Brother AACOOLDRE : Two Venus's Two Emperors: Light vs dark

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    By Andre Austin

    In my other essay I proved there were two “Jesus Christ” one born of a Virgin and one of a seed which were Titus for the former and Domitian for the later.

    Venus was born in the foam of the sea with a male whose phallus was castrated and thrown in the sea too. This was linked with a Matthew 1:23 and the letter of Jude “Autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted…they are wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame; wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved for” Jude 12-13.

    We know that the penis was symbolic of a tree and a dry tree having no fruit one if you were a eunuch (see Isaiah 56:3)

    Venus had two other names in relations to the sun and moon:

    1. Lucifer (Morning Star) bring on the light of the sun. Having Roots (Domitian)

    2. Vesper relating to darkness and the moon uprooted (Titus) The Senate called Titus a Son of a God (Vesper/Vespasian a distant pun from his father)

    Now if you claim you’re a virgin then you have no roots in a family tree symbolically. Like it is mentioned in Ephesians 5:11: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose the…for it is shameful…exposed by the light”. This was another veiled reference to Titus as the frog caught naked with a naked boy in Mark 14:51 & Revelations 16:13-15). And in the Egyptian religion Frog-gods were seen with nude boys.

    Domitian in contrast claims “Iam the root and offspring of David, and the bright morning star (Lucifer)” (Rev 22:16) which is different from the Dark star which is exposed by Domitian so-called Light.


    In ancient times Eunuchs were synomous with inverts (homosexuals) according to Suetonius: “One day at the theatre an actor came on the stage representing a eunuch priest of Cybele, mother of the gods and another actor exclaimed: ‘look how this invert’s finger beats the drum” see suteonius biography of Augustus. Along with the phallus obsession came castration , popular in the widespread cult of Cybele especially during Pauls time and given the green light by Jesus (Matthew 19:12) and Paul Galatians. Domitian hated it because his brother Titus made many people eunuchs during his time as General/Emperor. Bernice, the same person mentioned in Acts 25 & 26 said she was going to break off her affair with Titus if he didn’t cut off his relationships with the eunuchs and inverts see Suteonius biography of Titus. It’s in this context Domitian wanted to expose this sexualy corrupt frog and shine the light on this dark star and shame Titus who unfortunately was a parody of Jesus ministry was Titus war campaign and historical bases for the so-called “Son of Man”=a well born person with messianic leadership.