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    African Revolutionary Internet Radio is Live!

    Each Sunday from 9am - 7pm (EST), go to www.************** and click
    on the "Listen" button. Your computer's media player will
    automatically launch and you'll be tuned in!

    Here's the schedule for this Sunday, April 2nd. All times are EST.

    9am – "Colonialism is Bad for Your Health". Iyapo will faciliate a
    discussion on health issues of particular interest to the African

    10:00am – "Africa Live". Nyabinga Zimbabwe will interview Gaida
    Kambon, International Secretary of the African People's Socialist
    Party, on the APSP's work to build the African Socialist
    International. She will discuss her recent trip to Sierra Leone and
    review a history of the APSP's efforts to build a united Africa
    under the leadership of African workers and poor peasants. During
    the program, send your comments and questions to [email protected]**************

    12:00pm - "Omali Ye****ela Speaks". This week we present the
    September 16, 2001 speech by Chairman Omali summing up the
    destruction of the World Trade Center and preparing the people for
    the U.S. government crackdown on civil liberties and declaration of
    war against the oppressed peoples of the Middle East.

    1:00pm - "Uhuru On The Move". Chimurenga Waller, President of the
    International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, will discuss
    current events and InPDUM's upcoming national convention.

    2:00pm – "White Solidarity with Black Power". Matthew Willis of the
    African People's Solidarity Committee will facilitate a discussion
    on "The Colonial Reality in America", challenging progressive white
    people to support the right to self-determination for African people
    living inside of the imperialist countries, as they claim to support
    freedom for oppressed peoples in the Middle East, Latin America,
    Africa and Asia.

    3:00pm – "Revolutionary Reggae", with DJ Speedy. The island sound,
    Uhuru style, with revolutionary, reggae vibrations.

    5:00pm - "The Music Speaks" with Hip Hop artists, Bombai. Experience
    lyricists, producers and DJs from the US to the UK, expressing
    oppressed peoples' conditions through hip-hop.

    Spread the word about **************!