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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Again beloved, what I am about to share with you, most so call Black Afrikans despise, because it deal with an existence that goes beyond Life and all that happen beyond the scope of Life is not Material, but is Immaterial and it is the immaterial of Existence that Reveal what is possibly True, which is more incline to reveal what is absolutely True, which is that which dwell beyond the need to theorize about what might be True, therefore all Possibly Trues dwell only on the Esoteric Dimension and Truth as we Mortal Beings have it to be, dwell only on the Exoteric Dimension, the Dimension of Life material association, having all such Material Profane Truth to be that of a Theory based upon belief, and is of an Illusionary perception, as we indicate such to be Profanely True.

We have been conditioned to relate so many acts of Life to be an association to Life, when in Face Life is a Material possession in search for an Immaterial association with that which is a Material illusion, claiming such to be Materially True, when it is all an illusion of the possibly Truth about the Absolute Truth, which happen to be the Divine Essence of all that is Materially and Immaterially True, in an effort to verify on Life Dimension, the Dimension of Illusion, where not even Possibly, the Divine Truth can be theorized to be a Divine Reality, because in Divine Truth and Reality there is Revealed the Divine Essence Presence of Evidence of IT, being the Absolute Truth about what is Divinely Real.

So on the Religious Exoteric level of the Material Dimension, there is a need for the Evil Spirit ( Attitudinal Behavior ) to reside, which keep in motion the illusion of Good and Bad, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell, all being controlling factors of Life generated Emotions, which is based upon the Conscious Level of the Material Life action, a Life conscious that approve as well as condemn, all being the illusion of Life Happening on the Exoteric Dimensional Level, the level where possibly Truths do not reside, for Life is The level Of Illusion, requiring no thought for its Action, where as a Thoughtful Life is the result of manifested Possibly Truths, concerning the Universe and the Soul of Self Life, each serving as attributes of the Divine Essence, that which is the evidence of the Absolute Truth concerning all There Is and Is not, In and In Not, the Universe.

Our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors taught us about the Universe and its Physical Motion being that of a continuum, yet within that Eternal motion of the Universe, there reside myriads of Galaxies and within those Galaxies there are myriads of Solar System, residing within the Infinite of Space which is an Electromagnetic Binary Systems of Relationship, with each Solar system constituting a Cell within the Field of Infinite Energy and that Cell has an Intelligence of the Divine essence, and all Solar Systems that reside within that Cellular Field of Divine Intelligence and they be myriads of such Solar systems, within each Cell Energy Field, there exist, is a Harmonic Resonance that is in Divine motional action, it representing the Solar Universal Conscious of that Field of Energy within Its Cell and is qualified to communicate with the All Level of conscious, within that Cell Energy Field, which is what Give Mind Thoughts the ability that can make Divine Contact with the Solar Cell Harmonic Resonance, which has the Power to Move, to use a familiar clique, Mountains, which is why the act of Meditation and later on under the disguise of Religion came Prayer, but all is implying the ability to mentally Ethereal Esoterically, communicate with the Solar universal Conscious, in sending Harmonic Resonance to Assimilate with the Harmonic resonance of our Solar System and by so doing, can cause what ever is Divinely requested by such Divine act, will be granted to Happen.

So you See now why I shared With you So Call Black Afrikans the Need for an Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, and yet you still do not comprehend that which I share with you, as you expect a Religious God to come flying out of the sky to save your black Behind, how out of the Divine Knowledge with Understanding, we have Fallen and it is so low until we now make fun of that we no longer Know and Understand, the display of a Ignorant and Evil Spirit, which is created by those calling themselves Human Beings.

Yes, I maintain that the present day so call Black Nationalist and Pan - Afrikans have allowed the Spirit of Garvey to Die with disrespect, as the so call Afrikan Americans Assimilationist attack the Spirit of Garveyism every waking Day that they can and all that the self proclaimed Garveyites and Pan- Afrikans can do is collect a Profane buddy, Buddy system of operation, claim that Garvey Live on, when we do not begin to know with Understanding the mental Esoteric Divine Qualification of Garvey Mind, which was made to be Manifest by the Action and Work Garvey performed in the less amount of Time he was Amongst us so call Black Afrikans.

Here we are today having no Divine Clue what it is we must do, we that claim to be Black Nationalist Garveyites, Pan - Afrikans, and what we must do to Save Afrika and the Afrikan Nation, meaning to bring Salvation to the Black World and its Land, Afrika, the only Land Mass where we now reside that give us black people the potential of bringing Salvation to Afrika and the Afrikan Nation, a Land and a People that is required to be Liberated Mentally First, as well as Physically, while in this Life Time, and on this Life Level, the Dimension of Physical Life Being.

Yet we know not the power of Mind and Words, the two being inter twined with each other, a process if Mastered again, in sequence with the Conscious of our Solar Conscious, whose Harmonic Resonance is the Intelligence that welcome the Conscious Divine Mind of the So call Afrikan, mastering the Methodology of mental connection with the Cell Field of our solar System, the System Cell that consist of the solar system of Siris and our Earthly solar system, it constituting the Cell Field from which all of our Request is to be granted as long as we are vibe on the same Divine Plane with the Harmonic Resonance whose Conscious Intelligence is connected to each other as our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors Taught us that After this Life of illusion is over, the Soul of that Life goes back into the Solar Orb of the Siris Star system, meaning the Other World which project this world, that other world of which we originated our From, and so did our Ancestors the Dogone tell us the same thing about that other World, the World where the WORD RESIDE, ( Osiris Neutron Star ) WITHIN THE SIRIS CYCLE OF OUR UNIVERSAL SOLAR FIELD OF A CELL, CONSISTING OF AN IMMATERIAL ENERGY ESOTERIC HARMONIC RESONANCE, ENERGIZED BY AN INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, SUCH REPRESENTING THE ABSOLUTE DIVINE TRUTH, IT IS THE DIVINE ESSENCE.

All Things When claiming to Be Divinely True, Is Possibly True, It Being The Evidence Of Revealed factual Manifestation, In continued Motion, The Universe Of The Divine Essence.

Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

Be Kind To your self, beloved.

Chief Elder
Thank u dear elder

I allways thought it was that simple. So it as simple as i thought it would be we are an electromagnetic component of all that is and every was and all that will be. So our electromagnetic connection is not with the sun but with the sirrus system. I have been with u since u took me on a ride to the cosmos. I was able to see the energy in motion the great cog turning itself inside out and outside in with one continous motion. hotep


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