Black Spirituality Religion : Two deceases in spirituality

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    Two deceases in spirituality

    Greedy selfishness is first decease, – egoistic jealousy is the second.
    First is due to your family bonds, – second is towards co-human form.
    First is cured by training yourself – in sacrificing practically in temples.
    Of course, your sacrifice goes to priest, - let it be, do not worry on it.
    You are learning practical sacrifice – coming out of your family circle.
    Here the second decease is also – expected to get cure gradually,
    Because you are serving statues – having human form only.
    Your repulsion to human form – gets decreased slowly in doing
    Service to the statues of human form, - when you are cured fully
    From both the deceases, you are – now eligible for Jnana Yoga.

    Rituals in temples purify your mind, – Shankara says this.
    Jnana Yoga means identifying Satguru, - the human form of God.
    Then, devotion to Him and then – service to Him gets eternal fruit.
    If you are identifying the purpose – in your temple rituals,
    You will reach the goal, one-day or other – tradition expects this.
    But without knowing the purpose, - if you simply go on like bull,
    Priests exploit you, – Veda says that such a fool is only
    The animal-vehicle of angels, - the ignorance stamped by divinity.
    Gita says that rituals must be done – after knowing their purpose.
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    There are many ways for ones spirituality to die, and only One Way for it to live.

    The many ways come from the sins of this world taking it's toll, and one giving into the temptations. However, the one Way for it to live is in the faith of the Son who sacrificed His body for our sins, and belief in His resurrection from the dead, that we all might have life in the Father and the Son.