Black Poetry : Trippin' On Altered Time


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Mar 19, 2001
Been trippin'
so much my mind
is bruised trying not
to lose my
...trying to hold on...confusion
confinement contradiction concupiscence
...condemn...Me My I
trying not to trip
yet stumbling perpetually
into (e)motion into another
thought of what CON's me into
what I see in the mirror is real...
reflections of questions...

I'm looking at myself inside out
but it's what's outside that's got me in
a dismounted state of equilibrium
equal is equal unless one side
of the scale doesn't exist /
then one walks / talks / thinks unbalanced
and believe the earth revolves around you
when it really is falling down on you...

****...gotta duck / tuck my shadows in my
back pocket and
the earth is falling! the earth is falling!
the earth is falling! No one is listening
saying I'm tripping / tripped / dun fell on my
head trying to convince the present it's
past tense...but...

all look up and see my pain rising to
the sky...tears shattering the sunrays splashing
shards of color dipped in formaldahyde...

color dyed / leaving nothing but black and white
stains on the sheets of my mind...cause I'm tripping/

My altered mind/I altered time/ to make
it seem as if time had already passed/
to make it the right time so "trust"
wouldn't beat my ***/and live in a
state of bliss that wasn't "altered"


(c)2001 blakverb
I would do time in prison, if I didn't
respond to this joynt - of all joynts!

Where do you come up with the
creations that spill out from your
guts? "God's Creation" - you are!

San/real/seren/tranquil/ ...ity?~
I absolutelypositivelymakenomistakeaboutit - LOVED IT!!
8th - Madd gifted? that's a helluva comp. It is much appreciated. You're are gifted ya dang self! keep blessin us.

N2 - Nikki G? who's that? Sis you definitely got skillzzzzz. Just keep scribin'! Cause you got it.

GQ - my poetic road dawg! Man, when we get a chance we have got to do a collab piece, for real. matter of fact hit me on my email and let me know what you think. (

thank you peeps.

one love, blak


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