Black Poetry : truth


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
He anoint crew
She back up in the joint boo
dress a turquoise gown
round eyes light brown
body all natural
heaven sent factual
whisper in Him ear
”Darling, no I didn’t disappear
I’m right here. Right here.”
just needed to reset
emotions beset
by pangs of doubt
my brain worked things out
pull on my own string
now unravelling
to rain down confetti
all over Him so pretty
this romance is complex
nervously anticipates what comes next
like a single stick of dynamite
like meteors crashing in the night
he blew up my fear
using verbs I could hear
I’ve come to understand
he wants to take She hand
to a secret place to pray and do
what gods do to keep their spirits true
though my heart literally broken
I give you this vow as a token
of the truth, I love you the sweetest I can
cause this humble woman
cherishes her gentle man

All love

(no need for a 25 pound bag of sugar)

his voice pops in my ears like
hot ripe black grapes on a vine
its manliness crafted by the Divine
fills me up as is God’s design
the introvert in me made me want to run and hide
but he say, “naw girl time to have fun and ride”
his extensive vocabulary
is impressive artistically
communication is key
just had an epiphany
manifested this victory
word games turned into an affair
when visions started to appear
of our past lives
with me as all his wives
then I began to see clear
you are My Him and Dear
Heart “I love you but…” this is not
i treasure and adore you full stop.


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