Black Poetry : triple threat


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May 17, 2004
Security Guard
are you talking to me?
with that excuse me please
pointing to the back of the line
where I’m expected to wait
for Hell to freeze over
and over I ask you
what did I do
to be so black and blue
that my color stands for weakness
evil and negativity
ignorance and miseducation
I look at you and feel
an odd vibration
humming in my teeth
hearing you state that my future is bleak
I’m always second-guessed
‘cuz my sex stands for oppressed
even though I valiantly
seek to downplay my femininity
giving you reason to castigate me
treat me like broken and worthless property

I see you look at me and freeze
an icy gleam in your eye
mumbling incoherently
like common sense has fled
as you stutter and wonder
what’s that thing on my head?
checking me for weapons
as if a rocket launcher could fit in my purse
you spit out Allahu Akbar
like it’s a curse
mocking my religion
questioning my decision
separating my family
causing unnecessary division
go back to where I came from?
I’m only 20 miles from home

over and over
I ask you
what did I do
to be so black and red
and white and blue


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Oct 4, 2003
When fear sets in then ignorance comes out. I sense that you have such intelligence and strength about you, that you're a force to be reckoned with. I liked the way you spoke on this, and welcome back Toylin. You've been missed!


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Mar 23, 2004

you are indeed a true fighter that what i felt from this piece its very lovely
but its also raw you have a strong innocence surrounding you keep on push on write on and keep on


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May 17, 2004
Security Guard
*beams* Thanks, family. I tell ya, sometimes it gets hard out there.
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