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why do people write poetry? it is but an expression of their innermost emotions and our feelings move each other. its what is being said that makes the difference. words have power and bring some people that may not see things the way you do to share and sometimes realize they don't agree with you. to me there is nothing wrong with venting and expressing yourself the way she did.

That's peace....

The funny thing also about a couple of responses to what's been shared is that theatrical people are calling others out on their theatrics. People here vent all the time from thread to thread, then have the nerve to get mad at others for doing the same and accusing them of self hatred...:rolleyes:
Here's the point of the video. #1. We can see that the sister is a young sister, so we naturally do not expect or should not expect her to know or to think on the level that we think on. #2. The video is a reflection of the fact or idea that the young brothers and sisters out there today are not on the level that we who are older were on. They have had some opportunity to do some study and to see how we were played by white people. They had the opportunity to look back and see what worked and what didn't. They had the opportunity to look back and see which of our people were being used by white people and those of us that sold out. #3. Unlike my generation or the one before me, these young people are tired, they have weapons, they really don't give a dam and ain't going down the same way that that previous generations may have. This we have to face and understand because it's not like there's a bunch of us out there teaching them what's going on.

#4. With all the info out there from the likes of Dr. Ben, Clark, Diop, Chancellor Williams, J.A. Rogers, Joy Leary, Dr. Welsing, Ashra Kwesi, T. Browder, Asa Hilliard, Van Sertima, T. Martin, Booker Coleman, Garvey, John G. Jackson, Amos Wilson, Muata Ashby, Moliefe Asante, Kunjufu, Marimba Ani, Jewell Pookrum, Charshe McIntyre, Queen Afua, Shekem Ur Shekem, Naim Akbar, Liaila Africa, Micheal Bradley, William Cooper, Gerald Massey, The Moors, The Nuwabians, The Israelites, the Panthers, J. Carruthers, Asa Hilliard, Walter Williams, Ranoko Rashidi, Wayne Chandler, Charles Finch, Wade Nobles, George gm. James and others, just to name a few...our young are not...I repeat, our young are not going to be influenced by Christianity, Islam or anything else that goes against their blackness.

Sure, they'll listen and all that, but believe me...they ain't trynna hear it. Unlike the past, there's too much information out by too many scholars of every race on the globe informing the masses that the so called major religions are basically not true. I only listed 41 sources of info when there are so much more that they have access to. The result of this info has radicalized them and caused them to sort of move away from the old thinking and thoughts that previous generations had. #5. This is an emotional issue and she and all young black people have the right to express themselves in emotional terms. Malcolm said; "if you want to reach the masses of people that you have to speak the language of the masses". She is speaking the language of the masses of our people....even when she's using the "N" word. Their solutions and reactions are not going to be as ours were and we can not expect that.

Many will tell you, "since we say that only God has the right to judge someone, let me hurry up and send you to your maker so you can get that over with". How serious is the study of Afrakan history??? In the work of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's work entitled; Egypt, Child of Africa, he quotes the words of a European scholar who told the white world that; "The idea of such unauthorized ideas as a black Kemet will be the undoing or disuniting of America". I quoted this reference to say that; "Although many of us may not understand the implications of our history, white people do". I personally didn't find anything wrong with anything that she if she was lying when she wasn't. Some of us may not like how she said it but who cares? If you're sick, you don't care if the medicine to heal you is rubbed in, injected, swallowed, sniffed or whatever as long as you get the medicine....and that's how I look at the sister speaking because she is not the only young person feeling it on that order.

How many of us have videos on youtube expressing anything about this? How many of us have anything on youtube in an attempt to reach out to those of our people in need who may or may not know which direction to move in? How many of us are on the radio attempting to reach our people/ how many of us are putting mini leaflets out with highlights of our history? Before we can speak about the splinter in their eyes, we better remove the beam out of our own eyes!



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