Black Poetry : try be brave but like a sea wave getting washed ashore and squashed even more when I fish for Moby Dick and like KOBE just quick to do a lay up and be


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May 11, 2006
try be brave
but like a seawave
getting washed ashore
and squashed even more
when I fish for Moby Dick
and like KOBE just quick
to do a lay up and be slick
this is the way he rip shop
when dealing with black Hip Hop
but no violence he don't grip glock
some Jherri Curl juice may drip drop
from his hair
let some air
blow through it
then go do it
that is rap to a chick
this is a PUERTO RICAN girl
“SO BOO you fine in this world
with them candy curls
but we in high school
so we try rule
let me carry your books
your body got me very shook
he hid junk but did flunk one
class and was done fast none
left for horseplay it was no fun
from now on, so he wanna a cake
date and pass a plate
wanted a boo that was swell
but didn't do to well
so when the class bell
rang was left holding the bag
girl my plan need breasts that's fine
and can stand the test of time
so let him suck
while he wet up
her bra fa la la la
NAW PLAYER: my walls washed
with shades of umber squash
that, rather parade in a Hummer
think you want my cell number
huh? And that fell under
your request
you adore my breasts
hard to ignore the best
Puerto rician chick
have you freaking quick
well their desks are close
and her breasts could be toast
so she can't really boast
about that, OK BOO you host
cake he bought a rose and jive
so let him take a nose dive
between your thighs
into the cream pies
while the steam flies
need help gripping love
kept slipping in the mud
NAW PLAYER: a cigarette butt smoking
while her thighs shut and open
needed stamina fast
now a camera flash
it was a KODAK
because he started to flow fact
its hard to avoid a POLAROID
you wanna be pretty boy FLOYD
on the street she can vanish
in SPANISH so she got plenty lace
but in any case many chase
to get some that she can't erase
well she got bless breasts all around
and her dress is down
now this is Black Hip Hop
boys in their tracks not
your usual its a musical
oh he jest kissed her lips
and wanted some bad wanna
flip her pancakes like IHOP
his scripts strong
like a flip phone
it call folks
and they all smoke like oak
need a coke she's hot
“LOOK BOO I stand with a Puerto rician chick
and plans for a picnic
boo I'm in a love sick trance
need a quick hug and romance
he wanna catch some lace
so he latch on to her waist
and kiss her lips
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so he latch on to her waist
and kiss her lips in school
it maybe late in the game
but cake is his aim
can't blame the teacher
for that, “NAW PLAYER staying
in class, men flow with pride
send and provide
sex in each text
which aid in the birth
of love and that please the earth
AW BOO got a fastback ford
not a GREMLIN you won't be bored
its got baby moon hub caps
small cars in the face blow their
doors off” OK lets go but beware
we only gonna talk let me ask
the teacher what? naw girl in flash
he jest ran away



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