Pan Africanism : U.S. Coerces Brazilians Out of Their Blood

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    U.S. Coerces Yanomami People of Brazil Out of Their Blood

    The tribe accuses Napoleon Chagnon and James Neel, two US scientists who worked with Indians from the 1960's until the mid 1990's, of taking their blood without obtaining proper permission. "The anthropologists took advantage of us, because we did not know how to defend ourselves, or how to deny them from taking our blood," Davi Kopenawa, a Yanomami leader who had blood taken from him when he was a child, told Al Jazeera. "They did not explain what was the purpose of the blood samples they were taking. What was our blood going to be used for, by the white man? Were they going to drink it? "Or are they going to use it to experiment with other men, to make them Yanomami?" One accusation that still reverberates today, is that Chagnon coerced the Yanomami into giving up blood samples by bribing them with gifts, including weapons such as machetes they would later use in conflicts among themselves.

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