Black People Politics : TV Producer Sends "Threat Letter" to Barack Obama

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    TV Producer Sends "Threat Letter" to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

    Last Week Nine Priority Mail Packages Arrived at Senator Barack Obama's and Senator Hillary Clinton's Senate Offices and Presidential Campaign Headquarters, Which Included a Blood Red Inked Cover Letter Entitled, "The Threat Letter to Obama and Clinton." But in Fact it was not a Death Threat; it was a call to Action About Racism Between Latinos, Whites and Blacks in America. --
    While numerous websites have recently engaged in Presidential Debates and only the larger sites received credit, a Black Political Activist / TV Producer in Southwest Florida utilized simple technology to send a message directly to two powerful democrats, in one of the most controversial letters sent to a Presidential Candidate in American history.
    Appearing like a death threat in the U.S Postal System, "The Threat Letter," as Steven Jennings named it, is a public challenge to see if either Obama or Clinton will respond. Jennings said, "The Candidates are on YouTube, but what about the people who don't have the ability to upload a video, I am speaking for them. Whoever answers my letter is showing the world that one letter sent to the Senator can make a difference. Hopefully my catchy title caught someone's eye in The Senator's office, if even out of suspicion. If so, then I accomplished my goal to be a voice for many people who are silent." Jennings continued, "By the way, do the Senators still read our letters?"
    The letter Jennings mailed out to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton covered various topics regarding racism in America and specifically in Southwest Florida, where Jennings claimed institutionalized racism still flourished. Jennings described relations between Blacks and Whites, as well as unchecked racism between Latinos and Blacks. He proposed the use of empirical research to implement educational programs in various regions of the United States in an effort to eradicate racism. In a recent interview, Jennings went on to discuss what he described as a racially biased Naturalization Test, which proved the U.S is not concerned with positive Latin and Black race relations.
    Questions 60, 74, 75, 76, 84, 85 and 100 are the only questions which pertain to Black people on that entire exam and they sequentially tell a grim story of slavery with no mention of important African American history. Even when Martin Luther King is briefly mentioned, he is a passing vapor and the terms "Black People" and "African American" are not used once. What type of message are we trying not to send to immigrants taking the Naturalization exam? If I read these questions and knew nothing else about African American History, I would think Black People were nothing more than ex-slaves. The test doesn't even distinguish that Martin Luther King was Black. This contributes to a prejudiced feeling of disrespect toward African Americans," said Jennings.
    He continued, "I hope Obama and Clinton don't run from my letter, in order to avoid addressing controversial issues. I also hope they read their mail, because if not, what's the point of having a mailing address. I respect both of them and really wrote the letter to get their attention. They seem so untouchable at this point in the campaign."
    Jennings's comments and his "Threat Letter" couldn't have come at a more controversial time for Southwest Florida, with the Democratic Primary Election in Florida under threat of disenfranchising Florida's minority voters, Black men dying while in Police Custody in South Florida and several recent suspicious deaths while black men where being pursued by the Police in Southwest Florida.
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