Black Poetry : Trying To Git Some

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    Trying To Git Some

    Like a forest I can be set ablaze by lightning amazed
    And frighten of thunderstorms one day at a sick picnic dazed
    After some moon shine the CD tune was fine the clouds were
    Loud as they moved above smooth love with the music prefer
    Slow songs as the picnic flow along some live in abject poverty
    The police patrols protect the property we done everything properly
    The girls shook butt as we looked on struck a cutie with booty
    Can hypnotize and strip your eyes of sight I drove a dang hoopty
    Got the highest grade in school not afraid to rule the girl braids
    Are cool don’t want to be made a fool do she have a boyfriend shades
    Of blue on her lips looking in her eyes I do trip got true hips wanna
    Pull down her panties and lick the brown candies bet her name is willonna
    Need extreme support like the Supreme Court sex is the law
    Of the land better have a raw plan girl body sweet like cold slaw?
    Wore a wedding band and now regretting my plan remove the ring
    So I can get into my groove thing get her attention and prove my bling
    Does work on girls this could be a bland day if fright stand in my way
    “So look boo my slang is true but like a kangaroo I’m jumpy all day”
    Smell her perfume and paraphernalia could be doomed for failure
    Like a dragon a player with vapors write on layers of papers nail ya
    With love talk, “so boo you a local attraction my moral actions is to
    Rap with you, I need you boo to succeed true have a desired end that’s new
    To you, want your pie or peach so reply in speech while I try reach
    Your lips with mine we can grip some wine at my place we can teach
    Each other about sex, you could be a queen cute in a gown let me salute
    Your crown and I’ll eat your fruit down town thug in love not a brute
    So be a dancer that reminisces while I answer with kisses wanna get a chance
    To have a wet romance, girl your brain is a puzzle I’m convinced won’t
    Struggle against your thoughts so boo can I kiss you?” “Naw RHYME don’t
    Seem to have a hardcore plan and you want sex beforehand I can adore
    A man like you boo, want cake in my vicinity you the great enemy galore
    You wanna make my bedrock because my lips red hot wanna knock the boots
    Of this cute, a dame with breasts is like a game of chest must anticipate a brute’s
    Next move because sex lubes a coo-chee and could prove gushy splashy facts
    When a **** make flashy contact, my thirst has grown like the worse cyclone attack
    I’m a dame in an arena with Hurricane Katrina and my coo-chee is hot to death”
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    Feverish fire ....ya pen red hot !!!!