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Aug 24, 2012
Sankara was indeed a revolutionary, but one who made the same mistake as many who embrace Marxism, then resort to authoritarian measures such as banning labor unions and the free press, which are diametrically opposite socialist or Marxist ideology.

No successful revolution in Africa today or tomorrow will come through coup d'état itust come as result of the will of the masses from the bottom up not the top down.
You simply do not know Thomas Sankara or just trying to start another are a good research fellow, dont be limited to your european mindset on this issue, go back to your research.


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Aug 24, 2012
Gaddafi saw himself as a true African KING, that is both leader and SERVANT of his people, and are YOU unaware of the $300 million he put towards the $400 million that gave Africa its own sattelite as opposed to paying the PALEFACE PARASITES over $500 million annually to use theirs [calls to and from Africa had been the most expensive in the World]?

Aren’t Mosques comparatively minor in comparison to the Sharia law favoured by the so perverted Muslim NUTCASES of Benghazi who the West protected and utilized as a vehicle for executing Gaddafi, his regime and Afrocentric agenda?

We people of African ethnicity in general, Men of African ethnicity in particular [Africa and the Diaspora which includes the USA] are at fault, aren't WE, in that collectively we have consistently failed [especially over the last 500 years] collectively to organize ourselves intelligently to protect our families, communities and countries; including losing control of Africa, the wealthiest continent on Earth?

Our ongoing failure to organize ourselves intelligently in this blatantly hostile environment is the exact problem the UHURU movement and other Pan African organisations are attempting to address which is why we're constantly being besieged by a diverse array of PALEFACE TROLLS and BLACK TRAITORS, even here in cyberspace, aren't WE?

NOW can you relate to why the more easily spiritually, factually and intellectually challenged of our women don't respect us; illustrating that they don't respect themselves as we cannot make real progress without being together, in that we are STILL mammals, and don't female mammals ALWAYS look to mate and create their families with the best PROVIDERS?

However the chaos in our Countries in Africa and our communities in the USA, Brazil and the rest of the Diaspora shows that we are still making serious mistakes, the worst of which is not being collectively focused on building up our own socio-economic networks and infrastructure, which is what everyone else does as standard, isn't it?

Until we use an updated Afro-centric History curriculum to de-pollute our collective knowledge base aren't we very very likely to remain totally socio-economically dysfunctional from top to bottom; due to our Boulé dominated socio-economic elite [have YOU read Steven Cokely's exposé of these CLOWNS] being even more genuinely CLUELESS/LOST than the lower echelons who are usually just AUTOMATONS in any case?

When WE don't program ANY/ALL of our people to consciously acknowledge our African ethnicity [as opposed to alleged Blackness/how BLACK is Halle or Barack] as a blessing as opposed to a curse; aren't we extremely unlikely to even begin to fulfil our main responsibility; to deduce and construct the socio-economic vehicles that will allow us to collectively advance and compete with the rest of Humanity in the 21st century?

Shouldn't ALL of OUR school's in general, especially the traditionally Black Schools in the USA the rest of the Diaspora and Africa in particular be teaching our own truthfully updated History Curriculum highlighting our so diverse but efficiently marginalized contributions to Civilization; thus reprogramming the minds of the people of African ethnicity with our TRUE history [as unearthed by our own historians] as a truly superlative therapy for the trauma of the ongoing African HOLOCAUST, for which both an apology and reparations are STILL missing, aren't THEY?

Aren't WE in the main lost, leaderless and confused, a state the PALEFACE TROLLS this site is afflicted with are very very desperately trying to maintain, whereas wouldn’t anyone of African ethnicity spouting the garbage they so consistently spout be disrespecting our so brutally enslaved ancestors and their tortured, mutilated and murdered siblings, or have to be a brain dead AUTOMATON?

Isn't an Afro-centric History Curriculum strategically vital in Africa in general, in the already industrialized South Africa in particular, or won’t their children's knowledge base continue to be as polluted as Ours, could YOU name 10 African monarchs [I still struggle whereas I could name 30 European monarchs easily]?

Wouldn't you agree that the TRUTH is that we peoples of African ethnicity in the USA , the rest of the Diaspora and Africa are all frontline soldiers in a War that has NEVER EVER been openly declared then or now by THESE despicably cowardly Semetic/White PARASITES, just very very efficiently waged/they JUST DO IT?

Nubia/Khemet/Egypt battled and resisted the Semitic hordes for millennia but from the moment Alexander the Macedonian peasant overran Khemet we've been losing this WAR, with the situation becoming a rout when Augustus [Julius Caesar's nephew, heir and history's greatest VANDAL] deliberately destroyed Khemet's most spectacular Pyramid at Abu Rawash, which you've never heard of, have YOU?

This so deliberate piece of cultural vandalism was done to DELETE DJEDEFRAH from history as this African Pharaoh is now acknowledged as the builder of the Sphinx which honours his father Khufu [who built the Great Pyramid at Giza]; and as exemplified by the murderous carnage in Darfur and the Congo TODAY and the inane stupidity of the way those so treacherous CLOWNS Goodluck and Zuma allowed Africa’s greatest ever Arab benefactor Muamar Gaddafi and his regime to be slaughtered by NATO in 2011, we're still in BIG trouble/losing this WAR, aren't WE?

Wishing this WAR away hasn't worked for the African collective in the USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa for the last 500 years because Slavery and Colonialism didn't so much end as evolve into the current reality of White/European socio-economic domination in every area of human activity so why are WE expecting the chaos in our communities and countries to improve in the near future?

Are you denying that the main reason we're still the "VICTIMS" as highlighted by the ongoing HOLOCAUST of the last 500 years the FACT that we have not organized our communities and countries with intelligence and foresight comparable to the other ethnic clans, with most of our so inept leaders not even acknowledging that this WAR is on?

What chance do we stand when our Boulé dominated socio-economic elite [they're 106 years old this year, have you read Steven Cokely's exposé of these CLOWNS] in the USA are completely under the control of our enemies of over 500 years now?

Wouldn't you concede that in a World dominated by intelligently led collectives any group not organized with comparable intelligence is a "Victim in Waiting" who wont have to wait long; and as highlighted by the GRIEF in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan which will be extended as soon as possible to Iran; even when you do there is no guarantee you wont be BULLIED [especially if you're in possession and total control of massive mineral wealth]?

Why haven't the USA and the West punished China's annexation of Tibet in the 60's like they did Sadamm's of Kuwait? The answer is simple isn’t it, they cannot bully an industrialized nuclear armed country with a 3 million man army that could be boosted by conscripts to 10 million with minimal effort?

Even more bizarre is our acceptance as people of African ethnicity of the current status quo or are you truly unaware of the fact that ALL over the World including Africa Europeans still LEGALLY own allegedly; all the land and resources they acquired during the looting, pillaging, RAPE of this planet in general, of OUR continent in particular that Colonialism and Apartheid sanctioned as the norm [in fact aren’t THEY making the same play again with their WAR ON TERROR] as opposed to the longest list of unacknowledged unpunished Human Rights violations/CRIMES in human history?

Isn't ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
We are not as slow or dumb as your limited insight implies.
I do not just copy and paste infos to show my intelligence, if you know Ourstory you will also know that from prehistory to this present moment of internet and the print media the invaders tools for misinfomation, we as Black people have never given up fighting to be free.

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Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
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You simply do not know Thomas Sankara or just trying to start another are a good research fellow, dont be limited to your european mindset on this issue, go back to your research.

I do not believe that ALL Afrikan People exist in a state of being dominated by yt people.

If that is indicative of possessing a Eyropean mindset, so be it.

I find it more empowering than having a victimized, slave mentality.

Africans on the continent are no longer dominated by yt people, but are subjected to their own repressive governmental structures and ruling classes.

It is easy for Africans to come to sites like this criticizing those of us born in the Diaspora, and the arrogance many display give substance to beliefs of many who don't want any thing to those of you criticizing us as if you are somehow intellectually superior, yet the main reason for your political status is your own political and cultural backwardness.


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Nov 2, 2009
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They destroyed the infrastructure in Libya and bombed Libya 'back to the stone age'. Guess we will just have to wait and see.
Replacing governments and rebuilding infrastructures is big business.. so the wait will be a profitable one for some. Let's see who gets the contracts.


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Jan 14, 2005
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Enejoh said: You may go on with and continue to swim in your ignorance.....i do not think, smell, feel or see things in english eventhough i write, sing and speak the beasts language like i am doing in this reply.
From your manipulative, corrupt mind comes nothing but nonsense...pure white christian nonsense. REALLY, please be specific as to where I’ve even mentioned Christianity in the post above that you’re in headlong flight from [is the problem the fact that you’re functionally illiterate] or is there another reason you haven’t addressed a single assertion or question from my post?
Whoever you are eye can see how ****** up you are....this is not a Black Man with the knowledge of his great past but a confused mind out to cause nothing but trouble, the very result our miseducation in schools and churches was meant to achieve. Are YOU one of those people who can have a fight even when you’re the only person in the room, or did you miss my post’s focus on US using an African centred curriculum [is this medium too technical for YOU]?
It is true we are not united and so unable to control and exploit our own resources for our own good, the 5000 years of invasion, wars, colonizations and the resultant disunity and self hatred taugh in the churches and mosques where the majority of the politicians, business women and men handling African affairs got their indoctrination and conditioning from were left here not by your "intelligently led collective" i call them thieves, dishonest men, hungry nomads, bloody idiots, hypocrits, i know them not just by their true names but also by their half-baked ideas. AND, what are YOU actually projecting and promoting as opposed to expelling a similar amount of hot air to them [what can YOU tell US about the GAP community of Tulsa circa 1920]?
I came here not to trade insults but you are not whom you claim to be, if you are for real, i see no reason WHY your fight is not against the enemy but your own people? Where have I insulted YOU or anyone or thing other than the more obvious TRAITORS in our so consistently inept socio-economic leadership whereas as opposed to discussing/debating aren’t you the one drawing the “ignorance” card, as my tag really is too profound for YOU, isn’t it?
No fear and your kind dont bother me too much. Maybe, but wouldn’t we both be happier if you were even 50% as intelligent/intellectually agile as you think you are?
Continue to copy and paste your mis-informations, if i have time, i will reply to di likkle senses some of your babylonian vibes convey.
SHINE YOUR IGNORANCE man shine it.... If you’re not one of the more genuinely lost and confused Colured, Negro, Black as opposed to fully conscious African folk, you’re yet another PALEFACE CURTROLL/BATTERING RAM dreaming of being arch enough to fool conscious African people/causing arguments/disruption to our attempt to rationally debate/discuss our so diverse range of problems, aren’t YOU [dream on]?

Isn't ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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