Black Poetry : Tribute (RIP to Detroit FOLKS & 7 Mile dayz)

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    Poet All Day, Everyday
    Detroit, MI
    I don't want to remember gunblast blues
    Or misty chronic memories
    That shimmer in the pool of lost souls at my feet
    These words shall be as passages from the Book of the Dead
    For these are the names that shall never be written in the Book of Life
    Countless rubies encased in the crystal dripping from my cheeks
    Streaks the broken concrete
    Where metallic shells once rang
    Leaving rotting shells of once warm, breathing bodies
    One I called a friend
    My brother, my sister
    One until the world blows
    Taking me on wings of heart
    To Ragtown
    Bury me pitch forks up in Gangster City
    Cause I was down for you
    True blue
    Kept that Love, Life, Loyalty close to my heart
    Like these thoughts of you
    That beat on the barriers
    I have erected against the furious flood
    Of memories that forces it flow through my brain canals
    Until I cry out in anguish
    Fall to my knees
    Your names slipping softly from my lips
    As the tears rise in my chest
    Phantom faces float above my head
    Asking the question that I could never answer
    The one God only answers with silence
    "Why did we have to be the ones to die?"
    I thought God respected these blue and black flags
    That represented the struggle of the Black woman and man
    We were an nation
    Developed from Gangster Disciple to Godly Divine
    But I guess the yellow brick road don't exist
    And I **** sure know King David ain't greeting us with open arms
    At the pearly gates of Gangsta's Paradise
    Cause that don't exist either
    Just the hell of awakening each morning
    Drenched in sweat
    Pillow soaked in tears
    For missing those wind blown days so much
    I never knew joy until I sipped 5 o'clock in the frigid morning air at 7:00 am with you
    Or when the tendrils of blunt smoke curling up and choking us in the heat of a Highland Park attic
    While Pac crooned he'd Rather Be My *****
    And we all swore that was a pink elephant gliding across the Davison baseball field
    I never knew joy until the night we stood outside and cried together
    Swearing it was just the rain running down our faces
    I never knew joy until we made love to the vocals of Makaveli
    You crowned me your thug missy
    Even from the day you were locked down and we learned to make love through pen and paper
    I never knew joy until I dragged you from over the highway of self destruction
    Even as I dangled one breath from Death
    But you were cousin and we would hold it down for one more day
    I never knew joy until the night our souls touched
    for one moment
    Danced our bodies to the rhythm of love in the midst of our storm
    Knowing we would never be together, but in the spirit we shall be one forever
    I never knew joy until the day we united in arms
    Battling under the sharp rays of sunshine
    Fought in the darkness of gray alleyways
    Knowing even if we died in the struggle
    It would be together
    I never knew that this joy existed in those days of my youth
    Where a sip of gin
    And a surge of violence
    Were the only reasons for my existence
    Until when I open my eyes
    Realizing that you all are gone now
    Materialized into the faded tapestry of my memory
    Your flesh, your blood
    Are my flesh, my blood
    Your voices are as real tome
    As the yesterdays we once shared
    But I be a new woman now
    No more Gangster Queen
    I be politically correct now
    Corporately connected now
    Consciousness erected now
    2000 season removed from the barren plains
    Where we once communed
    Now I let go
    Remembering the G I once was
    Still so prevalent a part of me
    I could never bury this Conflict
    That threatens to explode
    Everytime I try to repress and fold
    The reality of who she is
    Into the depths of Legacy
    I am more woman now than the physical eye could envision
    Because of you
    Now my third eye opens wide and sheds tears
    As I pay tribute to those who taught me joy
    Yet the Book of Life will never know your names
    So let this be as a passage quoted from the Book of the Dead
    My silent tribute to the shadow souls of yesterday

    (c) 2002 by Chantay "Legacy" Leonard
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    BUSINESS owner
    dis was deeply felt and well scribed.....Thanks 4 dis
  3. k0k0

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    Dec 11, 2002
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    Reside in Vegas...born n' raised in Detroit
    being from the D, i was really feeling this the memories you restored with this one. very nice, thanks
  4. Bishop

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Legacy!!! This was a powerful hit right here..I can see clearly the picture you were painting and I'm feeling every word....Thanks for this.
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    (from a brother of 7mile and the "D")