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    True Spirituality is Tailor Made

    On the walls of a temple in Egypt is an inscription: "That which is revealed to you ceases to be a mystery only to you."

    I remember once I was feeling particularly down. My playlist started playing Down in the Valley by Solomon Burke. That's not strictly contemporary Christian music but the words of that song gave me a new perspective on my feelings. I began to see them as part of the universal experience. Others had been in this valley and come out and I would come out too. In that moment that song became for me the living, inspired word of God. The message of my Creator specifically for me and my specific need.

    Now if I assume that message given to me is meant for everyone and declare Solomon Burke to be God's holy herald angel and I His special messenger--if I preach that everyone who feels down will find relief if they listen to the holy gospel of Down in the Valley--then I have taken my spiritual experience and turned it into a religion. That is what religion is--someone takes their personal experience of God and documents it, wrrites it in a book as a prescription for the whole world.
    True Spirituality was Created Within Us

    The kingdom of God is within so why are we looking for it in a book or building, a person or the northwest corner of the ceiling? Everything we need to live a successful life, to become all we were created to be has already been created within us. We don't have to go out and buy anything. We don't have to pay anyone to do for us what our Creator has already done.

    The purpose for giving us an external solution to our problems is very simple. We are told to depend on God not on ourselves. Yet all the time we are being subtley programmed to depend on people who claim to be specially announted to interpret some holy book, pray special prayers, remove curses when we give them our money. And that is the bottom line--MONEY. You can live off religion but you can't live off true spirituality which is why what passes for spirituality is often nothing more than emotionalism.
    True Spirituality is Not Complicated

    Religion is complicated. Any society that does not have a complicated belief system is considered primitive. It starts out with the spiritual experience of the individual. By the time the individual writes his/her experience down and prescribes ways that others can duplicate that experience then invites others to come in there will be a lot of different veryy human opinions mixed in with what started out aa God's message to the individual and is now man's message with God's signature forged onto it.
    True Spirituality is Not Subject to the Approval of the Nicean Council

    Does it really make sense that the words written by 120 Roman Catholic bishops seventeen centuries ago should have more authority than the word given directly to us by our Creator? This is what we are told to believe and this is what we have believed. But if we allow ourselves toreally stop and think about it how much water does it really hold?

    True Spirituality is Ubiquitous

    It sees God in a flower. It hears the message of the Creator in a protozoa. True spirituality does not need to be in a certain place on a certain day to hear from God. The wisdom gained in a conversation with a friend bears as much weight as a carefully prepared sermon by an ordained minister because wisdom is wisdom no matter who delivers it. The recognition of wisdom is a sign of true spirituality. From here we con grow to be a truly spiritual people.