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Feb 9, 2007
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This Temple, this vessel, this vehicle, this house, I reside in is full of bondage, and I am Being held hostage and Being terrorized. This is a haunted place inside of me. The enemies surround me. They are making plans to put my head on the chopping block and Behead me. Sister Sisters, HELP, rescue me from the deception that allows us to believe that we should not love each other. Day after day, night after night, each room within myself—from the Bedroom of depression and bad decisions to the living room of unhealed soul aches. I constantly eat at the table of madness. Each night I go to Bed and rest my head on the Pillow of Wounded EGO (Evil Going On), and pull the Covers of Affliction over my head. Oh why am I not able to enjoy Thee nectar of Thee day, Thee sweet morning dew, Thee humming and singing of Thee birds, Thee Sunrise and Thee Sunset? Instead, I slowly rise up each morning to meet face-to-face infirmities again. The bitterness. The fear. The anger and remorse.

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Afrikan Womb-Genders (females), Stand Up, and refuse to live in this type of Temple, this vessel, this vehicle, this house anymore! Say. I am going to tear down all these Walls of Bondage. I am going to tear what is called lucifer, satan, the devil kingdom down inside of me. I am going to unwrap the serpent that is wrapped around my mind-set. Get rid of the Vampire, and the Werewolves mind-set…and the likes of that torment my soul. I will demolish all pride and lust. I am going to break the chains of resentment, rejection…and the likes of.

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I am receiving Thee energy. Thee Power. Thee Spirit. Thee Freedom. Thee Victory. Releasing every part of me, suffering Spirit, Beat-down body, messed up mind.

Divine Victory IS in me, the sweet song of deliverance redecorating every room in this temple, this vessel, this vehicle, this house, this Me.

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Welcome to Thee Love Boat -Thyself-Paradise in Thee Wilderness, an Oasis life, a place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness, a refuge, an Oasis of serenity, solitude with God-self. You have arrived. You are home. You are Oneness with Thou.

Now that I am free to Be the Me I am meant to Be, It is not easy to Be in the spotlight. . It isn’t easy to Be a woman in any position. It’s often lonely, often scary, often the last place She want to Be. So many times She is tempted to give up. So many times She is stuck with Her nose to the grindstone and Her back to the wall. This task is often so far Beyond Her that there is nothing She can do but maintain Thee course of sweet Harmony and Balance with Original thoughts as her guide.

And yet there’s a Afrikan Womb-Genders (females) mission assignment upon Her. A place of responsibilities and obligations, and She want to wield Her authority with grace. She has a script that only She can act out. Making Her strong. Giving Her courage. Throwing and blowing kisses at Wisdom. The Afrikan woman heart is to lead with Thee leadership and guidance of Thee Divine Creator, that which can gives each Afrikan Womb-Genders (females) the loving it takes to lead us back to that place we were born.

Afrikan Womb-Genders (females) IS Somebody, plugged into Thee Divine Creator Energy, Power, and Spirit. She Is a Afrikan Armor Seed Bearer. She speaks Thee Divine Creator’s/Reveler language. She lives in Thee “Yes’ Zone. She has Thee Attitude of Gratitude. Her heart is Fix on the things of Afrika. She has cut- the -cord with false realities and illusions. She IS keeping Her appointment and promises with the issues of Afrika. Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom are Her lovers. She is a Survivor. She IS a Winner. She is Majestic. Loving is Thee Afrikan Womb-Genders (females) fragrance. As long as She has loving in Her mind, Body, and Soul, She will make it, free indeed, to lead. She knows the covenant of motherhood. She mothers Thee Divine Creator?revelr way. She knows what to do Before the storm, during and after. She knows She has been robbed, and She IS still one of Thee richest Afrikan Womb-Genders (females) on earth. She experience lonliness, yet, She IS never lonely because Truth/reality is her best friend and her lover. . She purges and purifies Herself from all unrighteousness, and protects the Womb. There is a Righteous Refiner’s Fire inside of Her. She chooses Love over fear. She knows life and how to live. She knows where the land of Thee living IS. She knows how to restore the soul. She never breaks Her Afrikan Rhythm. She hums and sings songs from Thee Mother and Father land. She dances to the Drums (Thee ear of Thee Divine Creator). She knows that She is an original design. She is not drained of life. She knows how to Be a covenant friend. She Is a Thinking woman constantly moving, towards Thee cutting edge, in pursuit of Thee Divine Order. Her eloquent words soothe the savage Beast, and make Her enemies love Her. She IS a woman of Compassion. She knows how to nurture, protect, and Be loving. She knows what IT is like to go to the pits, to prisons, to Thee palace and paradise (within). She knows that to go within (God-self), One will never go without. She speaks to pain, like those who speaks to plants and they grow, and pains flee. She knows how to let go of that which desire to leave, so that it will come back forever. She knows how to drink Thee water from a dry well. Awe! Sweet water. What others see as not Being Beautiful, She sees Beauty in people, places, and things, which others do not see. She knows when to open a door and when to close it. She understands Her destiny. She strives for the things of Thee Divine Creator/Reveler. She is no cry baby. Her tears are Thee tears of loving tears of joy, tears of peace…and the likes of. She knows how to break chains with Thee power of a hug and a smile. Thee power in a smile that would kill Her enemies’ shadow. She never curses the rain Because She knows that that is poor farming. She dances in Thee rain. She knows how to eat at a table meant for two. She is honored to Be in Her own presence.

She knows the miracles in forgiving (thy kingdom comes). No wool can Be pulled over Her eyes, Because She knows how to fasten Her seat belt. She knows that the wise is never surprised. She does not allow the enemy to win. All Afrikan children are Her children. She knows how to iron out the wrinkles in life. She knows how to press on. She knows that giving love, it is not expected in return. She knows how to Be in love with loving. She knows how to live in Thee NOW. She knows the secrets that lie in the heart of Womb-Genders (females) who needs a father, and Womb-Genders (females) who do not understand their purpose. She is a Liberated woman. Her work is never done. She knows that a good mother on the lips of a child, Is God. She is Thee goddess of All that is good. She knows when to Stand, when to Pull and when to Push. She knows She is a precious and treasured cargo, a gem…and then some. She knows how to celebrate Now. She knows She IS a Gift. She IS a Summer woman. A Spring woman. A Fall woman, and a Winter Womb-Genders (females). She IS All seasons and all reasons. Her nest is never empty. She finds strength in weakness. Her first, middle and last name is Change.

She goes to the market place early in Thee morning, when the first fruit and vegetables is ready for sale, and selects the Best for Her family to eat. She knows every ingredient in the meal She prepares for Her family, and how vital and essential each ingredient in the food is for Her family. She is highly respected in the community for Her Moral excellence and righteousness; goodness….and then some. Her husband is proud of Her. Her children adore Her. Her husband is respected Because of Her virtue. It was said, that a King is not a King solely Because of anything he has done, but Because the people adore his Queen. She is industrious. She makes Her living at home, by making clothes for the poor and sale. The food She prepares is smelt miles away. All the clothing She, Her husband and children wear is made by Her. She reads, sing, and dance with Her unborn child. She is hospitable. May I take your hat or coat? Please have a seat. May I get you something to drink? If She has servants, She rises early in the morning Before the servants awaken and prepare a meal for the servants. An Awe woman.

The true Afrikan Womb-Genders (females)wears Thee Whole Armor of a Thinking Afrikan Womb-Genders (females). She has Thee Helmet of Salvation (Know Thy True Divine Soul). She wears Thee Breastplate of righteousness (Knows that She IS a Queen Goddesses/Royal). Her Loins (The region of the hips, groin, and lower abdomen), girded with Truth-Protecting Thee Sacred Womb. Her head, talk, walk is upright (Crowns- of knowledge, understanding, wisdom). She Speaks Eloquent words (encouraging, motivating, equipping, inspiring), that which soothes the savage Beast, and will make Her enemies love Her.

She knows that her breast is a vital and essential part of the birthing process, for nursing her babies, and the breast of understanding for her King to lay his weary head on, when he comes off the battlefield, and not to be revealed to the world.

She knows that the Her lips, that which guards Her tongue, is a powerful weapon, and in the tongue lies life and death. She use that small member (tongue) to motivate, equip, and encourage, herself, her family, and those on the battlefield, that will strengthen our warriors the Front-line.

She sway Her hips only in the presence of her king. She thank her hands for the work Her mind do, and her hands are her faithful friends to her art.

She knows that every body part is a precious gem, and never to be advertised or pawned. She is Thee Gatekeeper of Her Soul. She honors the marrow in Her bones. Her scent is the fragrance of myrrh, frankincense, and mandrakes. She does not pollute her immune system, because her breath IS Thee Breath of Life.

She never interrupts her loving for the Afrikan Family. She does not allow no people, place or thing, to cause Her to miscarry or abort Her Afrikan mission. She carries Her Afrikan mission to its full term.

She knows how to create a safe haven for her children and the King in her life—not ostracize and criticize. She washes the King in her life feet with her tears of Joy, and dry them with Her hair. She makes time to sit at the King in her life feet, and touch the hem of his knowledge, understanding/overstnding, and wisdom. She knows the praise to give the King in her life, which will make a weary man perform. A Womb-Genders (females) who knows all the right words to say to a man is difficult to turn away from. She knows She is her own book. Her own song. Her own dance. Her eloquent voice, her arms, her song, Her dance, Her Rhythm, will wash away the King in her life tears and fears. She will not drown in her expectations. She is determined to not die with her music, song, book, and dance in her.

She knows that where She is going is far better than where She is. She is in constant pursuit to find a place She will never have to leave. She brings Joy in Thee morning, evening, and night. She is a Afrikan Star.

She keeps a song in Her heart. She listens. She thinks. She smiles. She IS what a Thinking man needs. She is what Afrikan children need. She is what Thee world need.

Who Is She
Who Is Her
She is the Blanket Condemnation to the lies and deception.
Who IS She?
She knows
Who IS She?
She understands
Who IS She?
She IS Wise.
Who IS She?
She IS

Who IS She?
She IS close to Thee Divine Creator/reveler.

Who IS She?
Who IS Her?
IS Thee Answer to the Liberation/salvation for Afrika

What’s Her name?
Her names are:

the rooms where

…and the likes of
Afrika! Afrika! Afrika!

My True Afrikan sisters, I Kiss your eyelids NOW. Wake Up! Arise! ANewness awaits us. IT IS our time to Shine like Thee Afrikan Stars WE are.

My Spirit honors your Spirit. Blessings, loving, and light throughout all creations and beyond. I Am thankful for Thee glistening nectar of The True Afrikan woman loving light…It vibes Just Right.

I Am loving you sisters, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about me loving you, because one, there is no law against loving, and I Just do.

Charge this lengthy message to my Divine Soul-Mind, for my desire Is Change. The only way Back To Thee Divine Pyramid (our Divine righteous Afrikan mind-set)

There is no Sunrise, Sunset, like the Sunrise and Sunset in a True Afrikan Womb-Genders (females). That kinda of Sunrise and Sunset that will bring back our Afrikan men. Our Afrikan Children. Our Afrikan Nation. Our Afrikan right self.:
We True Womb-Genders (females) got Thee Power.
Heaven lies in Thee True Afrikan Womb-Genders (females)
Ain't no sunshine when thee Afrikan Womb-Genders (females) is gone.
Only darkness everyday.

Here Is Auset/IsIs loving you/AFRIKA
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copyright@2005/Goddess Auset/IsIs (one with ten thousand names)/Iya of Afrika

Afrika! :hearts1: :hearts1: :hearts1:
Afrika!:hearts1: :hearts1: :hearts1:
Afrika:hearts1: :hearts1: :hearts1:

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