Black People : TRY IT FOR FREE!

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    Registration to this forum is free!
    Try it for Free

    Premium members have not increased since I joined and became one in 2003.
    It has fallen....almost half.

    Entitlements! NONE DUE!
    It simply denotes a right granted

    No more fears,
    No more tears...
    No more free
    No more

    Everything tried for free is eventually abused.
    Trial periods should be set, and expirations given on trail memberships

    Licenses have renewals.
    If the license renewal isn’t paid No Membership
    The license expires.

    Online some periodicals can not be read unless a membership is secured to do so.
    Online there are free reads, but no commenting allowed unless you’re a paid member.

    The days of FREE should be curtailed.
    Everything desired and needed has a cost

    Choices are made to support or not to support
    There comes a time, and it should not ever
    Been started without cost or paid Membership.

    It should not be hard to decide that things have to change.

    If lack of membership isn’t supporting and those supporting isn’t enough.
    If the doors close let it close

    Without the load and burden
    Of try… It all you want for free.

    Can’t drive my car unless I pay a fee
    Can’t watch a movie unless I pay a fee
    Can’t eat unless I pay a fee

    Why should non-paying members
    Being allowed to post hundreds of post without consideration?

    The days of FREE has to be curtailed.

    Thank You So Much For Being Willing To Help!
    Because you have certainly helped Yourself!

    :fyi: Not Hating.

    Just Contemplating!