Black People : Trucks with Nooses

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    Trucks with nooses seen near site of Jena Six marches; Teens arrested


    Two teenagers were arrested last night after officers received a report that they were driving a truck with nooses on it through a crowd of civil-rights marchers in Alexandria, La.

    The marchers, waiting to leave town following the protests in nearby Jena, notified police that two trucks with nooses had been circling Main Street.

    The police report says officers searching the truck found three bottles of Coors Light, a rifle, brass knuckles and an extension cord made into a hangman's noose. "While sitting in the lounge the juvenile said that he had KKK tattooed on his chest and that his parents and kin folk were involved with the KKK. He also said that he was the one that had tied the hangman nooses," the report says.

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    Peace and Blessings Family,

    If this isn't home-grown terrorism, i don't know what it is.

    Yet, the word is never mentioned, not even the term hate crime (whatever that is).

    Did you all notice, above, they say ... "while sitting in the lounge" ... what lounge?!

    They also mention that the police sgt. wants to charge them with aggravated ignorance, but it doesn't exist. Isn't that like them, to create a whole new charge and category, to slap these boys wrists (take care of their sons).

    While they lock our young Black Men up for life.