Black People : U.S. people defy Bush

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    The Revolution continues... all peoples united with Cuba.

    La Revolución continua... todos unidos con Cuba.

    U.S. people defy Bush

    Solidarity Brigades arrive in Cuba​

    The arrival of the Venceremos Brigade is a brave act on the part of its members; the brigade was founded in 1970 in the United States, and is composed of 81 people, affirmed Sergio Corrieri, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with The Peoples (ICAP).

    The current visit is like an act of defiance by the brigadistas, who believe that they have a constitutional right to travel to this country without having to request a special permit as stipulated by the recent regulations, he stated.

    "This attitude contradicts the measures dictated by the U.S. government against Cuba and continues to be a brave act of solidarity with our country, but also one of joy and dignity for themselves, given that they are maintaining their principles and their defense of the right to travel without special permission," Corrieri commented.

    The brigade members arrived on July 5 in Santiago de Cuba from Canada, together with an African-American organization that continued on to Havana.

    These brigadistas are an advance contingent of the Friendship Caravan headed by the Pastors for Peace, whose anticipated arrival on July 8 was expected to include 135 people from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany and Denmark.

    According to Corrieri, this trip by the Venceremos Brigade is full of significance, not only for being among the longest-established Cuban solidarity groups, but also for being those who opened that road 35 years ago.

    These are the first groups of people from the United States to have arrived in Cuba after Washington decreed new measures against the island that restrict trips by U.S. citizens to this country.

    Democratic freedom comes from the people, not racist warheads & corporations !
    Support our natural right to Latino self-governance & sovreignity
    free from U.S. interference. America is much more than just 50 states
    & much more diverse than U.S. racist ideologies will ever allow.
    Latinoamerica... forever free.

    ¡ La libertad democratica surge del pueblo, no lideres racistas y corporaciones !
    Apoya nuestros derechos naturales hacia una soberania Latinoamericana
    libre del entrometimiento de los Estados Unidos. America es mucho mas que 50 estados
    con mas diversidad de que sus ideologías racistas permitirán.
    Latinoamerica... siempre libre.