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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    My beloved,as I have Often Said to you, my primary concern is about Black People and where, why,when and how we got into the condition we are now in, here on this planet call earth.

    something's I would venture to say, Black Folks are not concerned about, thus become the reason why we allow others who are not of us, to EVILLY treat us as they do, with our acceptance.

    What I am about to say may be of interest to some of you and may mean nothing to some of you, but be that as it may. I share with you things that have escaped you and now you no longer recognize, what at one time, was common to the Black Mind, but is no more, because it is based upon the Ancient teaching of our Nubian Ancestors, whose teaching we no longer honor.

    Our Ancient Ancestors dealt not in religion but with thoughtful concepts about God Universe and Being, now here we are, traveling a straight line which depend upon sensual perception, whose foundation is based upon belief and not knowledge, as we become evilly shackle with the chain of ignorance of self..

    To travel in a straight line defies the natural motion of the Universe, whose motion goes in cycles, one angle has an ending while the other is in perpetual cycle motion. Truth and Reality revolve in the cycle of infinite perpetual motion, while Lies walk the finite line of confusion with evil causing destruction.

    Well now, let us begin to deal with such religious terms as Lucifer, Devil and Satan. A while back I was watching Buchanan and Press, they were discussing the term Evil and they were struggling to come up with an acceptable definition for the term Evil, which they could not do satisfactorily.

    You see white folks coin phrases most time without knowing how to adequately define them but yet is able to sell them to the world dressed in their religion.

    For instance, whether we like it or not, all religions are no more than cults, based upon the notion of belief, which carry a element of doubt, uncertainty.

    So, what is the Trinity of Evil and how are they defined ? Well I will tell you and you may debate it as you wish.

    The Trinity of Evil is, Lucifer, Satan and the Devil, all are religious terms, made up by others who are not a member of the Black African Family, yet they teach us that they are living entities as you and I.


    First let us deal with the term Evil, how must it be defined ? Evil is mental deformity, which drive one to do things to cause un-natural pain, misery, unhappiness and death upon other Hue - Man Beings, many time under false pretense of Justice and God, without conscience condemnation.

    Evil attributes of expression is expressed by Lucifer, which is a believing conscience state of human beings known as bearer of rhe false light of knowledge, They created the order of worship by belief and faith.

    Satan is the mental state of Lucifer and the Devil is the expression of those evil attributes, directing those, calling themselves worshippers of God but is of Lucifer, which is a doctrine of religion which claim to be the bearer of the Light but such Light is false, with the Light symbolizing information, which has deceived the Black World.

    So my dear beloved, as we strive to make the false light more powerful than the Holy Mass Of Darkness, which represent our life being, out of which flow that immeasurable Dark Light energy, from which all True information flow, as it remain and maintain ITS ( GOD ) INFINITE STATE OF ETERNAL EXISTENCE IN A STATE OF INERTIA, PROVIDING THE INFORMATIONAL ENERGY ( Soul ) TO ALL THAT IT ( GOD ) HAS CREATED.

    Yet we remain ignorant to all that isTrue and Real as taught about God, by our Ancient Black African Ancestors within our Milky Way Galaxy and about the Orion Belt where you will find three Stars called the Siris Star System.

    Siris A,B, C and of the three, C being the smallest Dark invisible Star, so powerfully energized, as energy is released, supplying and fueling A AND B, as well as our solar system, which in term, supply us with what we call the Soul of our Being, that infinite eternal energy call God.

    Here we have the Trinity of our Being, Thought, Mind, Spirit and the Trinity of Evil, Lies, Deceit and Murder, a trinity used to devour an entire Black Nation, as it keep that Nation ignorant about the Me, Myself and I.

    Let those of us who are wise ,know that which is acceptable, True and Real in the Universe, because the life of the Black Nation is depended upon, not our belief but our knowledge of and about God, Universe and Being, as well as our relationship to IT ALL.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation


    Osiris - Author of the controversial book, Lies About God, Try it, you might like thetrue knowledge it reveal about God.

    Information can be gotten by contacting the publisher,MR. Robert Miller.

    Chief Elder
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - African Inter'National Movement
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    this very well on point how we have lost the light the path
    and become very open i truely agree we need to come back
    understand our beings and living and know , learn from our
    keep teaching brother
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    I am again humbled by your mass aray of indepth wisdom.
    ...continue my brotha...I am listening and learning so that I can TRULY LIVE :grouphug: