Black People : Turn on the Lights...

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    By Andre Austin
    Light a candle Teddy Pendergras once said in his LOVE song

    In every community we need a Bill Cosby and Mike Dyson to supply rations of Revenue and Rhetoric. They are our two of our many famous Light bulbs. Dyson has the oratory skills to motivate minds into a spiritual awakening to regeneration. Cosby is holding up an ugly mirror forcing, shocking us to look at ourselves unpleasantly but necessarily good. Cosby is obviously tired of baby talking to us.

    I suspect that every Black community does have a Dyson and a Bill but we are perhaps too busy looking on the national stage. Every local city has its very own everyday heroes but they are unsung and invisible. Who are visible? Read the papers and local TV news at 6pm its law breakers, pimps and hookers. This is why every city needs its own black press to highlight our pursuit of excellence shining in law, education, medicine etc.

    We need a Black philanthropists in every city, tiny and large, in an attempted effort to cushion white racism just a little bit. So that organizations like the NAACP can be strong and not have to consider comprising with white corporations who give them donations and dilemmas. We need to keep the fire to those hostile to Civil Rights.

    We need not set up an adversarial duke and dual between Cosby and Dyson. Sunlight has many different degrees. Cosby is offering Light and Dyson enlightenment. Lets take in all the rays and empower ourselves. Keep the switch light ON because it is out of love these two children of light are bringing it to us.

    If we listen to our light bulbs like Hughes and King we can make all the dreams become more a reality for much more of us in this society. We can put the destiny in our hands now , where we determine if our dreams are dried up or watered into grapes or raisins either under the protection or harm under the Sun‘s rays.