Black People : UFO's and White People

Why do you all think that white people are the main one's seeing the UFO's and discs flying around? What is going on in their psyche?

hmmm white people are not the only one that see so called Ufo....The real deal with this ufo thing is that the eurocentric views made that thing "surnatural",seeing so called UFO was naturel for ancient people.

Beautiful Chit Chat question!

Perhaps their collective psyche is saying- we are created people, who created us? We know that every race on the planet has living indigenous tribes still tied to them, but we don't. These tribes still live almost undisturbed by the outside world to clarify that most races can be traced back directly to indigenous societies, all except White people.

Their scholars have scratched their beards behind this, trying to figure out what that means. The White Supremacist Rationalists will use such info to suggest that this is because Whites are a Superior race. That in fact Whites cannot be traced back to any indigenous origins because they are made in the image of "God" and not in the image of Humans that evolved from animals. And so their Scientists have confirmed this theory, as Whites continue to dig up the planet searching for remnants of a culture that was never there, most of them- subconsciously and consciously have come to a handful of conclusions.

These conclusions have led White people to the stars. Especially for those who are unwilling to believe their beginnings are because of African people. And while we see what we want to see, it doesn't mean that Whites are the only ones seeing these things. But it does means that as a "majority" Whites do in fact believe wholesomely that they are not from the planet, and that those who created them will one day return and take them away from the god forsaken place.

In some cases, they are right. In other cases they are not. Because this attitude is created out of the shear misunderstanding of Black African power to begin with.

They will look at Africans in America, or Native Africans and say to themselves, "It is impossible for us as a mighty race of people, people who are so evolved, intelligent and civilized to have come from such lowly people." But they are judging us-in most cases as a race based on the restraints they have put on us, not on who we actually are. Like a case where a small skinny Cop was talking big and bad to a 6' 8" 400lb Brotha in handcuffs. The Brotha said "take off these handcuffs and put down your gun and let's see who is afraid of who." You can't judge an entire race in handcuffs, how can we create out of our full potential under the oppression of Whites?

So it's easy to see how most of our feats right here on Earth can be attributed to Alien races. It's easy to make that assessment if we are going to judge Black people in their current condition. And while there is some truth to the alien theory, even some of that "alien" truth is still speaking about us.

There are histories of mixing between reptilian races and Martian races long before the white skinned humanoid was ever a twinkle in the Black Woman's eye. The truth is, those discs are always around, have always been around. There are allot of things on Earth and in earth's air space that we cannot see, because we are not tuned into that frequency. If we took the time to observe the dust particle right in the room we are right now, it shouldn't take you long to realize that these particles sometimes navigate no differently than so-called ufos. Some of these particles are also conscious beings- orbs- ancient knowledge- long forgotten.

When Black people see ufos, sometimes it only helps to confirm some of their spiritual beliefs. When white folks see ufos, it's also a cause of panic, call the news, call the press, call the local radio station because something else is operating outside of this matrix and we need to know what it is. Another truth is that Black people usually have so many social and financial problems that seeing a ufo is not going to change that.

A mother ship could hover in Chicago for 12 minutes right now, and take off. Folks will make a big deal about it for a minute, but it will not do much to change the overall aspect of Black life unless you want to write a book about it, or do a few youtube videos to generate hits to your website. But Whites folks understand this dynamic much better than we do, and know how to profit from it. We usually do not profit from this particular type of phenomenon because it's still taboo in Black culture to speak about this type of truth unless it has something to do with Jesus. White people have been our aliens for well over 500 years now. As we have been theirs.

he purpose of this article is to examine the suggestion that the current wave of UFO activity that began in 1947 with Kenneth Arnolds sighting over the Cascade Mountains was deliberately caused by a series of magickal workings carried out by occultists. Over fifty years later, the UFO wave is still being actively encouraged by certain secret societies intent on using extraterrestrial knowledge to steer the course of human evolution.

The name Aleister Crowley is synonymous with secret societies and occult workings. Revered in occult circles as the master of occult matters his name still evokes vehement horror in the minds of some, who regard him as the anti Christ personified. A master self-publicist and antiestablishmentarian, he adopted the magical number 666 as his own and positively embraced "The Beast" label the largely ignorant British press gave him in response to this.

What has a Hermetic magician and high ranking member of several secret societies (The Freemasons, Golden Dawn, Order of the Silver Star, Thelma and O.T.O) have to do with extraterrestrials, you may ask.

The answer lies in the rather interesting drawing that Crowley made in 1918. It shows an alien intelligence that he came into contact with during a series of invocations called the Amalantrah workings that he carried out in New York over a three month period in 1918. Crowley was in the practice of sketching the beings that he encountered during his evocations to add to the detailed written records that he kept of all his magickal workings.

The Amalantrah working was part of what Crowley termed ‘The Great Work,' the intentional cultivation of spiritual growth. According to Crowley part of the great work involved "the establishment of contact with non-human intelligences" - in other words, beings that were not of this world--or what we would term extraterrestrials.

I remember in one of Bobby Hemmitts lectures he said these discs that white people may be seeing are a projection of consciousness and had something to do with black people's spinning chakras or something like that.

I was reading a Carl Jung book and he was saying something similar, that all that is a projection on what is going on inside of them.


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