Black Poetry : trust me i rhyme just in time to smash microphones and trash domes //

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    trust me i rhyme just in time to smash microphones and trash domes
    if they're listening aware of the dissing that be going on in zones
    strongly teach love and only reach above rim to slam-dunk basketballs
    it's drastic yall, got Hercules chain link stable my fence and able to
    convince the dog to stay in, got class with words and the last I heard
    it still flow but I better chill doe some folks will kill to know this absurd
    skill is a birthmark that's worth part of a never seen BLACK HIP HOP
    here in VIRGINIA BEACH ,fell down hit my dome bang then then phone
    rang, "hello it was a hater trying to steal my style the deal wild gone
    about business, taught schools and fought fools now caught on the toilet
    stool constipated dominated by a turd, i stride to college just to provide
    knowledge, see a girl bring certain action by flirting satisfaction can't hide
    wanna date gonna take her out see what her cake be about she have pride
    a sudden kiss unbutton my wish and a kid will play but what did
    you say to upset my skills my luck yet builds a vocab then skid
    downhill plenty of potions try not show any emotions many lotions
    on your sincere thighs and i hear vibes on the CD and really oceans
    of love exist so boo be my girlfriend and make my world spin trap
    my love girl, "NAW PLAYER this is BLACK HIPHOP and then rap
    in VIRGINIA BEACH in fact it begin whack boys like to talk crap
    now my skirt is down got butt work by the pound may need a map
    to pinpoint this you wanna anoint with a kiss, so poor little girl
    galore boys wanna fiddle in my world i say nope and stay dope hurl
    butt boys be like girl what up? i say nothing much cutie then they
    wanna touch my booty to search is their duty tell them stay away
    not nickel and dime sweat trickle down my spine need a pickle sometime
    so we at Walmart this where it all start and that's part of day
    to measure mean to find the size but treasure is divine pies so hey
    my body like wine soft and but need some time off to find myself
    this is a sign to flee my mind incline to agree I stay very stealth
    the flavor is good in the neighborhood hidden my pies and didn't
    recognize so many boys want them, I'm in VIRGINIA BEACH gitting
    stuff, in the game shook and became a cook because my pies are
    well done and boys want a swell one, my buddy got a distinguish car
    study English H! HA! founded out grammar could hammer the brain
    and give glamour and fame, you wanna take me to bed that's your aim
    I'm redbone and i should head home a man can't live by bread alone so
    you love with my skin tone, sweaty yellow thighs and mellow pies go
    good for looks oh boys tell me some sweet stuff panties stay wet oh no
    got pie crust and butters win the trust of others this boy rap unique
    try trap this sweet, got a bed fun strongly on my mind bedroom suite
    only one of its kind a yellow Soul Sista with wet pies oh gosh boys try
    brainwash me in a big store I have to ignore cashier appear to hear
    what we say, tripping I get hot like slipping on a wet rock I fall down
    boys be all around want my buttery pound cake, panties damp slightly
    wet nightly love get stuffed in my ear boys wanna huff and puff rightly
    oh dear and its mighty clear this boy want, the air moist and heavy
    prepare for his voice he ready to speak " BOO in the VIRGINIA confetti
    is thrown spaghetti is known to be a good food, wanna leave this place
    wanna squeeze your waist in the car of course let the bar be our ace
    source of contact force to act on love instinct wanna play with lace
    my idea sizzle and visible and can be seen my plan extreme for cream
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