Chief Elder Osiris : UFO, ET'S NEED NOT TO BE PROVED

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Divine Essence does Not need to Prove Its Action To That Which It Has Produced, Which Is And Is not, Everything And Nothing, The Divine Reality That Exist Only in The Esoteric Dimension Where Divine Truth and Reality Reside.

    Here is our Problem when it come to the ExtraNatural, the Other Natural, meaning Corporeal Reality beyond this Earth Planet development of what is accepted to be Natural and Real for the inhabitants on this Planet, believing what should be a common and natural accepted by Black People, about what is the Divine truth that is happening beyond this Earth Happening in the realm of our delusional Physical reality and we being incapable of Thinking beyond the sense of illusion when contemplating the action that goes on in the esoteric Dimension, which require a Divine mental approach in order to conceive of such Divine truth and Reality. .

    So, when it come to the very people of whom the Universe should be our familiar laboratory when Profound Reasoning in and about extraterrestrials and their Mode of Travel, yet Black People claiming to be so intellectual inclined have become the most ignorant skeptic of all, about the activity that is in motion beyond this Solar System.

    Nothing claiming to be so intelligent can be so ignorantly arrogant than for a once Divine Black Being, now in the personage of a Human Being, to make such a statement that She / He has to be made to know about what Black People have the ability to already Know about the Universe and Life Beings beyond this Solar System, we have long before coming to this planet earth, was / is a resident in another Galaxy located in another Location of this Divine Vast Physical Universe, and now in our Profane Mind, we have the sense of ignorance to demand proof of what we Black people serve as evidence of what our esoteric ability qualify us to know, but our Human Being exoteric Mind, prevent us from knowing, that Life on this Planet is not the beginning and end all on this Planet, referred to as Earth..

    There is no Black Person that Live on this Planet that is deserving to be made to know that Life as we know it, is not only on this Planet but is beyond this planet, and to make a statement that Black folks have to have such a Divine Reality about life in other location of the Universe, to be Proved to us that Divine Reality, such a request is is absurd coming from Black people, now made to be sense led only Human Being.

    Tell me, why is it that Black People would take such a position as if we carry so much Self Respect, self Knowledge, and influence on this Planet, until it must be proved to us that Life is in other location of this Universe, have we Black People not notice that we have been made to be a Nobody, invisible, making statement of such, as if being somebody of Spiritual Character concerning Life relationship to the Two Universe, when we now have lost that ability ?

    There is evidence all around us that prove and demonstrate that there is Anthropomorphous Movement beyond this Planet, the Black experience alone upon this Planet, prove that our Life did not originate as the Human Being has so conditioned us to believe it did, on this Planet.

    So the Reason why Black People are afraid to delve beyond the Human Being Conscious Level, when dealing with a Universe that only speak on the Subconscious Level of your Divine Mind activity, is because of the low caliber of Mind we now Wear, which does not fit our Soul, Divine Mind, and Body required performance.

    The Universe does not have to prove anything to Black People, all such proving must be done by Black People to the Universe and that task is done by having a Divine Dynamic Relationship with the Universe.

    Universe 101 says, if the Universe is alive then Profound Reasoning says that Life is throughout the Universe, because there is Life in our Solar system and the Universe is in Divine Action, meaning that it does not contradict its Action, just as it has presented Life to this Planet Solar System there are myriads of Solar Systems that has the same respect from the Universe, meaning that there is no greater Empirical evidence that there is Life in the Universe other than on this Planet, because here we are on this Planet, Can You Understand That ?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder