Black Christians : TRIPLE CONJUNCTION & RETROGRADING—The Great Star Event:

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May 7, 2009

Part 3

  1. After the narrators of this star show introduce the idea that the great star event was dated based upon the life and death of Herod, they began to introduce other ideas concerning the definition of ‘a star’. They defined the general definition of ‘stars’ and raised questions of doubt as to just what kind of star appeared. Because the prophet wrote and defined that the great STAR OF BETHLEHEM was ‘A MOVING STAR’, the narrator stated that there were other kinds of stars that could also fit that definition. They explained that yes, planets were moving stars but also, a comet could have been considered a moving star as well as meteors. Nevertheless, based on the writings of this prophet, St Matthew and others, and based upon the Chinese records, the description of the Star of Bethlehem clearly fits the definition of A PLANET STAR, but the narrators never made a definitive statement in this regards.

  2. The narrator offered the suggestion that this great star event could have the result of a Supernovae in which case this star was not ‘a new star’ but an old star that came from this Supernovae. But amazingly, even though this idea of a STAR EXPLOSION of an old star was introduced to discount the records of ‘a new star’, in fact it really supports the great star phenomenon! _________________________________________________________________ What needs to be further explained from a scientific basis would be the concept of, not only this star event in correlation to being ‘a planet’ but the other planets in our solar system as well, and in this regards, it should be understood that all of the planets were in essence, not new stars, but only as such in regards to OUR SOLAR SYSTEM! Just when did our planet earth become apart of this solar system? So just like this new star, planet stars are much more ancient than in reference to our solar system. Therefore, this NEW STAR was very old and was apart of another system in the universe. But It came into our solar system and in this regards it was ‘a new star’! so the idea that it could possibly come from a Supernovae only supports it’s appearance.

  3. The narrator goes on to state that in 1610, the Star of Bethlehem was again suggested that it was perhaps a planet and based this upon THE PLANET JUPITER and it’s moon which was seen through a telescope. So now this become the very subject that, five years ago, caused me to become so frustrated, I left off from making my conclusions. Based upon the false theories that the narrators began to introduce in regards to ‘the planet Jupiter’, I became disgusted at the recognition of the attempt by these narrators to introduce ancient pagan ideals of their ancient beliefs in order to cover up and confused the scientific truth that marked the event of this New Star of Bethlehem. It seemed to me, that a powerful ancient government began to realize that they would soon not be able to hide the truth about this great star event and the fact that it indeed behaved like a PLANET STAR, so instead of having to acknowledge that it was a specific new star that marked Jesus and the Israelite people they moved to suppress, they decided to introduce the idea that the Star of Bethlehem correlated to their ancient pagan worship of the Jupiter. So even though the planet Jupiter had been apart of our solar system for thousands of years and was related to the SUPREME ROMAN PAGAN WORSHIP of JUPITER, the narrators begin to define the star of Bethlehem as being the planet Jupiter.

  4. The narrator then discussed the Constellations ARIES and Taurus in relation to SPRINGTIME and their configuration being the FIRST of constellations of spring. They discuss the early autumn constellations of Virgo, Libra and, then they discuss the winter WATER CONSTELLATIONS such as PISCES. The state that in the land of Syria there were Roman coins minted with the depiction of A RAM that represented the spring constellation of ARIES. But almost immediately after this statement was made, which does attest to the actual Star of Bethlehem, the narrator then deceptively makes a declaratively about the seemingly insignificant planet Saturn being situated in the constellation Pisces and then, offers a cunning statement as if it already has been an accepted truth and then makes an insertion in a matter of fact mode that “JUPITER, THE ROYAL PLANET” was also in the constellation Pisces. So it was carefully orchestrated to plant the idea that ‘THE PLANET SATURN’ was already an old accepted part of the solar system situated in the constellation Pisces in the winter, and then the descriptive statement ‘Jupiter, the royal planet’ was cleverly introduced to set it up as being the focal point for the entire Star of Bethlehem show. So previously, the narrators present all of these impossible suggestions that bring doubt to the actual event ever occurring, but then now, they begin to present the planet Jupiter as being the actual star. This connection of Jupiter to being ‘the new star of Bethlehem’ condones their ancient pagan worship and temple worship of the planet and pagan god Jupiter to remain to be ‘the supreme god’ that justifies their position as supremacist and as being the supreme rulers over all the peoples in the earth.

  5. So the narrators state that on MAY 7, 7 BC, the sun was in Taurus, the moon was situated in the constellation Aquarius, Jupiter, the royal planet was situated in the constellation Pisces along with the planet Saturn. Here they mark the date of MAY 7, 7 BC as being significant, but which ultimately has absolutely nothing to do with the actual date that the great star came into orbit. They continue to bring up other dates around this same time span that has absolutely nothing to do with the specific date and time the great star was witnessed to move and become apart of our skies.

  6. TRIPLE CONJUNCTION: At this point, the narration begins to reference some of the incredible scientific facts that was recorded by other ancient civilizations that occurred when this star came into orbit in our skies. They state that the Star of Bethlehem was indeed a mind blowing event due to its movement in relation in connection with the planet Saturn, in which the two planets formed an amazing CONJUNCTION, but one time, rather they formed three conjunctions within a one year period. However too, after doing deep research, a dark deception became evident in that only partial description to this event was offered but, in fact, the phrase ‘triple conjunction’ included much more happenings that was absolutely deliberately omitted.___________________ So not only did a TRIPLE CONJUNCTION occur three times in a one year span, but when the new star moved into orbit, its’ movement was catastrophic at the time of THE FIRST CONJUNCTION and on a massive violent scale to the point that it became obvious to the humans that what they were witnessing was completely an ‘out of world experience’ that no one was prepared for at that time. nothing like that had happened for as long as many scholars had recorded and according to the prophets writings, the star moved so fast that it was accompanied with an unusual brightness that lit up the sky. Could it have been a long time afterwards that the thundering was heard after its lighting was seen? In order for this massive planet star to be able to move into orbit with its moons, it had to pack an incredible amount of energy and power to move into orbit and then set itself in motion in our solar system. ___________________________ The prophets wrote that the shepherd men were approached by someone who told them to look up at the sky to prepare them to see a great phenomenon that in regards to the earth, it was a completely silent event, otherwise, they would have missed a great wonder that had never happened since perhaps the time of Noah even. So even though this great advent had been prophesized thousands of years prior to come, the average Israelite men and shepherds would have been more or less too caught in their daily life’s struggles than to watch the night skies as the ancient Babylonian priest-scientist and Egyptian priest had done in a more ancient time and developed astronomy and made calendars and marked time by many celestial events in the more distant past. The Israelites were being sorely oppressed by the aggressive Roman government system that set up their government in that land and made a law to tax this whole earth and began to enforce this tax system with their soldiers deployed to the regions they set their sites upon to dominate and control. So someone approached certain shepherds and encouraged them to look up into the evening sky to behold the manifestation of a great prophecy written to occur by ancient scribes that had died thousands of years prior and not even had a chance of seeing this phenomenon. Obviously, there were learned men in distant civilizations who knew about star formations and watched the skies for predicted sky events because when the star moved into our skies, it put certain wise men in shock to the point in which they set out on a trek and they searched for the complete truth about this great star. ______________________ So even though the narrators revealed that their was A TRIPLE CONJUNCTION within a year that occurred with another planet after it came into orbit, they conveniently omitted the incredible movement that occurred within a few minutes when it first came into orbit and made a conjunction. And also, they completely left out the fact that there was another similar term that describes another major occurrence.___________________________ A CONJUNCTION would be another term for ‘AN ECLIPSE’ meaning the new star moved into a formation in which it was on a plane and in a straight line with another planet and in relation to the sun. so after the first conjunction that was dated to occur in AD 7, about two (2) or three (3) years before Herod-the-Great’s death, these same two planets, Jupiter and Saturn moved on their orbits but a few months later, they had another conjunction and a third conjunction another few months later. However, another phenomenon occurred at the onset of these conjunctions; RETROGRADE.

  7. RETROGRADE was explained briefly but, it was this event that showed the brilliancy of this worldwide phenomenon. But because the narrators defined the star of Bethlehem in regards to their selected planet Jupiter and downplayed Saturn, the idea of RETROGRADE can be a challenge to understand. Because the narrators highlight that the truly magnificent planet Jupiter moved fast, much faster in appearance than the planet Saturn, the complete concept of retrograde can be missed. Nevertheless, even though Saturn is much farther away from the sun and very far away from Jupiter by millions of miles, and it has been described and downplayed as ‘grandfather time’, a slow moving planet’, however, in order for it to move around its orbit and in relation to Jupiter, it was actually an outrageous and fast moving massive planet. Saturn has to book!—Unlike our earth which take 24 hours to rotate, Saturn rotates in about 10 hours, but not only does it rotates fast, but on that day of its appearance and movement into orbit, it came in with violent speed. And the shepherds beheld a star that was very bright at the time of this movement and it whipped into orbit and came into conjunction with the planet Jupiter. ______ Retrograde means though, that because the actual speed of Jupiter was much faster than Saturn, and after Saturn darted past Jupiter within minutes and from the vantage point of the earth, Jupiter shot past Saturn so fast that it appeared that Saturn had reversed and started moving backwards, but then suddenly it moved with Jupiter forward again! The prophets wrote that the star was ‘a moving star’ [ie a planet] and after it came into orbit and set on its orbital path, it stopped over the booth. Then two years later, this moving star changed position but was still at a 180 degree position over the Bethlehem-Judea region and it just happen to be over the house now, of the toddler [ie. Young child], the same child that was born under it in Jerusalem just two years prior! _________________________________________________________________ But after the first coming, then it was recorded that a few months later during what came to be another Hebrew festival time, another conjunction occurred and also another retrograde occurred as well. And then finally, a few months later this double phenomena occurred again, at once again it happened during the their annual mandatory Hebrew festival, the Festival of Breads! None of these detailed phenomena was clarified in these star shows and in fact there were still yet other events that occurred at the time of this new star and were also amazing. Cont.
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