Black People : Traveling to Brazil. Get Rio in Retrospect

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    I am told that once you go to Brazil, you go year-after-year.

    I hear the men are gorgeous as are the women and the people are friendly as long as you are. No Ugly Americans, please.

    One of the best books I have ever read about Brazil is Shareef Bailey's 3 volume book, "Rio in Retrospect: An American Discovery In Brazil." I read Vol. 1, so I can only anticipate Brazil's further discovery through his second and third volume. The book(s) provides tourists with the ins and outs of visiting Brazil. I found it on It is also available on Kindle. Rio in Retrospect is one of the better guides for those who have never traveled to Brazil. It always helps to get the lowdown on a country. This book helps you navigate through Brazil's beautiful cities, culture and landscape, so there are no surprises once you get there. I recommend Mr. Bailey's book as the handbook to keep handy during your travels.

    If you have never been to Brazil "Rio in Retrospect: An American Discovery In Brazil (Vol. 1)," is the Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Brazil and Got the Answer to book for Brazil-bound folks. Mr. Bailey talks about his 14 year or so odyssey of Brazil, having visited the country dozens of times. He tells his adventures in an intimate personal style as he and his friends maneuver the history, the Brazilian people, food, landscape, beaches, nightclubs, favelas, crime, language, economics, lodging, carnivals, cities, World Cup, women of Brazil and Brazilian culture.

    Rio in Retrospect: An American Discovery in Brazil is a Must Read Book for those who are traveling to Brazil and have not done their research. Mr. Bailey via his book has done the research for you. Bailey tells the reader the plus and minuses of traveling to Brazil and within Brazil. It is an interesting and fast read that reads more like a novel then a "Tell All Book." I recommend it highly.

    After reading the description, I see there is more to come in his Volumes 2 and 3, so I await in anticipation his continued discovery of Brazil.