Tribute To Our Sons on 9/11!

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    First, I want to dedicate this to my brother RICH who is going through a time of loss in his family.

    RICH, the brotherhood backs you ALL THE WAY!

    As we round out our week, and are heading in to 9/11, one of the vivid memories that sticks with me is my son enlisting in the U.S. Army.

    His ship-out date was 9/11/01.

    Instead of his unit leaving for basic training, he wound up on my
    doorstep. All planes were grounded, including the planes that would take he and his buddies out to basic.

    His commanders allowed the 'recruits' to return to their families
    for an emergency 72 hour furlough, and he came home to me and his stepmother. We spent much of the day watching the tragedy on television.

    We both got a clear understanding of what lay ahead.

    But, I was proud of him stepping 'up to the plate' to make his
    decision to help defend this country. On that day, my son became a MAN!

    Contrary to what the media may spout, the talk shows may shout, and the magazines and sports starts may pout, REAL men are still made in the HOME; between strong fathers and stronger sons.

    Don't believe the hype, brothers. There are still MEN out there.

    They are READY to take care of business...because WE helped to train them in the art of successful manhood. And, WE have ALSO learned how to turn them loose to fulfill the destiny God has given them.

    After all; our SONS are just their FATHERS, all over again.

    Some of our sons had a good start, and some of them had a bad start. However, when the chips are down, and MEN are needed to defend, protect, and prosper...many of our sons HAVE heeded our words, and looked past our deeds and have STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE.

    I shall forever be proud of my sons, and I encourage RICH to always be proud of his sons. I also encourage ALL brothers to take stock of their sons, and continue to train them to be the best that they CAN be.

    They are still needed, loved, and expected to carry out their life's mission: To be the best young men possible.

    Mike Ramey
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    Tribute 2 the 2 slain Postal Workers

    A Tribute 2 the 2 Slain Postal Workers

    Just like Soldiers, Firemen or Men in Blue.
    Who Died on September 11th 2001
    The Two Postal Workers were Hero’s too!
    Without any warning they stood on the front line.
    They were not given a sign.
    That the Postal Workers of America were under attack.
    From an invisible enemy. That goes by the name.... Anthrax!

    Return To Sender

    From the origin of their beginning they traveled from the creator to their destination.
    In the process, they went from station to station.
    Some traveled First Class
    Some went Second Class
    Some third class
    Some going by Bulk Rate
    Some went by Express
    Some by Priority
    Some Global
    Then there were some
    Who went through this life so fast, they went Over night.

    Upon reaching their destination
    To realize they had arrived in a place.
    Where no dreams come true.
    Where no one wanted to takes him or her in.
    Where nobody claimed them.
    In addition, they are marked. . . Return to Sender!

    To go back to the place of their origin.
    The place where, they were created from.
    No matter which class you traveled through life.
    The mark of the hand of God will show.
    With no partiality, or favoritism, or because of what the postage is!
    Just a finger pointing! With a Promise too. . .

    No such person
    Addressee unknown
    And they will be ash to ash and dust to dust
    Just like a cloud in the wind.
    As if they had never ever, came, and never ever been.
    Yet your comrades, is on the front lines and still moving the Mail.
    Rain, Sleet Or Snow and no anthrax threat will make us fail.

    We are the defenders of the United States Postal Service
    With our lives on the line.
    For those killed in this War Against America
    For them we shall never ever stop. . . .The continuous flow of the U.S. Mail.
    Rest In Peace........
    My Brothers.......

    Copyright 2001 by Anwar Aswad Amir
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    this thread was very inlighten and great honor to those who
    stood the grounds thanks for sharing this heart felt article