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Feb 22, 2004
I would like to see these two styles matched against Rampage again ....if only to see *exactly* how Rampage has compensated his style since his loss to both in the past. Wanderlei appears to have lost that fighting spirit in his last two fights.

They say when Rampage fought Shogun & Wanderlei, it was very early in his career. I guess since he has been training with Chris and Juanito things are different,I know in his match against Dan Henderson his ground game looked better I would like to see a rematch.

Never saw that match in it's entirety,big contrast in style there. Looks like Shogun uses a classic style where rampage is the new MMA style,again he has been training with his new team,we'll see.


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Aug 11, 2004
Sip what up?!

Yeah I jumped on Alexnders wagon knda quick, I don't know what he was thinking going to the ground with Thiago, who is a Brazilian Jujitsu black belT!

Took your advice man,found me a free 1 week trial at an mma/Muy Thai gym here in the beach!Have not seen Johnson (is he the brother with the blond hair?if so dude is raw) will keep an eye. What do you think of Rashad Evans? How about Kimbo Slice?
What's good Therious bruh ? Alexander's bandwagon was hard not to jump on but when I saw they had matched him with Thiago Silva I was telling folks that his ride was over. Even the James Irvin match went wrong. I hope they bring dude back though, if he starts training seriously in BJJ and Judo or Greco or Sombo he could be a serious contender.

Glad to hear you found a gym bruh. That's what it's all about helping brothers get into this thing man. I'm starting a company selling BJJ kimonos and shorts and at some point getting my own line of gear going man. All this money being made, we gotta get some of it you know. Anthony Johnson ..well this is Anthony Johnson

Rashad in my opinion ain't ready yet at 205 he's a beast and his wrestling is top notch but I just think he really really really don't like getting hit. The fight with Tito showed me that. I do like him though and think he'll make some noise but I'm pushing the horse I been pushing since he was a hvyweight in Japan....Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida man........I don't see any fighter @ 205 touching dude and I've been saying that since he was a heavy.

As for Kimbo, in my honest opinion Kimbo has the tools to get it done but he needs to work on his game, Saturday he was dominated on the ground by a dude that is known to have no ground game. Kimbo has to get it in his head that these ain't some dudes in the backyard no more the top notch MMA guys are real true fighters you know. They would eat him alive man. The good thing though is he realizes this and is working on his game. I just hope he goes to some different guys and works his ground game, gets into some grappling tourneys to get more comfortable on the ground and then gets to a point where he fights every 3 to 4 months, that's what I'd have him do so he gets as much experience on the ground and in the cage as possible.

Man it makes me smile to know you training bruh. I'm trying to get back into it mainly trying to work and work on my business but I hope and pray that in the next month or so to get back into the gym and start working. My daughter and baby boy took 2nd place in their first judo tourny a few months ago so we're working at it man.

Keep in touch man and once I start getting inventory man just holla and I'll get you lined up...... if you want to holla and talk fighting or training or whatever man hit me....

Destee , Destee, Destee......Thank you ma'am for the warm welcome back home.

You know even though I may leave and be gone for a while I'll always come back home....

Mississippi Red

Jan 22, 2001
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Destee , Destee, Destee......Thank you ma'am for the warm welcome back home.

You know even though I may leave and be gone for a while I'll always come back home....

Mississippi Red
Thanks for the confirmation ... it's comforting to know ... :love:


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