OldSoul : Turn the World upside down! - class of 9 Sept

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    I struck out! My "great leap" turned into a stumble in no time.. hehehe - well, not quite.. but I wanted to share this with you- its about the global map taught in SA.

    just a quick recap - my daughter (16 now) born & raised SA - moved to NL 2001 - returned 2006. Racial issues had her return (who subjects their children willingly to racism?) - racial issues had me stay (and find out what the heck?? haha)

    anyway.. I'm talking to her today, and bring up the topic of the upside down map.. and she cut me off.. (and I paraphrase) :

    me: "hey - I want to tell you about this "upside down map" thing I learnt the other day.."

    child matter of factly says: "The map you know is outta proportion - you cant draw a sphere on a flat plane. besides, who drew the thing anyway? "

    eta: had to edit as my daughter may be joining destee soon.. probably doesnt want her mom to be quoting her.. hahaha