Black Spirituality Religion : UBEN-HYENG The Ancestral Summons - Philly, 12/7/13

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    Mikyia mo (Greetings),

    We will be giving a presentation on December 7th in Philadelphia based on our publication: UBEN-HYENG The Ancestral Summons:


    Download the free pdf version of the nhoma (book) from our webpage:

    UBEN-HYENG addresses:

    Origin and function of Our Spiritual Inheritance · Origin and purpose of: Libation · Ancestral and Deity worship · Ancestral and Deity possession · Ritual prayer · Ritual meditation · Ritual song and dance · Nature worship · Talismans and amulets · Ritual procreative activity · Oracular divination

    Nature and function of Idols · Necessity of making offerings · Origin and purpose of shrines · Necessity for Ancestral communication · Nature and function of the Goddesses and Gods · Nature and function of Ancestral names and Ancestral languages · Origin and purpose of immortality · Nature and function of cycles · Nature and function of Self-defense · Origin and purpose for sacrifice · Liberation and Ancestral religion · Law

    See our event flyer for details:

    While the pdf version of the publication is free, we do accept akyede (contributions) in order for us to continue to provide free workshops and distribute free copies of the soft-cover version of our publications at our events and to individuals whenever we can. See the UBEN-HYENG page to make akyede (contribution) towards our efforts..

    Yeda ase (we thank you) for your support..