Black People Politics : Trump’s Election Proves Obama Is a Dignified Man in an Undignified Time

Discussion in 'Black People Politics' started by Liberty, Dec 23, 2016.

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    I really want the current president to go HAM his last days in office, but he’s entirely too composed for that. “Composed,” however, is not what we need when Donald Trump is set to take office.


    With less than a month left in office, President Barack Obama is flexing his executive muscle, but it all feels a little too late. Recently he granted clemency to 231 prisoners, and now he’s banning offshore drilling in areas of the Arctic and Atlantic indefinitely. I would have loved to see this flippant Obama in his first term, or even this cunning Obama during his second term, but instead we got a cool, poised, distinguished man of honor—all attributes that made him presidential but have failed in securing his position with his core base: black folks.

    I wanted Obama to be the same gangster who found a 63-year-old law that not only will ban drilling in offshore areas but will also have Donald Trump face legal ramifications if he attempts to go against the order. I wanted Obama to go full Yandy and change the locks to the apartment and, if anyone objected, yell, “That’s what presidents do!”

    I get that it’s tricky being the first black anything, and surely a much harder position to be the first black president. There were tightropes and trip wires all around Obama’s presidency, and he handled them effortlessly.

    I imagine his entire presidency like this:

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