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    I am primarily interested in keeping track of the worldwide discussion of Pan-Africanism. I use Google Alerts because they send me emails whenever a new entry is made under the keybwords Pan-Africanism. It does not work as it should all of the time. For instance, I seldom see my own entries sent to me. But, they should send them to me because I maintain several email accounts and several blogs plus several discussion forums.

    I do receive alerts relating to some limited number of sites. Some of these are very poor compared to I suggest that whatever is necessary for to be included in Google Alerts be done. One way to make it more efficent would be to merge some of the discussion topics. For instance, I noticed recent changes from Pan-Africanism to "Pan-African". Actually, Pan-Africanism should include discussions on African Spirtuality.... because some of the people who are intent upon causing confusion and distorting Pan-Africanism try to hide behind spirituality.

    My thing is to help develop African political thought and action. This is why Pan-Africanism interests me.

    A final word: I am not an expert on these issues. But, I think that you look into it, yopu might find that by using the full word Pan-Africanism, instaed of just "Pan-Africa" or "Pan-African", the robot will pick up on the subject better and direct more traffic to this site.