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    Sex on a Sunday is something to settle into
    Has me salivating as if I’ve seen something savory on a menu
    Sensuous and satisfying, wanting it to perpetually continue
    In subtle sensual surroundings lending itself to be ‘our’ sexual venue
    With light just bright enough to set the mood for ‘sexy-nasty’ things
    And all that comes along with what ‘sexy-nasty’ brings
    From the peeling off of the garments, to the nakedness at long last
    To me planting kisses down her spine … to the kissing of her ***
    From me tongue swirling her navel and then claiming it mine
    Going further down planting kisses on her bikini line
    To the ‘land down under’ and other various areas of undress
    My tongue finds its way to the top of her ***** and performs a ****oral press
    Peeling back the sheath that housed clitoral glory, as no mistake
    Pressing the rough side of my tongue to her naked nanny … she hissed like a snake
    And gripped both of my arms with both of her hands
    Her body slithered as does the body of a cobra on hot sand

    Instant sensations pulsed from her mid-section
    With the shock of sheer ecstasy pulsing every square inch of her complexion
    Awakening dormant pleasures causing her pelvis to rise
    Shuddering from the tongue play that I put down … to her surprise
    Forcing her ***** into my face as I nibbled on her ****
    Alternating between tongue swirls and nibbling on her ‘lil' bit’
    Creating a frenzy that had her moaning without dishonor or shame
    Events converged to the point where she shamelessly screamed my name
    Fettered by a mutual grasp as I made a meal of her, down below
    Under the influence of cunnilingus, neither of us would let go
    Crouched in between her thighs and my face smeared with her wetness
    Knocking on the door of orgasm, her pelvic surges were relentless
    Eventually she came, slamming her excited ***** into my face
    Deliberately feeding me her cuntal cuisine at an intermittent, varying pace
    Begging me not to stop until her coochie stopped pulsing, in total sum
    Yearning to continue the passion until her ***** stopped it’s cum

    Sex on a Sunday sanctions certain sensitivities
    Serenading serious sensual seductions and taking certain liberties
    Freedoms to proclivities set squarely on sensual effects
    Which culminates in said certain ‘some ones’ having sex
    After a time of being fed a steady diet of vagina
    And being smacked in the face by a ***** hotter than the summertime Carolinas
    With my face stained by he nectar of her ‘feminine vanity’
    I maneuvered to insert myself into the self same cavity
    Penetration on the down-stroke, the feeling was undeniable
    With a feeling that’s beyond words … it was indescribable
    Compelled by urges that propelled me to **** with no faults
    To move through her like an easy breeze, effortlessly and without thought
    It’s almost an out of body experience the way this episode unfolds
    Equally amazing is the power that her ‘nani’ holds -
    To keep me distracted in the most pleasurable way
    Which kept me attracted to her so, in manners that I just won’t say

    Events that we were involved in inched us closer to satisfaction
    Moving in a dance of sorts, I felt her states of relaxation and contraction
    Mounted and moored in a dynamic portrait of sexuality
    Attracted to each other like masses drawn to earth by gravity
    Simply suctioning was her ***** as I moved in and out of her
    Stirring physicality and emotion as from her lips I heard an outer purr
    Tensing and relaxing vaginal muscles, actions that increased in frequency
    Easily pushing her to the edge of orgasm, adding to sexual eccentricity
    Augmented bouts of passion had us paired like hand in glove
    Murmurings from her lips uttered “****, I think I’m in love”
    Yearning to nut in wetness as our flesh constantly merged
    Providing the perfect moment for our climaxes to simultaneously converge
    Ultimately we came, and afterwards we were spent
    Slowing the rhythm after experiencing something that felt so ‘heaven sent’
    So spent were we that we fell into a slumber, embraced in the space of a friend
    Yearning to perpetuate this moment, this second Sunday came to an end

    Sex on a Sunday sequesters simple action
    Slurping, swallowing, sipping, sucking and ******* to satisfaction
    Surrendering to select sexual ‘sanities’ to which we both concede
    With a caption that reads “satisfaction guaranteed”
    Second session on a fourth Sunday in this month of March
    Has my ‘stylus’ stiff as a pair of pants saturated in starch
    Anxious and antsy to be in between eager thighs
    Yearning to hear those ecstatic moans, groans and cries
    I peeled off her clothing like a piece of fruit, once again
    Exposing a naked damsel to the surroundings of our den
    With potential ecstasy transforming into kinetic passions to expend
    Coming together to **** each other ... and for time lost, make amends
    She sits on the bed and gaps her legs … and I know just what to do
    Kissing the lips of her twat with an excitement, brand new
    As I pressed my tongue to her ****oris with a firm tongue twirl
    The feeling gets good to her, because I felt her hips swivel and swirl

    I placed the tip of my tongue on her ****, mashing it to her frame
    Winding it around as she ground my face with her ‘face with no name’
    Acting on the stimulus of cunniligual activation
    Setting off a whirl of feelings … in saturation
    ******* my face again as I was pleasuring her ‘bod’
    Again screaming in exclaim, “Oh God, Oh God!”
    Crashing into my face was the ***** of a sexual damsel in distress
    Ever hungry for more cunnilingual liberation and a stern tongue press
    Feeling the finer parts of a vagina that was starved for attention
    Undeniably yearning for the acts of which have been made mention
    Convulsing courageously, bucking like a wild horse
    Keeping up an excited din of sighs and hissing, ******* up my top lip, of course
    Edged on by a tongue that flickered like a snake
    Drowning me in her juices as she came for orgasms sake
    Brushing my face with her ejaculate as her ***** pulsed proudly
    Yammering in her orgasmic language for a time, screaming my name loudly

    Sex on a Sunday is sweet and simply bliss
    Guilty pleasures measured with a ‘certain’ sinfulness
    In spun finesse, unrepressed are passions sought in singular passions tense
    Serving sentence for un-repentance of celebrated celibacy and abstinence
    Stiff as a broomstick and primed for the inevitable
    Excited by the foreplay of a ***** made edible
    Which punished my face and made a heartbeat skip
    When the coochie slammed into my mouth and fattened my lip
    I stuffed her vaginal cavity with my digit of desire
    And like electricity being carried by wire -
    A feeling pulsed through my entire body as I penetrated her place
    At that moment, I spied an urgent look on her face
    She was about to cum … her converging urges are to arrive
    Feeling adjustments in her rhythm, I put it in overdrive
    Pumping and pulsing in and out of her while she hung on my neck like a necklace
    ******* until I feel her body shudder and I felt cuntal wetness

    Emanating from her pubic mounds was an orgasmic lubrication -
    Making for an amazing discourse of intercourse with a wet sensation
    Matching moments with mutual masturbative interaction
    Aching to make her make water and wet our space in satisfaction
    Sure to start fires of sorts in short with urges made manifest
    Stretched to stressed limits, inhibited mannerisms pleads no contest -
    To the temperaments of a sexual cascade that bombard in a barrage
    Escapades of euphoric moments etched in my mind as a private collage
    Alternating between up and down strokes provoked her to a strange envy
    Muttering in a contemptible babble “Keep your **** in me!”
    Yielding to a command that I was only to happy to comply with
    Pounding her ***** with only my wits to fly with
    Unsung but yet sprung on the events of the hour
    Sanctioning a continuance of the actions from which neither of us would cower
    Shedding all shame as we spent ourselves to fatigue
    Yawning to slumber after extending ourselves out of our league

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2009
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    wow hot splash and i notice a lot of astrict out words whewwwwww
    maybe too many love to see it tone down a bit this joint was fireeeee!!!
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    I have always thought it to be funny, that conversations of being naturally naked, and sex are topics many will not converse about.
    Poet I like your openness about an issue that many do openly, yet secretly.
    I"m an individual that prefer the lights on, as I am being carried through a quiet storm.
    Keep, keeping it real poet, after all, sex is nothing new!
    It's also obvious that you are a pleaser, that's a good quality for anyone who indulges in the act to have.
    Since I am currently practicing abstinence, your poem brought extra to my imagination. :)
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    Lataisha Nichole ... with regard to bringing more to the imagination, I aim to please :em0100:

    Thanx for the read.