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    In Egyptian Law the “Blessed” were called “True of Voice” whose hearts and Tongues/Words passed the balance scales in judgment. The Objective of this essay is to launch an inquiry and ask if the “true of Voice” doctrine crept into the New Testament.

    Pilate convened a tribunal of Jesus (John 19:13). Eventually Pilate washed his hands of Jesus. The washing of the hands was Egyptian in origin. Egyptian subjects had to come to court with clean hands and mouths/tongues to enter heaven.

    Jesus made a statement to Pilate “That I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth heareth my voice”John 18:37. This is modified doctrine of “True of voice” because the context was about law and judgment and his followers recognizing his truthful voice.

    Initiates who passed through the rites of Osiris and Isis were given New Tongues because they were reborn. In Egyptian philosophy The tongue/Words created the world & mankind. So was it so in the NT Hebrew 11:3. So if you were to be reborn/life you had to be blessed by Jesus words (Rev 1:3). Therefore truthful souls hear Jesus voice and become blessed. There are numerous verses in the Bible linking Blessed with law. For example:

    Blessed are the memory of the Just Proverbs 10:7
    Blessed are those that keep Judgment Psalm 106:3
    Blessed are they that do God’s commandments Rev: 22:14

    The book of Isaiah 65:15-16 talks about the blessed receiving a new name in Egypt they got a New Tongue.

    “The Sovereign Lord will put you to
    but to his servants he will give another name

    Whoever invokes a blessing in the land
    Will do so by the God of truth;
    He who takes an oath in the land
    Will swear by the god of truth”.

    The Egyptians received their blessings and new tongue by taking an oath & swearing to 42 negative confessions. It was only after this process they became “True of voice” or blessed. Likewise in the Bible NT your own words indict or aquit you because “The tongue has power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit”-Proverbs 18:21. Now the Egyptians equated the heart as fruit and the leaf as Tongue/Words. This grape tree was good/evil. The evil grapes killed by their own winepresses of Hathor, the whore of Babylon/confusion.

    God/Jesus words heals (Luke 9:6). St Augustine said Jesus was a tree of life because he is wisdom. Luke 1:17 also says Knowledge is salvation (Healing). Therefore “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the City” Rev 22:14 This same tree of life has fruit and its leaves (Tongues/words) are healing Rev 22:2. This fruit is Grape vine (John 15:1)

    But the best kept secret is that the tree of life is symbolic Egypt’s knowledge, salvation and of an Egyptian Pyramid that takes souls up to the stars for eternal life in the river of life by its branches (Green water of Nun).