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    take it to the beat watch us meet to greet fooling in the street
    tripping on the beach smoking fat leaves doing what you please
    as busy as a bee making sweet history
    there's a battle for your mind I'm just the walking blind
    society is not my game inside of my cause there blind you see from most of reality
    there is an army of peeps out in the streets crystal gold down to their feet
    with shattered glass on the walkway I came to play
    the stage is set and the studio is fine all my critics can kiss my fat behind
    homies try to control me with their dope analogy but why even bother itgets even sadder
    like nothing more to flatter the steps upon my ladder so here it goes
    it used to be dope many years ago let the truth be told that folks used to smile
    when i was a child I used to dream big dreams of both kings & queens
    living in a land that is so very mean yet many are rushing too fast
    everybody lately wants to get by on some free pass to pass
    the stereo is blasting higher and higher blown up in its fullest desire on a wire
    everybody feel me among my dope melody many folks will let me be
    pump up the music so you can hear a way we can shed a tear
    long hair on your birthday where we come to pray yet some may claim it ought not be that way...
    flirting with fire in blown up desire coming down to the wire a gun for higher
    got the hook up peeps on this dope joint fine grafted in from a delicate design
    beats to the rhyme rhyme for the reason its just the changing of the season

    block parties with steroe blasting watch how you acting & i'm not bragging
    folks that carry everything inside we used to help thank God your still alive
    but todays news you sing the blues and let things slide coming along for the ride
    rap is still hot just take the word to the street and watch your rhymes to the beat
    taking it to the city where cash is king people scream eating delicious ice cream
    blind people so mean eating at fast food places such as Burger King
    minus the races stuck in Peyton places we tend to make a lot of mistakes in
    flirting with fire blown up in its fullest of desire getting much higher
    Jimi was right by saying "Excuse me while I kiss the sky"!
    almost every drive by someone gets capped from a nine in their eye
    but give pause to think as you wink in earthly bliss in a caught up moment in time
    Solid gold moments from our past having so much fum with a hope that it would last
    so you sit back in your bleachers staying up late night watching another double feature

    Laughter is the best medicine while your stuck in seventh heaven
    therefore gain wisdom and in all thy getting gain understanding
    free styling to the extreme while living in a land so very mean
    Creatures of habit in the night with long viscious fangs that fright
    eyes of blakened faces of death we all will come to unrest
    rap it up I'll take it so you don't have to fake it
    will bust a move to show improved knowledge of the underground sound
    we are built to last we are raised to shine created in a beautiful design
    sugar is sweet so sweet like honey I'm going to be the man that take home the money
    nothing phony cause I got my degree cause all of life is but a mystery
    got something up my sleave as you rest your case in your Peyton Place
    don't try to hurt me again my ill but forgotten friend with whom I came to depend
    It's either my way or the highway couldn't have it any other way
    life is filled with mistakes some call this their fate but here am I to date
    what's been done has all been done before such as Tony Sack kicking it with a two bit whore
    Keep it in check as I let this last line flow bust up the beat & Increase the tempo