Black People : U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
    The U.S., now number one in oil and gas, is preparing to destroy Russia’s economy.
    “Washington will move to crush, or at least seriously disrupt, Russia under its ‘sanctions
    as war by other means’ machine, by targeting its energy exports, while simultaneously
    boosting the foreign markets for U.S. natural gas.”

    The massive – and desperate – American offensive against world order is entering a
    new phase, as the U.S. prepares to resume its historical status as global energy
    superpower. The Obama administration’s brazen implantation of a rabidly anti-
    Russian, fascist-led regime in Ukraine places U.S. proxies astride pipelines that carry
    much of Siberia’s gas to Europe and beyond. Seventy-six percent of Russia’s

    natural gas exports are bound for Europe, the bulk of it to Germany, Italy, France and the
    United Kingdom. Russia’s weight in the world is largely derived, not from its
    economically burdensome nuclear arsenal, but as an energy giant. The U.S.-engineered
    coup in Kiev sets the stage for a protracted assault on Russia’s energy trade, which
    accounts for more than half of Moscow’s federal expenditures. Without its huge oil and
    gas exports, Russia deflates like a leaky dirigible.

    Even the Americans were not so stupid as to believe that their neo-Nazi friends in Kiev
    could somehow pry Russia from its naval base in Crimea. Such was never the plan.
    Rather, Moscow’s response to the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government was
    predictable, as was that of the Russian-speaking Crimean majority. Washington’s
    strategy is to permanently ratchet up tensions to “new cold war” levels to justify
    sanctions against Russian energy exports while exploiting America’s own natural gas
    “surplus” as an enhanced weapon of global hegemony.

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