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    True Stuff

    My type words make time fly like birds because I’m hype
    With verbs show action it’s a flow attraction so don’t gripe
    Suspicious logic got me on ambitious projects god is not
    Dead but we got odd heads in HIPHOP that just waste a lot
    Of time saying nothing, try be alive and well strive to be
    Swell in life but hell the strife is too much,blind can’t see
    These cats vocab is whack got stabbed in the back instead
    Of bleeding yall started rapping,departed slapping feds
    For not investigating whackness why yall hesitating? Go home
    And practice, misled and lost and like the Red Cross alone
    I’m gonna need an ambulance to have a **** chance to
    Escape this facilty even though I have great ability only few
    Survive and occur wise after an attack like this hurt crew
    Present clear thought about how fear has brought confusion
    On paper with the strong vapor of failure this is the conclusion
    Make a sandwich and take advantage of lunch meat and
    Use a bunch of heat to warm it up ooh yum! Yum! my plan
    Is to eat spice ham and nice candy yams ok do a legit eat
    But will never admit defeat during a battle keep freaks
    Rattled, got complex English that’ll extinguish their
    Rhyme lights leaving them with blind of sight,where
    Yall at? Stuff is beyond danger when I respond with anger
    In clubs my facts protecting me, act effectively to strangers
    Bitter-sweet to become a quitter on your feet consider beats
    For CD’S live whack go to bivouac in stress, tremble in feet
    Rest and assemble under a tent and the thunder went wild
    then the rain came