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Jan 14, 2005
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Enejoh, said We are not as slow or dumb as your limited insight implies.

I do not just copy and paste infos to show my intelligence, if you know Ourstory you will also know that from prehistory to this present moment of internet and the print media the invaders tools for misinfomation, we as Black people have never given up fighting to be free. [/quote] Where and when have my posts EVER made any disparaging remarks/comments about people of African ethnicity in general as opposed to being consistently critical of our so obviously dysfunctional/inept Boulé [have you read Steven Cokely’s exposé of these CLOWNS] dominated socio-economic elite?

Isn't the big give away the way he's completely ignored the specifically factual breakdown in my post of the so all pervasive ongoing onslaught on US by these so particularly despicable PARASITES by not addressing a single assertion or question as opposed to throwing insults?

Why is my “limited insight” or “intelligence” relevant to my effort to utilize this medium/forum to project and promote our TRUE HISTORY [as unearthed by our own historians like John Henrik Clark, Dr Ivan van Sertima, Anthony T Browder etc], make it general knowledge in our communities and countries, or would you like our people to continue to ingest and digest the so dated White Supremacist Racist GARBAGE we’re still allowing them to be poisoned with by the status quo?

You are a moslem fanatic if not tell me mr know it all, what good has your mullahs done in the bastardization of Africans? When did Muamar Gaddafi become a mullah as opposed to the only Arab leader on the historical record who has EVER done anything beneficial for Africa and Africans?

Naming Sheroes Heroes dont make you a good student of history. What is the positive impact of your blind arabs in Afreeca? I give up, are YOU going to tell us, were you previously aware of the fact that the name of Pharaoh who had the great pyramid at Giza built is Khufu, or that his son Djedefrah had the Sphinx sculpted with Khufu’s face to honour him in the afterlife [are these the “blind arabs” I’m allegedly projecting and promoting]?

Dr. Phil Valentine comments on the "ancient" roots of Islam
If you have any guts listen to how blind yo are. In your opinion, but if you PALEFACES don’t come on here correct [or not at all] as opposed to projecting very easily factually and intellectually challenged GARBAGE, don’t be surprised at my foot kicking your arse as repetitively {like this] as a good drummer, wouldn’t you be FUNNY if you weren’t so pathetically SAD?

Occult Teacher Phil Valentine exposes Dogmatic Religions! 1/6
Go on with you limited wasting my time on you. Which explains me addressing all of your assertions and answering ALL of your questions in stark contrast to your only mode being headlong flight from REALITY/my assertions and questions, how exactly?

Isn't ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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