Black Poetry : Trinklin’ Soul Nourishment- A Release


Feb 20, 2001
After all is said and done
And what used to matter
no longer serves a purpose,
what do you do?
When that permanent smile's appearance
becomes more and more temporary,
what do you do?
I do a lil' trinkling.
Cuz evr'y body gotta water
their soul and one time or another.
How else is it s'pose to grow?
I ain't never heard of a soul
that grew on its own wit no help.
Matter of fact, I've had to tie my soul
to a stake just to make sure
that it didn't fall over and die.
It's been in a coma a few times,
but I thank God that my soul's a fightah.
I got one of the best ever.
Though I'm not always the best to my soul.
Tha's when my soul gets upset at me.
It don't like stayin'
in the same place for too long.
My soul gotta travel.
And sometimes I don't feel like travlin'
cause I get tired.
I make me tired.
My ego, my arrogance, my pride.
They pretty heavy and
my soul can only carry so much weight.
When it gets tired of my abuse
and kicks me back in tha ***,
I trinkle it some more.
I tend to treat my soul like a cactus,
but its more like a sea sponge.
I sure hope my soul don't quit on me one day.
Though my benefits ain't that great.
My soul's overworked and underpaid.
But it's been **** good to me all these years.
I think it's 'bout time I water it again.
'Cuz ain't nuthin' wrong wit cryin'
evr'y now and then,
but you gotta do sumthin' after it.
No soul wants to drown in sorrow.
-Myss Lez R.A.W.
ori. February 20, 2001


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