Black Money Business Jobs : U.S. Economy Collapse: What You Should Know in Case of US Economic Collapse

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    If the economy collapses, there won't even be food in the grocery store. Photo: andiepantz/Getty Images

    What Is a U.S. Economy Collapse?

    A U.S. economic collapse is when when the economy no longer functions to provide the daily necessities. Any of the following scenarios could create an economic collapse. First, if the
    U.S. dollar rapidly loses value it would create hyperinflation. Second, a bank run could force banks to close or even go out of business, cutting off lending and even cash withdrawals.

    Third, the internet could become paralyzed with a super-virus, preventing emails and online transactions. Fourth, interstate trucking stops, thanks to parallel terrorist attacks or a massive oil embargo, and grocery stores would run out of food. In the worst case, the U.S. economy collapses due to widespread violence, like the Watts riots in the 60s, the
    Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt, or even a civil war.

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