> Nahor - Son Of Serug Genesis 11; 22 >>Terah - Son Of Nahor Genesis 11;24 ... What Was The Religion Of These People ? All Of These People Were Before Abraham Genesis 17;5 , So They Are Not Hebrews. So What Were They ? The Childern Of Jacob Because Based On Genesis 32; 28 , Jacob's Name Was Changed To Israel And Anyone Who Was Born Genesis 32; 28 , Jacob's Name Was Changes To Israel And Anyone Who Was Born Before That Was Not Of The Children Of Jacob , Thus They Could Not Have Been Israelites . As I Already

    Explined , The First Time Out Of The 2,293 Times '' Israel '' Appears In The Bible .. In Genesis 32; 38 AndIt Refers To Somebody Changing Jacob's Name To Israel . The Next Time It Appears Is In The Same Chapter , In Genesis 32; 32 And You Get The Chrilren Of Israel . This Is Talking About Jacob's Chrildren Only . His Immediate Family .

    Are Hebrew And Israelites The Same People ?
    They Will Lie And Say They Are One Same .. However , As I Just Explained To You , To Call Yourself a Hebrew Israelite Would Be Saying One Who Crossed Over , Because God Prevailed Over Them Or Won Over Them . . And That Doesn't Make Sense . Not To Mention What You Just Real And If An Israelite Is A Person That Lives By The Law And 1Commandment Of The Scritures To The Letter . Then There Are None Today That Are Following These Scripture And Every Law In Them To The Letter . The Will Tell You . It A New Day And Time And We Wear These New Modern Clothes And We Eat This New Modern Way And We Don't Have To Keep All Of The Old Laws What I'm Saying Is They'll Make Up All Kinds Of Excuses To

    Justify Their Created Form Of Living .
    Now You Can Ask The Hebrew Israelites What Is His Or Her Nationality .
    They Will Say That They Are Hebrew , Or Hebrew Israelites !
    However . If They Can Stand It , As I Just Proved To You In Your Own Language That Most Of You Do Not Not Speak Fluently . The Word Hebrew That Translates To The Aramic Word Ibriy From The Aramic Hebrew Root Word Abar Means To Cross Over . Which Is The Same As The Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic Word Abara . Which , As You Can See Hebrew Was Just An Action That Took Place . Just As What Abraham Did Was Cross Over A River . And The Canaanites Call Him And His Family Chaldeans . Hebrew In Their Own Language Genesis 14; 13 . That Wasn't His Nationality . So Why Is It Yours ? If You Follow Abraham And His Family . You Are

    Really Chaldeans As He Was Genesis 11 ; 31 Genesis 15; 7 ..
    Is The Word '' Jew '' Used For The Descendants Of The Tribe Of Judah ?
    The Name '' Jew '' Is Really A Yiddish Word . This Name Was Created By Two Groups Of Jew; The Sephardim And Ashkenazim . The Ashkenazim Were Originally Khazars From Russia Who Coverted And Picked Up The Name Ashkenazim ( Genesis 10; 3 <<>>>The Gomerites ; Descendants Of Gomer '' Completion ; Ashkenazites ; Decendants Of Ashkenaz '' A Fire That Spreds ; Rifathites ; Descendants Of And Rifath ( Riphath ) '' Spoken ' And Togarmaahites ; Descendants Of Togarmah '' All Bone , Strong '' << Original Aramic
    And Used It As Their Own When In Fact They Were From The Seed Of Canaan , Not The Seed Of Gomer Meaning '' Completion '' And Riphath Meaning '' Speaker Or Spoke '' And Togarmah Meaning '' Bony , Strong '' Ashkenaz In Hebrew Is Meaning '' The Spreader Of The Fire '' He Was The Son Of Gomer , Son Of

    Japheth .One Of The Triples Sons Of Noah . Ashkenaz Was The First Son Named Of The Three Sons Of Gomer , The Son Of Japheth Genesis 10; 3 And A Kingdom Associated With Ararat ( Turkey ) And Minni . Now - A - Days The Name Is Falsely Applied To The Jew Of Germany ( Aryans ) Europeans Of Northern France ( France )
    Europeans From The Tenth Century On . In The Middle Of The 16th Ceturt . The Term Ashkenazim Came To Include The Jews Of Eastern Europe As Well . . The Fake Ashkenazim ( Khazars ) Have Developed A Set Of Distinctive Customs And Rituals , Different From Those Os The Sephardim ; The Fake Jews From Spain , Portugal , The Mediterranean Countries And North Africa . They Mixed With The Seed Of Joktan Who Was The Son Of Eber ( Hud ) Son Of Salah , Son Of Arphaxad . All Of The Sons Of Shem ( Genesis 10 ; 21 - 32 ) . The Original Shemite
    ( Semetic ) One Of The Triples Sons Of Noah , Had Very Dark Brown Skin With

    Woolly Hair . ( Gomer Son Of Japheth And Ifat ) Genesis 10; 2 ... Ashkenaz Son Of Gomer Genesis 10 ; 3 ... Salah ( 2335 - 1902 B.C.E. ) Son Of Arphaxad Genesis 10; 24 ..... Eber ( 2305 - 1841 B.C.E. ) Son Of Salah And Barra Genesis 10; 21
    Joktan Son Of Eber Genesis 10; 25 ...Sephardim Comes From The Word Sepharad Meaning '' Separated ( Refer To Obadiah 1 ; 20 ... Sephardim Is Said To Mean
    '' Spaniards '' . They Want You To Think They Are Real . They Are The Jews Of Spanish And Portuguese Origin Responsible For The Slave Trade . The Customs , Rituals . Synagogue Services , And Hebrew Pronunciation Of The Sephardim Differ From Those Of The Ashkenazim . So You Have One Group , The Spaniards Saying They Are Of Shem's Sons And Use Sephardim And They Are Liars , And You Also Have Europeans Of Many Other Lands Saying They Are Of Japheth's Sons And They

    Are Also Liars . They Are The Temples , Or Synagogues Of Satan Revelation 2 ; 9 . They Were Expelled From Spain By The Inquisition Of 1492 A.D. The Fake Sephardim Were Scattered Throughout The Mediterranesn World , Along The North Coast Of Africa , The Turkish Empire, The Balkans . Where Even They Went , They Established The Sephardic Ways And Rituals . The Marranos , Or Secret Jews , Transported Their Customs To The New World . The Real Sephardim Are In Yemen , Morocco , Sudan , Ethiopa , And America As American Negroes And The Real Ashkenazim Are In Ethiopia And Mixed With The Nigerians ( Ebo ) And The Ashanti And Also In America As American Negroes As Well As All Over The Caribbeans , This Thread Is Not To Be Take As Racism For If One Truely Want Truth And Knowledge Of History All One Has To Is Research For Themself [ Keyword Here Is Research ]
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    Who Is The Comforter

    When Jesus Said In John 14; 16 And I Quote '' And I Will Pray ( The Father ) And He Shall Give You ( Another ) Comforter That He May Abid With You Forever ; What Was The ( Another ) '' That Jesus Was Saying ( His Father ) Would Send ?
    However , no one can Deny the fact that '' Another '' is in Reference to something of The Same Kind . This kind would have to be Another '' Teacher As Jesus Was .
    According To The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language , The Word '' Another '' Is Defined As ; Another 1. An Additional ; One More , 2 . Distinctly Different ; Some Other . 3 . Different , But Of The Same Character ; A . An Additional One , B . A Different One , C , One Of The Same Kind .

    In Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) , The Word For '' Another '' Used In John 14 ;16 Is Aakhir From The Root Word Aakhara Meaning '' Another , The Other A Thing Or Person Other Than Former Or First '' As In The Phrase Rajulu Aakharu Meaning
    Another Man . The Connotation ( Implication ; Suggestion ) Here Is merely Merely Another '' But '' Another Of The Same Kind '' So Its Safe That The Word Another Which Is Used In The Quote , Is In Reference To '' Someone Of The Same Kind ' And For Those Of You Who Say ( Jesus Is God Or The Father , Here He Says That He Will Pray ( Ask ) The Father ; Not Not Himself )

    What Is The Comforter ?
    A Comforter Is Defined As ''One Who Consoles Or Comforts ''
    The Word '' Comforter '' ( The Noun ) Is Derived From The Verb '' To Comfort '' Which Means ' To Strengthen Greatly , To Give Strength And Hope To ; Cheer To Ease The Grief Or Trouble Of ; Console In Aramic ( Hebrew ) The Word For '' Comforter '' Is Nacham . Other Forms Of The Word Are ;
    5163 . Nacham Pronounced Nakh ' - am ; From 5162 Consolation , Nacham
    An Isr ; Naham ''
    5165 , Nechamah Pronounced Nekh - aw - maw ; From 5162 ; Consolation ; -
    5166. Nechemyah Pronounced Nekh - em - yaw ; From 5161 And 3050 Consolation ; Of Jah ; Nechemjah , The Name Of Three Isr . ; Nehemiah
    In The Greek Language The Word Used For '' Comforter '' Is Parakletos
    3870 Parakaleo Pronounced Par - ak al - eh - o ; From 3844 And 2564 Meaning '' To Call Near I.E. Invite , Invoke ( By Imploration , Horatation Or Consolatio ) Beseech , Call For , ( Be Of Good ) Comfort , Desire ( Give ) Exhort ( - Ation ),

    Intreat , Pray , Praise ,
    3874 . Paraklesis Pronounced Par - ak'lay - sis From 3870 Meaning '' Imploration , Horation , Solace ; - Comfort , Consolation , Exhoration , Intreaty Praise .
    Definitions Taken From Strong's Exhaustive Hebrew And Greek Concordance By Jame Strong , The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Word Used For Comforter Is Mu'izz From The Root Word Azaw And 'Azza Which Means '' To Take Patience Console ( One Self , To Comfort , Praise , Cratitude ''
    Other Forms Of The Word Are .
    1 . Azza .. Meaning '' Comfort , Consolation , Solace , Praise .
    2 , Ta'ziya ... Plural Ta'aazin Meaning '' Consolation . Solance Comfort , Condolence Offer Ones Condolence ''
    3 . Mi'azzin ... Meaning '' Comforter , Consoler , Condoler .. << Definition By Han Wehr English Arabic Dictionary .
    Now If You Hear Someone Say ; When He Come He Will Lead You Into All Truth What Do You Think The Implication Of '' He '' Would Represent Here ? Would You Say It Was Referring To A Person , Place , Or Thing ?Of Course You Have To Say It Is Referring To A Person . In English Grammar , The Third Person '' He ' Is Almost Always In Reference To A Person , A Male . So Then It's Also Safe To Say That The Quote In The Gospel Of John 16 ; 13 Is In Reference To A Person Not A Ghost . Not You Know That The Word '' Another '' Means '' One Of The Same Kind '' And The Pronoun '' He '' Is In Reference To A Person .

    Can The Word '' Comforter '' Be Found Anywhere Else In The Scripture ?
    However , The Fact Is There Are Numerous Places Throughout The Scripture Where The Words '' Comfort '' Or Comforter '' Can Be Found . I Have Selected A Few Quotes To Give You A Better Overstanding Of The Words '' Comforter '' And '' Comfort ''
    QUOTE # 1 Genesis 5 ; 29 < Noah Was A Comforter >
    QUOTE # 2 Isaiah 51 ; 12 < Isaiah Was A Comforter >
    QUOTE # 3 Isaiah 66 ; 13 < Isaiah Mother Comforter , Which Simply MNeans She Was A Comforter ( In The Sense She Consoled Her Son ) Also .
    Are These '' Comforters '' Mentioned In The Previous Question < Human Beings Or Not > < You Would Have To Say Yes They Are Human > .

    That's Right , They Were All Human Beings , In Every Instance That You Find The Word '' Comforter '' Mentioned In The Scripture , It Has Been In Reference To A Person , Again , Not A Ghost Or Spirit , < Here More To Research ! > .
    2Samuels 10; 3 Speaks Of A Comforter As A Person .
    1Chronicles 19 ; 3 Speak Of A Comforter As A Person .
    Job 16; 2 Speaks Of A Comforter As Person .
    Ecclesiastes 4; 1 Speak Of A Comforter As A Person .
    Nahum 3 ; 7 Speak Of A Comforter As A Person .
    John 14 ; 16 , 26 Speak Of A Comforter As A Person .
    John 15 ; 26 Speak Of A Comforter As A Person .
    John 16 ; 7 Speak Of A Comforter As A Person .
    All These Are Quote Are In Reference To People . During The 2nd Century A.D. Man By The Name Of Montanus ( Founder Of Montanism , A Pentecostal Outgrowth Of Christianity In Asia Minor And North Africa From The 2nd To 9th Centuries ) Claimed

    To Be The Voice Of The Holy Spirit . He Calimed This Was A Fulfillment Of The New Testament Promise Of Pentecost , Which Is The Enlightment Of The Faithful Of The Holy Spirit . The Essential Principal Of Montanism Was Paraclete , The Spirit Of Truth , Whom Jesus Promised In The Book Of John 14 ; 16 ; 16; 7 , Was Manifesting Himself To The World Through Montanus And The Prophet And Prophetesses Associated With Him . Also Tutullian , An Early American Christian Author And Polemicist ( A Controversial Or Argumentative Person ) In History Was A Convert To Montanism . He Gave Himself Fully To This Movement And Eventually Became The Spokesman . Which Means He Too Believe That The Comforter ( Paraclete ) Was A Person .

    Is The Comforter The Holy Ghost Which Is Something Called The Holy Spirit .
    For Years Christians Have Been Teaching That The Comforter Is The Holy Ghost Sometimes Called The Holy Spirit . They Make It Seem As If The Concept Of The Holy Ghost Originated With Jesus . However , This Is Incorrect Because According To Genesis 1 ; 2 , The Holy Spirit Has Been Here Since The Foundation Of The Planet Earth .
    Genesis 1 ; 2

    Where Is Your Proof That The Comforter Is A Ghost ?
    Even After Jesus Said ; 'I Must Go So That The Comforter Can Come ! The Christians Say That This Comforter Is TheHoly Ghost . Yes The Holy Ghost Was There Before The Birth Of Jesus . The Word In Syriac ( Arabic ) For '' Comforter '' Is Mu'izz . It Is Found In The Bible Eight Times In The Singular Form And Five Times In The Plural Form . The Word Mu'izz Stems From The Root ' Azza Which Means '' Comfort , Console , Condole , Condole With , Take Patience . John The Baptist Had The '' Holy Ghost '' Before Jesus Was Even Born . It Was With Him In Elisabeth's ..
    ( John The Baptist's Mother ) Womb .
    Luke 1 ; 15
    LUKE 1; 41
    And According To Matthew 1 ; 18 The Holy Ghost Was With Jesus , While He Was In His Mother's Womb Also ..
    Matthew 1; 18

    Further Proof That The Holy Ghost , Who Is Thought To Be The Comforter , Was Already There Can Be Found In Luke 2 ; 25 - 26 , Where A Devout Man Whose Name Was Simeon , Was Visted By The Holy Ghost Duruing The Time Of Jesus Birth . And You Can Find The Holy Ghost Mentioned In 1Kings 18; 12 And Ezekiel 23 ; 14 .. So How Did The Christian Arrive At Their Ridiculous Interpretation That The '' Comforter '' Is The Holy Ghost ???? .
    If A Teacher Tells You That When He Goes He Will Sent '' Another '' Teacher (Common Sense Will Tell You That You Are Going To Have To Wait Until He Departs Before You Can Expect The Next ( Or Another ) Teacher . This Is The Same Thing - Nothing Heavy .
    If According To Christianity , Jesus Was The Comforter Then Why Didn't He Reprove The World Of Sin When He Came ?

    According To John 16 ; 8 The Comforter Would Reprove The World Of Sin When He Comes .
    John 16 ; 8
    The Word Used In Greek For Reprove '' Is < Elegcho > Meaning '' To Confute , Admoish , Convict ,Tell A Fault , Rebuke . According To The illustrated Heritage Dictionary And Information Book , On Page 1104 , The Word '' Reprove '' Is Defined As ; To Rebuke For A Fault Or Misdeed ; To Scold ;
    However , According To Christianity Jesus Came To Take Away The World's Sin As Found In John 1 ; 29 Where It Say And I Quote '' The Next Day John Seeth Jesus Coming Unto Him , And Saith , Behold The Lamb Of God , Which Taketh Away The Sin Of The Word ' ..Think About It , If Jesus Came To Die On The Cross For The World's Sin , Then Why Is There Still Sin In The World ? And According To John 16; ; 8 , The Comforter Is To Reprove The World Of Judgment , Because As It Says In John 16 ; 11 And I Quote '' Of Judgment , Because The Prince Of This World Is Judged , However , Jesus Said He Came To Save The World Not To Judge It In John 12 ; 47 .

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    What Does The Term '' New Testament '' Mean ?

    Ans ; HowEver , In Different Translations Of The Bible When You LQQk At Quotes, Such As In Luke 22 ; 20 Where It Says '' New Tesatament '' You Will Find The Word '' New Conenant '' Instead , The Greek Word '' New Testament '' You Will Find The Word '' New Covenant '' The Greek Word Translated As '' Testament '' In Luke 22 ; 20 . Of The King James Version Of The Bibles Is Translated As '' Covenant '' In The New International And The Revised Standard Version Of The Bible , HowEver , The Greek WordUsed In Both Cases Is Diatheke .

    In This QuoteThe Greek Word <> In These Quote The Greek
    Diatheke Is Diatheke Word Is
    Translated As Testament , Translated As Covenant
    Luke 22 ; 20 Luke 22; 20
    Like wise Also The Cup After In The Same Way After The
    Supper Saying This Cup Is The Supper He Took The Cup .
    New Testament In My Blood Saying This Cup Is The New
    Which Is Shed For You Covenant In My Blood , Which
    King Jame Version Is Poured Out For You

    New International Version
    Luke 22 ; 20
    And Likewise The Cup After
    Supper Saying , This Cup Which
    Is Poured Out For You Is The
    New Convenant In My Blood
    Revised Standard Version

    Also In Jeremiah 31 ; 31 - 32 They Interpret The New Covenant To Mean '' New Testament As You Can See Christian Define '' Testament '' As '' Covenant '' HowEver , A Testament ' And Covenant Are Not The Same Thing .Where Do They Get These Weird Interpretation ? Certainly They Don't Have Qualified Scholars Interpreting And Translating For Them . The Fact Is The Confusion In The Translation Is Because The Greek Word Diatheke Has Two Meaning .

    According To An Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language , On Page 755. '' Testament '' Is Defined As Follow testament , n -M.E. fr. Eccles . L. testamentum , covenant , Scripture , fr . L . declaration of one's will ; last will testament , frL. testari to bea witness , bear witness , testify , is due to a confusion of the two meaning of Gk. ; 1 ) covenant ; 2) last will and testament , the wordused in the Septugint to render Heb . Berith , covenant ' ;... Whereas According To An Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language Covenant Is Defined As Flollows .

    covenant , n Of . covenant ' a coming together assembly . prop . pres part ofcovenir , to come together , assemble . when f. convenir . to agree , to suit . fit .
    And According To The Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary Unabridged Second Edition - Deluxe Color , On Page 420 , The Word Covenant Is Defined As ;
    covenant , n . [ OFr. covenant , an agreement , from covenir L.convenire to agree , be of one mind , come together ; from com - together , and venire , to come ]
    1. A Binding and solemn agreement by two or more persons, parties etc . to do or keep from doing somespecified thing ; a compact .

    2 . In Theology . The Promise Of God To Man , Usually Carrying With Them Condition To Be Fulfilled By Man , As Recorded In The Bible .
    The Point Is ' Covenant '' Has To Do With An Agreement , Whereas '' Testament '' Has To Do With Witnessing As You Can See In These Words ;
    Word Meaning
    Attest To Bear Witness To
    Contest To Call To Witness
    Detest To Curse While Calling A Deity To Witness
    Obtest To Call To Witness
    Protest To Declare In Public , To Bear Witness To
    Testify To Bear Witness To ..
    All Of These Words Are From The Latin Root Word Testari Meaning '' To Give As Evidence ; To Show , Prove , Vouch For ; To Bring To Light ; To Call To Witness It Has Nothing To Do With A Covenant .

    How Can There Be A New Covenant When According To Genesis 17;7 The Covenant Established Between God And Abraham Was An Everlasting Covenant . The Christian Will Try To Use John 1;17 , Where It Says And I Quote . '' For The Law Was Given By Moses , But Grace And Truth Came By Jesus Christ '' To Say That The Law Is Gone And With The Coming Of Jesus Came The Period Of Grace .
    [ This Is Innovation , According To The Word Of Jesus Himself , He Did Not Come To Change The Law , But To Fulfill It ( Matthew 5;17 ) . Jesus Said HE DID NOT COME TO DESTROY THE LAW !!

    According To Genesis 17;7. The Covenant Establish With The Children Of Israel Was An '' Everlasting '' Covenant '' . The Aramic / Hebrew Word Used For '' Everylasting '' Is Owlam Or Olam Meaning '' Eternal , Lasting , A Long Time , Perpetual '' According To The Illustrated Heritage Dictionary And Information Book On Page 977 The Word Perpetual Is Defined As ; ( 1. Lasting For Eternity . 2. Lasting For An Indefinitely Long Duration . 3. Ceaselessly Repeated Or Centinuing Without Inerruption ) . The Covenant Made In Genesis 17;7. Was '' Everlasting , Without End'' . However In Jeremaih 31;31-32 And Hebrew 8;8-9 You Find A '' New Covenant '' .

    Where It Says And I Quote ; '' Behold The Days Come , Saith The Lord . When I Will Make A New Covenant With The House Of Israel And With The House Of Judah ; Not According To The Covenant That I Made With Their Fathers In The Day That I Took Them By The Hand To Bring Them Out Of The Land Of Egypt ; Which My Covenant They Broke . Although I Was A Husband Unto Them Saith The Lord '' The Word Being Used In This Quote For '' New '' Is Chadash Meaning '' New , New Things , Fresh '' The Word Used In Greek For '' New '' Is Kainos Meaning '' As Respect Forms , Recently Made , Fresh , Recent , Unused , New .

    Now Ask Yourself This If The Covenant Was An Everlasting Covenant , Then How Can There Be A New Covenant Or A '' New Testament '' ? Christian Scholars Will Say That With The Coming Of Jesus Was The End Of The Law And The Beginning Of Faith . Even The Prophet And Disciple Had To Abide By The Law . So Who Are You Self-Righteous Christian To Consider Yourselves Above The Law . You Are Innovating Because Jesus Never Said This ! If

    How Many '' Everylasting Covenants Can There Be ? According To The Bible There Were 7 Everlasting Convenant Mentioned .
    1. First There Was An Everlasting Covenant Made With Noah , Was Between God AndEvery Living Creature According To Genesis 9;16 .
    2 . Then There Was An Everlasting Convenant , The Convenant Of Circumcision Made Between God , Abraham And Abraham's Seed Genesis 17;7 And Genesis 17;10,13 .
    3. Then There Was Another '' Everlasting '' Convenant Mentioned in Isaiah 55;3
    4 . Then There Was Another '' Everlasting '' Covenant In Isaiah 61;8 .
    5. Then In Jereniah 32;40
    6. Then In Ezekiel 61;60
    7 . Then Again In Ezekiel 37;16

    Then There Is A Man Made Book Called The '' New Covenant Or New Testament ? If The Convenant Established In Genesis 17;7 Was An Everlasting Covenant , And It Was . Then Why Does The God Of The Bible Keep Re-Establishing It , If It;s Everlasting ? [ How Many Everlasting Convenant Can There Be At One Time ] ???
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    How Do Other Christian Scholars Feel About The Self -Appointed -Apostle Paul

    The following are some of the viewpoint by famous Christian scholars and historians . < Christian historian James Mackinon admits openly > . The train of thought is distinctively his own . Whether it is altogether in accord with the mind of Jesus is not so evident in spite of his claim in direct revelation .. at the same time . Jesus conception of the law is hardly in accordance with that of Paul .. in this respect Saul , Shaool , Paul's - claim that his received his gospel by revelation from Christ is rather problematic .

    < James Mackinon > states in his own words in this book titled , Christ to Constanting as follows . '' At his conversion he went away into Arabic
    ( Nabatae ) - apparently to think out the implications of his new faith , rather than to preach to Nabataeans . It was only three years later that he went to Jerusalem to visit Peter and James . the Lord's brother , presumably to consult them on the tradition about Jesus .

    The Encyclopedia Britannica , Inc . by William Benton , Publisher , 1943-1973 A.D. Helen Hemingway Benton Publisher , 1973-1974 A.D. states ; Paul quickly saw the need to stay in a quiet and peaceful area where he could reflect over his new position . Hence he went to the southern regions of Damascus .. the main problem facting him was to interpret the law and teachings of Jesus in a new form in the light of his own novel experience .

    The Encyclopedia Britannica decribes the word of Paul ; One group among the writers . represented for example by W . Wrede, who was by no means opposed to Paul , opine that Paul changed Christianity to such an extent that he has become its second founder . In reality he is the founder of that church Christianity which is totally different from the Christianity taught by Jesus simultaneously ,

    In a book titled The Black Messiah . By Albert B. Cleage Jr . of the Shrine of the Black Madonna , it states , ... there is the spiritualized Jesus , reconstructed many years later by the Apostle Paul who never knew Jesus and who modified his teaching to conform to the pagan philosophies of the WHITE GENTILES . Considering himself an apostle to the gentiles , Paul preached individual salvation and life after death . We , as black Christians suffering appression in a white man's land do not need the individualistic and other worldly doctrines of Paul and the white man .

    So it is clear that Saul , Shaool , Paul teaching were not in agreement with Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus or the original disciples who also questioned him him about what he was teaching , This is nothing we made up . Other Christian scholars who took the time to study the original language that The Holy Bible was written in also see Saul , Shaool , Paul's discrepancies. We worship on Elyon El . The Father Of Us All . The God Of Jesus and we follow The Messiah Yashu'a Isa , Jesus and Makhud , Muhammad , Mohamet and Al Mahdi and want to bring their teachings back to its pristine purity as the true words of The Most High , The Highest .

    On the other hand , those who followers of Saul . Shaool . Paul , are slowly removing Yashu'a Ha Mashiakh , Isa Al Masih , Jesus the Messiah '' Christ '' from the picture and replacing him , his teachings . and his way of life with Saul . Shaool . Paul . Trying to get their genes or genealogy into the pure seed . As the Indo -Arabs did to the true Islamic teaching of The Quraan / Koran and replaced it with '' Tradition '' Hadith '' . Customs '' Sunna '' . a new religion different from Millat Ibrahim '' Rituals of Abraham , What is taught nowdays by Muslims are not the original teachings and this has also happened to the original teaching of Jesus .

    Euro-Christians , Euro-Jew are trying to take over it . For they know that they will not be included in the court as it states in < Rev 11;1-2 > In the Book of James ( who was the oldest half-brother of Yashu'a Isa , Jesus and His Disciple
    Matt 13;55 , Chapter 2 verse 20 Also in James 2;26 , Rev 15;3 , This goes to show that the Angels of God / Elohyeem recognize the works done by God / Elohyeem , and if man is in the image of God / Elohyeem as it states in Genesis 1;27. Also if you read Romans 3;27-30 , Now in one breath Saul , Shaool , Paul was saying all you need is faith yet in Roman 3;31 he contradicts himself ,

    And to reinforce the words of Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus , in Matt 19;16-17 ( KEEP THE COMMANDENTS ) . Yet , with all of these words that were written by men that walked with Yashu'a Isa , Jesus , Saul , Shaool , Paul . is insistent on defying the teaching of Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus , Saul , Shaool , Paul obviously feel that living by faith is merely enough . However .if that is not what Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus taught who is the Son Of God ( Matt 3;1 , Word of God ( John 1;1, Quraan 3;45 ) and was filled with the Spirit of God ( Matt 3;18 , Quraan 4;171 ) Then who is Saul , Shaool , Paul , to go against what he taught and tell people that faith is enough ?

    LQQk at what Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus said in Matt 4;4, As stated previously . it was Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus said that he did not come to destroy the law or the prophet but to fulfill it in Matt 5;17 . As You have seen , fulfill means perform the law do it , act upon it . So According to whose teaching , is Saul , Shaool Paul following ? So again , Saul , Shaool , Paul had no intention of ever following or teaching or the law of Elyon El The Most High God of Israel who gave the law to Moshed , Musa , Moses , NOWHERE in the scriptures does Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus say that he came to abolish the law .

    So whose teaching in Saul , Shaool . Paul Propagating ? Exactly , Saul , Shaool , Paul was propagating the teaching of the ANTI-CHRIST . Saul , Shaool , Paul deviated people towards lawlessness , through his strange philosophy that the observance of the law promotes Sin . This was simply a means for his innovation reggarding the abolishment of the Law of The Holy Torah . But you must remember the Christ Testament wasn't written until the year 40 A.D. With the Book of Matthew way after Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus had gone . So Yashu'a , Isa . Jesus could only have been living by and practicting the laws in The Holy Torah .
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    What Is The Difference Between Egiptian Staues And Christian Statues ? Christian

    Monotheist Says That Egiptians Are Pantheons . Which Is What One Might Call And Idol Worshiper . < Isis Breast Feeding Her Son Horus > But If You Really Think About It The Christians Share Many Of These Same Beliefs . In The United States Of America The Dog Is Considered Man's Best Friend , Almost All Americans Have Dogs As A Family Member . The Ram Is Used In Witchcraft And Satanism , Which Is The Fastest Growing Religions In America And Europe . The Cat Is Also A House Pet In The United States Of America . The Cow Is Worshipped In India . The Lion Is Israel And Ethiopia's Symbol .

    The Spider Is Respected In Islam . AndTheDog Is Called The Jinn A Form Of The Devil . So By This You See . You All Worshiped Our Ancestors In One Way Or The Other . Yet The Egyptian Are Called Pagans , By The Same Religious Groups Or Sect Who Have Cat's And Dogs In Their Homes . And Draw All Kinds Of Horses And Carved Statue Of Naked People As Apart Of Art . Then Turn Right Around And Say That , The Worship Of Animals Is Paganistic And This Definitely Shows A Contradiction Towards Societies Admitting That The Egiptians Are Responsible For The Civilization Of The World . Christianity Has Brought Over It's Idols And Animal Symbolish And

    Images . It Can Be Found All Throughout The Christian Churches . The Dove For Example , Descending On Jesus , A Man , God Hanging On A Cross , Stained Glass Of Their Supermatural Being Ascending And Descending . The Pope Wears The Cross ; A Symbol Of Jesus Christ Around His Neck . Millions Of Christians Bowing To The Black Madonna ..
    < The Black Madonna Who The Pope Really Worship And Being Worshipped World Wide > A Misconception Of What Angels Really LQQk Like By Portraying Human With Wings , Saints , Doves , A Representation Of Fish . Peacocks All In The House Of God . Muslims Have The Holy Spider Which Saved Muhammad's Life , And The Camel That Marked The Mosque In The Muslim Holy City Of Medina , , And A Holy Donkey Which Muhammad Rode To

    Heaven . And SomeHow They Are Tricked Into Not Realizing In Exodus 20 ; 4 And I Quote , Thou shalt not make unto thee any
    graven image . or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above , or that is in the earth beneath , or that is in the water under the earth ;... Or LQQk At Your Bible Leviticus 26 ; 1 And I Quote , Ye shall make you '' no idols nor graven image neither shall ye set up any '' image of stone in your land, to bow - down unto it ; for I am the Lord your God

    That The Laws Of Their God Does Not Apply To Them .The Christian Symbol Or Phrase Is '' Drop Your Nets And Become Fishers Of Men ''
    Likewise In The Synoptic Writing Or The Apostle Jesus Who Was Called A Fishman Who Walked On Water . In John 21 ; 13 . And I Quote , Jesus then cometh and taketh bread and giveth them and fish like - wise ;.... The Messiah Is Called The Dag
    '' The Fish '' Dag - On = Dag + on ( Dag = Fish On = Sun ) . In That Which Is The Collection Of Ancient Rabbonic Writings , Constuting The Basic For The Orthodox Mosesisim , And He Tied Into TheSign Of The Fish ; The Sign Of Shimmah '' Pisces '' The Deity Oannes Walking On Water Is The Babylonian Deity Dagon And The Pope's Attire With The Mitre '' Headdress '' In The

    Likeness Of A Fish . How Is It Possible For You To Read Your Bible Daily , Saying That You Believe In It As The Infallible Work Of God , And When God Commands You , You Undermine Him With The Architecture Of YourChuches And The Symbol In YourChurches , By Money Hungry Preachers , To The Point Where They Are Wearing Idols AroundTheir Neck , Jesus On The Cross . Saint Anthony's Cross Is Also A Depiction Of Christian Idol Worship . The Shape Itself Is Thought By Some To Have Derived From The Symbol Of The Sumerian God Tammuz , Or The Letter Tau ;.. Ezekiel 8 ; 14 And I Quote , Then he brought meto the door of the gateof the Lord's house which was toward the north ; and behold there sat women weeping for Tammuz ;... This Later Became The Very

    Prominent Symbol Not Ony In Christianity But In The Ancient Writing Of The Tama - Reans ( Egiptians ) And Other Ancient People . The Use Of The Upright Cross And The Worship Of A Trinity Can Be Traced Back To The Babylonian Empire . Some Christian Try To Make You Think That The Latin Cross Was The First Cross To Be Used In History . This Is Quite Contrary , The Cross Known As The Tau Was Widely Used In Egipt . The Crucifixion As A Method Of Death Was Used In Ancient Times As A Punishment For Flagrant Crimes In Egipt , When Assyria . Persia , Palestine Carthage , Greece , And Lastly Rome . Thus The Tau Cross ,

    With The Cross Piece Lowered Was Adopted As The Cross Of Christ . This Same Tau Cross Was Later Changed To The Letter X The Cruz Immissa Which Is Called St Andrew's Cross , Was A Two Beam Cross Usually Depicted As The Kind Of Cross Yashua / Jesus Was Crucified On And Become X-Mass For Christmas The Birth Of Christ . The Christian Based Their Belief On The Baptism , The Immersing Into Water . They Say That Baptism Is For The Remission Of Sin Luke 3 ; 3 .And I Quote , And he came into all the country about Jordan preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins ;....But This Baptism Was Not For Remission . But For The Anointment Of Jesus . Baptism Is A Ceremony . Trial Or Experience By Which One Is Initiated , Purified Or Given A Name . Isn't This A Form Of Worship Of Water , To Dip Immerse In Water Or Sprinkle As

    In '' Holy Water '' On A Person To Cleanse Or Purity . According To Judaic Law , Immersion Frees Oneself From Uncleanliness . The Uncleanliness Is Not Mud Filth Which Water Can Remove . Instead It Is Spiritual And Depends On Intention Of The Heart . Therefore , These Judaic Scholars State That ; '' If A Man Immeres Himself Without Speacial Intention , It Is As Though He Has Not Immersesed Himself At All . '' The Easter Egg Is One Of The Best Known Symbols Which Has Symbolized Renewed Life Since Ancient Time , Because All Living Creatures Begin Life In The Egg . Egiptians Continue To Color Egg And Eat Tem During Their Celebration .

    The Egg Is The Primordial Egg That Ra Whose Proper Name Is Re Was Born Out Of . If You Learn Science Of The Primordial Egg This Is ( Where The Tam - Hu ( Europeans ) Get The Ra , Or Re Which Symbolize The Sun .) The Golden Egg Is The Sun And The Goose Was Supposed To Represent The Primordial Mother Of All Nature And That Is Why When You Study Each One Of The Egiptian Deities , Read Their Names , Geb Is The Guardian Of The Earth , The The Soil That Grows Vegetation On This Planet , Is Also Represented By The Goose . Hapi . The Deity With The Male Body With Breast AndFemale Hips , Is The Key Of Hemaphrodites . The HermaphroditeWhich Is The Fertility Which Also CameDown In The Temple Of Edfu , Located In Thebes Where Asaru ( Usir , Osiris ) Said '' I Am The Male AndThe Female . '' He Was Talking About Power

    Of The Deity Called Hopi Or Hapi . If You LQQk It Up You Would See These Things . HowEver , These People All Relay It Back To Coming Out Of The Primordial Seed , Out Of The Water That's Why They Say Chaos Is In The Woman . There Is No Egg In Christianity . There Is No Egg In Judaism And There Is No Egg Birth In Islam . The Only Place Where There Is An Egg Birth Recorded Is In The Egiptian Book Of The Dead . When They Say That Ra Came Out Of An Egg And Then The Concept Of A Stork Delivering The Baby Is The Same Story That The Christians Stole From The Egiptians .

    In Christianity The Dove Is Used To Represent Jesus At The Age Of 33 Being Resurrected From The Dead Or What Was A Dead State . The Dove Is The Holy Ghost . As You May Have Seen Magicians Use Doves Because . If You Take A Dove In You Bosom Or Anywhere Out Of The Light For A Moment It Goes Into A Coma State . The Voice Was Behind The Dove And Jesus Was Laying In A Dead State And Woke Back To Life . This Again Is An Ancient Egiptian Ritual That Was Borrowed From The Deity Asaru ( Usir , Osiris ) When He Was Dead . The Deitiy Tehuti ( Thoth ) A Messa , Egiptian Messiah With His Power , Gave Aset ( Isis ) The Seed To Bring Haru ( Horus ) To Life . Like Jesus The Messiah . Did To Lazarus In The Bible John 11 ; 43 And I Quote . And when he thus had spoken he cried with a loud voice , Lazarus come forth ;.... The Fact Is That Human Have Associated Themselves With Animals Since The

    Beginning Of Time And Still Do . Just Take A LQQk At Some Of These QuiteCommon Sayings That People Ofyen Use '' Sly as a Fox ''' Quiet as a mouse '' Fat as a Pig '' '' Slimy as aSnake '' '' Busy as a Bee '' Strong as a Ox '' Stubborn as a Mule '' Blind as a Bat '' ' Slow as a Turtle '' And Many More . Christian Preachers Have These Cruel Tendencies To Intentionally Mislead People By Creating Double Standards And Even Fabricating New Meanings To Words That That Can Be Found , But They Make The Statement If You Want To Hide SomeThing Then Put It In A Book . Egiptians Are The Furthest From Being Uncivilized , In Fact We Were The Original Gods John 10 ; 34 - 35 Also Psalm 82 ; 1 Also 82 ; 6 ;...

    And The Civilizers Of The Word . The Originators Of The Unadulterated Christianity Not Paulism , Which Is Taught Today As Christianity . The Greek Historian Herodotus Said It Himself , And I Quote '' Almost All Of The Names Of Gods Came < Into Greece From Ancient Egipt . '' When The Greek Established Their Civilzation They Just Took The Already Existing Deities In Egipt And Their Stories And Changed The Name Just In The Bible Stories Did . All Of Your Bibles And Koranic Stories Were Copies From Ancient Egiptian But They Won't Tell You This . The Masonic Order George Washington Belonged To Was Also Egiptian Based .

    The Wig That George Washington Wore Is Indeed The Likeness Of The Namuz . The Egiptian Head Dress Which Represent The Lion's Mane As Seen In The Masonic Order . The Symbol Of The Sphinx . The Conbination Of The Pharaoh And The Lion . The Statue Of Liberty In The Image Of

    Woman When Exodus Said '' Take Or Make Unto Thee No Image For Anything . '' According To Exodus 20 ; 4 Cameras , Videos , Movies And Any Other Machine That Can Duplicate An Image Is ForBidden And Christian All Over The World Are In Violation Of The Law Of Their God . Does That Mean The Whole World Are Heathens ? And What About The British , Who Keep Very Large Family Pictures Along The Walls Of Their Homes , Are They Heathens ? And What About All Of The Presidents Pictures Lining The Walls Of The White House Are They Heathens Also . ( They Would Like You To Believe That The Ancient Egiptian Were Pagans ,

    And Heathens For Idolixing Their Ancient Ancestors , When In Fact Each One Of These Religions And Their Many Sect Pray To More Than One God , By Idolixing Hundred Of Saints In Christianity . The Fact Of The Matter Is That The Ancient Egiptian Were Not At All Idol Worshippers . The Egiptians Gave Reference To Their Ancestor , And Sought Out Their Inner Divinity Which Gave Them The Power To Believe They Are Gods All In All .