Black People : Turn the Other Cheek

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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    InHotep, Akwaaba!

    Da Message is in Da Music
    Are you Listening:?:

    Time for get on "one a chord"
    "chant a pslam a day"

    Starting with this Sistren

    Tanya Stephens

    Artist: Tanya Stephens
    Album: Gangsta Blues
    Year: 2004
    Title: The Other Cheek

    The people dem (them) say dem a talk
    and nobody nah listen all along
    So dem want me to put it
    In the form of a song
    Cause is like say, oonu(you) betray we trust
    So this is from all of us to all of you

    Verse 1
    Providing no jobs and
    telling us not to crime
    Is like beating a child
    and telling him not to cry
    With all the highways you a build
    and go through
    You never build a little avenue
    Fi (for) di (the) youths dem earn a buck,
    things a run a muck
    tell me what the ***
    You really think a go happen
    If dem don’t earn a buck gun a buss
    and none of us
    really want that **** to happen
    Yo mistah, you know me nah try fi diss ya
    but everything not so criss here we jus a look a little help prime minister*


    Do you expect me to turn the other cheek
    taste my tears and admit defeat
    do you expect me to listen when you speak
    You never ever practice what you preach
    Do you expect me to still come to still come out and vote
    No matter what happens were always broke
    and the people seh dem tired of being poor
    that the Emperess a chant and the lion a roar


    Tanya Stephens - The Other Cheek lyrics

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