Black Poetry : Turning up the flames

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    Turning up the flames

    Groove holy and move slowly but go faster when I flow
    Disaster , try master rap and plaster crap on walls that glow
    My thunder rhymes undermines other cats plans my stats stand
    In their way, can’t duck my blend and get sucked in as a fan
    Got clusters of rhyme that take over buster’s minds and grow
    Hairy leaves on trees pure sick and corrupt with a cure for toe
    Jam and hiccups, type for hours scripts bloom like white flowers
    Hype powers keyboards and mousse clicks my house a sick towers
    Renowned and lonely this is founded only in my brain, rain showers
    Can’t wash away the filth or the guilt that has built up for years
    My spinal rage in its final stage as my vinyl age on my sofa from tears
    In the streets at dark the heat from my heart easily catching fire
    Dispatching desires of wanting to live, brain latching usally require
    Thinking, lot of fleas among us causing species of fungus they bite
    My rhymes these scrubs love to suck blood from my verses at night
    Some bad **** need to talk to Brad Pitt Interview With a Vampire
    This juice is domination a loose combination of flavor and campfire
    Search for a Bently just to touch gently as my car and go rigorous
    And vigorous at full speed that proceed the speed limit ridiculous
    Wearing the worse bling can reverse thing the girls get suspicious
    These rhyme may have a fake taste with great haste I wrote this
    My quotes brisk like lipton tea, may have fell down hill at risk
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    let da fire begin .....tyte drop man !