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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by anAfrican, Jul 23, 2006.

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    I was browsing slashdot today and, sort of, "got lost" in a thread asking "What Processes Are Necessary for Windows XP?" While reading, I posted a few interesting links in the "Puter Protection" thread. I'm now thinking that this might very well be a topic that could use it's own thread.

    BE ADVISED that I stopped using windows (except to get into the chat room, here, or to play Doom or Diablo), so do not have a puter to "exploriment" with this info. But, since you do, and you, too, have the facilities to carefully consider each aspect of this information, I present it for your edification and enjoyment.

    (One bit of "advice" for those willing to undertake this, or similar, learning experiences is to partition your hard drive before installing XP (or any OS), such that all "system" stuff (C:\, C:\Windows (or WINNT or whatever), and C:\Program Files) are on one partition (C:\), and all of your data files (and downloads, pictures, music, etc.) are on another partition(D:\). This way, if things get broken, one can always re-install Windows without losing (much of) your data. Some things will save stuff in their respective "Program Files" folder. One could install any programs that they would use to D:\, and they will install into a program files directory there, but some of those programs might not work right after any needed rebuild because they have stored stuff in the various "windows systems folders", which get rebuilt. It would, then, be a very good idea to double check through the various program files folders to see if there is any data stored there. Also, My Documents can be changed to your "data partition".)

    I added a couple of links to the "Puter Protection thread. I'll include them here, along with a couple others that I am seeing in the slashdot comments.

    At Sysinternals: Running Windows with no services
    At Guide to Useless XP Services
    Bold Fortune Forums has a 10 part guide to slimming down XP
    At MSFN: the nLite subforum and other MSFN Member Contributed Projects.