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    Spread the word and tune in every Sunday to 9 hours of African
    Internationalist talk and culture at www.**************. Here's the schedule for Sunday, 5/7/2006. All times are listed as EST.

    (Join the discussion, live on the air by calling toll-free from
    within the U.S. to 877-824-3337. Callers from outside the U.S. can
    call 001-727-824-5700. Or email your comments to [email protected]**************.)

    9am – "Colonialism is Bad for Your Health"
    Sister Iyapo will aciliate a discussion on building health in the African community.

    10:00am – "Africa Live"
    Nyabinga Zimbabwe and Omavi Bailey will host a live discussion on the international struggle for African liberation.

    12:00pm - "Omali Ye****ela Speaks"
    Tune in for a recorded presentation from the leader of the Uhuru Movement, currently on an organizing and speaking tour in Africa.

    1:00pm - "Uhuru On The Move"
    This week in St. Petersburg, Florida, dozens of African families were evicted with 5 hours notice. The apartment building had been condemned but the slumlord took their rent anyway. Now they are homeless. Some of them will be in the studio Sunday with Chimurenga Waller, President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, to discuss the impact of land grabs and forced removal on African communities throughout the world.

    2:00pm – "White Solidarity with Black Power"
    Live from Philadelphia, Kamau Becktemba and Alison Hoehne will join host
    Matthew Willis of the African People's Solidarity Committee to discuss the escalation of police murders and gentrification in that northeastern U.S. city.

    3:00pm – "Revolutionary Reggae" with DJ Speedy
    The island sound, Uhuru style, with revolutionary, reggae vibrations.

    5:00pm - "The Music Speaks" with Hip Hop artists, Bombai.
    Experience lyricists, producers and DJs from the US to the UK, expressing
    oppressed peoples' conditions through hip-hop.

    Spread the word about **************!