Black Poetry : Two Pencils Clacking + Knuckles on One Fist Bangs Beat

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    Check many seconds it takes to get from one acre to another repeatedly back to back for life at the speed of might? My definition is multifacet producing enough classified class of its sol so of course its on may is moth-rite i love my kinfolk. no matter? find out citrus has flesh sweeter than mind...she is different of clay cause i molded her today as tomorrow be longer i run faster relay though all by myself an intellectual stealth...composer of wealth plus snake of death i got eyes in my back it's about four o'clock exactly i can either bloom or web my zig zag oh what a beautiful weave of mishaps as the sunshine beams out from underneath all clouds then again between all doubts..saw you peek-a-boo leap over the mountains of steep at high afternoon sunset lips kiss of two it was twin illusion from the moon with two pencils clacking plus knuckles on one fist bangs beat hear this out as the beat bop echo seeps....

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