Black Poetry : Tsunami Let Every Voice Confess Who Is God?

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    Let Every Voice Confess Who Is God? (Allah)

    The Tsunami the screams of the sea, the water
    that open again oh glory to thee.
    Never seen in this world order before, let every man kneel,
    let every tongue confess; who is your God?
    Thy almighty said he will steal from the cradle before he let satan
    Claim his universe. The changing of the season;
    do any man know the reason?

    In the days of the almighty Jesus, the sea’s gathered up the people
    And wash them away. The testament has now become ten fouls.
    So man who hides behind the mask and says God is not God alone.
    Who will you serve when satan goes back to hell?
    Oh what a bitter taste of brim, the old mighty God has struck again.
    It was written in Blood that Jesus has returned.
    Beware of your brother you will not know the face
    he may return again.
    There will be no bargaining when Jesus
    has summons his plea. The revolution is
    the almighty God; their will be no hating,
    their will be know jealousy, their will be
    know lustful demons that runs with
    devil and his demands. The revolution
    is over God has spoken, the battle
    is with good and evil, their is know hidden
    mask, the rivers have summons the past.
    The revolution began with Jesus, the
    black man without a mask.

    God spoke I wrote my laws that they shall be free upon the battle ground of the devil, for those who follow thy words shall have ever lasting life.
    Nevertheless think not that thy sins shall be spared below the universe, your children shall be curse, for your bravery to destroy the sanctuary of thy almighty God.
    Hate me if you must, but I shall have the last word, children of darkness.
    I gave my sons an inheritance to paradise, like a thief in the night , you enslaved them and change the history that I willed upon this universe, lies, thieves , murders, raping of their family tree. I one God has one church.

    The atheist who use blaspheme of thy name shall rot in hell as the followers of your love. I the mighty need no validations of those who I created living in there own space of darkness. For those who know me know love. I the breath that man shall breathe, I the shoulder that he may lead, I the foot steps when he is in great pain.

    I can change the world with a blink of the eye, as you killed my son, you shall feel the rapture of my pain. I the Almighty God shall not turn a deaf ear to your holocaust of deceptions, for your children shall dwell within the pits of hell, and then who shall they recognize. I fear not your children of hell I gave them chose that they may reform. For every soul that you claim, and every nation that you defame. I thy God shall take revenge. For those who think that they shall have forgiveness for the tampering of my creations, I shall be the first to judge.

    The devils who walk upon the night, and blame God for satans destructions, trick analogy to defame thy almighty God.
    The wise and the knowledgeable of thy father and his children shall not be fool by the devil who masquerades as the hero, who sets traps for the children of thy God.
    Loyalty upon thy almighty I shall never roll over to the other side.

    Blaspheme shall not destroy thy name thy Almighty God.
    You defamed my son, Jesus who died upon the cross, to save my children who you blinded within the night, you stole the inheritances of Great Kings, this shall not be the word, they shall reclaim there rightful place, you lynched my sons from the trees, you put them in camps and killed them because the colors of their eyes, you killed the name sake of my armies, you created a holocaust that my children died because of color, and the images that I create, Under Satans Authority shall be no more. I shall have the last word.

    Within this caucus of a frame, shall turn to ashes and die.
    Your spirit shall live in captive, never ending the tampering of thy creations, you shall feel the pain, and as you cry I shall turn a deaf ear. Within the legacies of my sons a thief upon the night, as you try to destroy thy Holy grounds.
    The historical fruit shall never rot.
    Nevertheless you claim victory, man is man, and God is the almighty the father of Universe.

    I the eyes of the almighty,
    has breathed upon my trust.
    The deep breathes from the immensity of the heavens,
    dreams within the bleeding palms of humanities.
    Reactions of a divine soul.
    I shall continue to send my army that your kingdom shall come down.

    I have given thee the treasures of my paradise, Betrayal by the creations of thy hand, as the child of a father who cuts off his right hands.

    Thy son gave his life, that your sins shall be forgiven.
    Jesus screamed the blood running from the palms of his hands,
    I have given to thee, thy right hand, betrayal that you set for me,
    Jealousy of thy father, the inner curse that you shall feel the rapture of thy pain,
    I that ebony King, I thy brother who they hanged from the tree, I thy brother the holocaust that killed nations of thy children, who were created in the image of thee.
    Truth and off set to self.
    I am not dead the voices cries from the soul.
    Hear the screaming of the winds, I shall not go under.
    I gave my life for my brother.
    The haunting of thy soul shall follow me.
    Salvation that lye upon my feet, As the slain that lies upon the grave.
    Thy trespasses lie upon me.

    My eyes cries by reason of my wraith.
    I must now reap the sore of my brothers disobedience upon the earth.
    But unto thee I come as a humble child to thy God, I stand before my Almighty God,. I give thy blood upon you, thy loving kindness upon thy head, thy faithfulness in destruction has taken charge
    Shall thy wonders be known upon the dark.
    That my children shall not feel the pain.

    The mission of the land of the lost path of assimilation is a word of action.
    My blood I give to thee. Captivities shall not be kept.

    If thy hold thy peace to darkness of the heart. The harden of the rock of thy foundation shall surely die. Servants that sings its own rules shall mold away and die. Thy shall not hold thy peace of righteousness , thy darkness shall no longer sanctions thy truth. Decaying of a world order which refuse to confess.
    Wombs of earth validated by the scorns of revenges, Hostage to the devils revenge.
    The Abomination of earth bows to a different high. Immersions in a transformations of corrupt values of individuality weeping that the soul has no strength of its own.

    Shields of voices,
    Mouth of the sea,
    Living creatures, Live through the sea,
    Without breath;
    there would be no sea.
    Normality that man only sees of self.
    Creations, of the womb, I am sea.
    Creations, that live through, I the sea,
    As the Universe, I plant the seed,
    Creations, Listen as I speak.

    Flowers, life, breath, voice,
    beyond the sea, I sing old glory to thee,
    beyond the Universe,
    I the purification, of the sea,
    Listen to the language,
    which I speak.

    Universe among Universe, beneath the sea,
    Stand, as you feel, my spirit, As you enter my, Universe, Feel the waves, that can lift you, are take you, to the other side, of the earth,

    I Sea, has written, the legacy of great men, I hold the key to history, the legacy lives, upon my universe, I shall continue to live, when all things pass away, I sea, the battles, which man has fought, stands upon, my universe, freedom which have taken, them to another side, of the universe.

    Freedom I speak,
    I am the link, between creations,
    the waters, that flow though you,
    flowing through sea, Incubations surrounds life,
    as it travels through the dark,
    and the light begins to shine,
    The darkness that lives, beyond,
    The light when it reaches the top,
    sleep the cousin to death,
    speaks out loud.

    Dark as the sea,
    that lives within my realms.
    Great spirits, as you stand before me,
    words not needed, the songs of the sea,
    as it roars, give me liberty, are give me death,
    I the link, above the earth,
    I the life line, the breath,
    of creations which I breathe,
    God's paradise beneath the sea's.

    I the Women of sea, Incubation, of creations,
    Prophet of God's spoken words, I the water the taste of man, I am you, and you are me, without I, there would not be you, You shall die, I the sea, is the lifeline, to all God's hopes and dreams, As the thirst of knowledge, the sea, my breath, that lives, through you,

    Birth within the sea, laced with life, I shall be the breath, when it is too hard to breathe. I the sea that lives, within the space.

    The purification, laced with life, the gushes of the sea, as women, birth within the sea, the sacred order of God.

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    ...down south...
    wow...u always amaze me with ur poetry...wonderful flow...
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    beautiful sista as the new year ring in Godly
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    ah how wonderful to see you back my sista :)
    as always a powerful piece from you my sista warrior :)

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    blessings my brothers and sisters and thank you: my spiritual sister I am you and you are me, as long as you are here my spirit will continue to live.