Black Spirituality Religion : Twisted European His Story

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    Like HIS-story, the white man's Christianity is False Spirituality!

    * The Christian Madonna is copied from the Egyptian Madonna. Worshiped
    in Egypt & Rome, Black Isis & Horus her son was the model for the worship
    of the Madonna & Christ. Millions of whites worship the Black Madonna &
    Christ, found in Europe's most venerated shrines (formerly the sites of
    temples of Isis). Titles such as Our Lady, The Great Mother, are the
    same titles attributed to Isis. The word "Madonna" itself is from the
    mater domina, a title used for Isis!

    * The word Christ is from Krishna (Christna). Krishna was a great avatar
    (savior) in India 3000 years before Jesus. The name of the historical
    man was Jehoshua (or Jeshua), not Jesus.

    * Jesus, the Panther? An original name for Jesus was "Jehoshau Ben
    Pandira" which means "Jesus, son of the Panther!" (Blavatsky: The Secret
    Doctrine) Even the Bible refers to him as "the Lion of the tribe of
    Juda." (Rv. 5:5) Jesus in fact, was a "Black nationalist freedom
    fighter.. whose goals were to free the Black people of that day from the
    oppressive ... white Roman power structure and to build a Black nation."